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Live8, Ebay and misplaced moral outrage

15-06-2005 11:38

Playing Africa for profit
Sir Slob Welloff (worth an estimated £50m) lead the baying hordes of 'Hoiler than thous' in a concerted attack on Ebay, forcing the site to withdraw Live8 tickets, on the grounds that the ticket sellers were
"capitalising on people's misery".

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Cambridge Critical Mass

15-06-2005 11:25

Look Out.... The Mass Is Coming!
The Cambridge Critical Mass needs support. Lets make things happen!

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Sainsburys day three photos

15-06-2005 11:13

These photos were taken during a week long series of demonstrations 12th - 17th June 2005
outside Sainsbury's Supermarkets London head office at 33 Holborn.

These photos are licenced under a Creative Commons Licence.

If you wish to use any of these images in a commercial pubication or require hi-res or uncropped versions, please contact gringoben[at]indiemail[dot]com.

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Please write, email, fax in protest

15-06-2005 10:57

I have today posted a number of stories concerning the situation in Zimbabwe

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Bishop condemns evictions

15-06-2005 10:51

The Roman Catholic Archbishop of Harare has condemned the Zimbabwean government's policy of demolishing thousands of homes and businesses.

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Out in the cold

15-06-2005 10:33

The aim is to recreate a rural peasantry in which voters are brought under the control of chiefs and militias and punish them for supporting the opposition

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15-06-2005 10:31

There will ne a demo, candlit-vigil and mass attendance
at the adjourned council committee meeting taking place
at 7.30 (Tuesday) 21 June at Basildon Centre, Basildon.

Hovefield Ave, Wickford in Basildon threatened with eviction order by Basildon Council. Judicial Review underway.

Human Rights Monitoring Teams meeting with Dale Farm Housing Association, at Dale Farm, Crays Hill in Basildon, Essex.

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Street children to be drafted into youth militia

15-06-2005 10:29

Government to draft street children into youth militia

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Free Roy Bennet

15-06-2005 10:27

Roy Bennett has now spent 230 days in jail. Help us in our campaign for Roy's freedom.

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Police Lies

15-06-2005 10:19

Police restrictions on demonstration tonight are greater then implied.

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Child dies after police operation

15-06-2005 10:19

A child died in Tafara, after a wall, that police had partially destroyed, collapsed on her. In another case, police ordered mourners to take a corpse out of a house in Bindura before it was razed to the ground

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Sheffield Wakes Up To Banners and Samba

15-06-2005 09:55

Exploiters of the World Disunite! - Banner Drop
At 7am this morning banners were dropped from bridges on Park Square roundabout, Castle Market and along the Parkway reminding commuters that the G8 Ministers were in town over the next three days.

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Stop G8 Taking Liberties in Sheffield

15-06-2005 09:52

From 7 to 8am this morning samba tunes filled the air under a huge pink banner at Park Square Roundabout.

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G8 Sheffield in Yorkshire Post

15-06-2005 09:39

This article is from yesterday's Yorkshire Post

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15-06-2005 09:11

Baradei is a yankee running dog

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Gel Doff is a Gangster

15-06-2005 08:53

Gel Doff is a criminal for his conspiracy against Ebay.

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David Blunkett's coming to town

15-06-2005 08:15

Everyone's favourite ex-front bencher is coming to officially open the Northenden Campus of City College Manchester on Friday 17th June.

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15-06-2005 08:07

Convergence Space

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Make the G8 History and Make Poverty History Too!

15-06-2005 07:19

Bono’s recent statement on behalf of "Live Aid" should help to make the G8 deliver something concrete. He is right to call for people to march to Gleneagles and demand more, because even if this new pledge is delivered - it could deepen the disaster for the poor under current unfair trading rules determined by unelected world regime - the g8.

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Fundraising party for the G8

15-06-2005 06:28

Raising funds for transport up to G8