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More troops for Afghanistan (by Latuff)

04-12-2009 20:16

Nobel Peace(?) Laureate Obama sends more troops to Afghanistan
Copyleft artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff.

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Party Business in Manchester

04-12-2009 20:03

On Tuesday 1 December members of Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce got another chance to schmooze the government-in-waiting. Shadow Minister for Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform, John Penrose, was in the city to discuss the Conservative Party’s plans to “cut red tape”. A match made in heaven. But are the Tories business-friendly enough?

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German anarchists 'declare war on state'

04-12-2009 19:39

ANARCHIST attacks on police stations and political offices in Berlin and Hamburg over Thursday night were a “declaration of war” on the state, the head of the German Police Union (DPoIG) has claimed.

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SHAC loose ASBO appeal but fight on....

04-12-2009 18:36

Three of four appeals rejected by the appeal court.

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High Court rules in favour of North West 10

04-12-2009 17:50

Two of the ‘North West 10’ have won a landmark High Court victory, overturning the government’s decision to withhold bail on secret evidence. Ten Pakistani students were arrested in April in bungled terror raids across the Northwest and two have been locked up ever since.

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SchNEWS 702 - If You're Not Swiss-ed Off...

04-12-2009 17:05

Ten years after Seattle, thousands congregate in Geneva to resist world trade organisation meeting... plus, 25 years after the Bhopal disaster and still no justice for the victims, protests in Wales over biomass plant at Port Talbot, Sussex students protest at staff cuts, Lithuanian national is imprisoned over London G20 protests, we gloat as the capitalist edifice of Dubai crumbles, and more...

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Celtic Hapoel Tel Aviv Game Celtic Cheer Palestine

04-12-2009 16:47

Provided below is an honest depiction of what happened during the protests at the celtic hapoel tel aviv football match, unlike what is been depicted in the major news organisations.

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NATO's Secret Transatlantic Bond: Nuclear Weapons In Europe

04-12-2009 16:31

US nuclear weapons in Europe 2008
Not only are the warheads stationed in NATO nations but are explicitly there as part of a sixty-year policy of the Alliance, in fact a major cornerstone of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

The basing of nuclear warheads on the territory of non-nuclear nations - and Belgium, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and Turkey are non-nuclear nations - is a gross violation of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.

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Climate change mayhem down under

04-12-2009 16:07

Voter apathy and conviction that politicians are liars who sold out their electorate to the corporate world gained a big boost this month with the news that world leaders who had promised to end the war and tackle climate change were now supporting the war and listening to arguments that climate change is really a paper tiger invented by misguided do-gooders.

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Greyhounds afforded little protection in Scotland

04-12-2009 14:31

Greyhounds running on flapping tracks in England will soon benefit from new regulations. Measures to be introduced are relevant also to Scotland and yet the Scottish Government have no interest in providing similar protection specific to racing dogs.

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Why do the police accept the EDL/CU line?

04-12-2009 14:24

Notts police seem to believe that the English Defence League / Casuals United are a peaceful non-racist grouping, despite plenty of evidence to the contrary. Is the because (a) The police are stupid, (b) They don't think it matters (c) The EDL/CU agenda suits them?

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Corporate Watch: Occupation Industries: The Israeli industrial zones

04-12-2009 14:14

In a climate in which the call for a consumer boycott of Israeli goods is finally gaining strength, one area of Israel’s economy is, as yet, surprisingly under-researched. Most of Israel’s industrial zones in the West Bank are connected to illegal residential settlements and provide an indispensable economic backbone to the local settler economy. Mishor Adumim is the second largest industrial zone in the Occupied Territories and the one through which the Palestinians have the most to lose.

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The Silence of the BBC 100 - BBC Trust Chairman Responds to ‘Newspeak’

04-12-2009 12:18

One of our readers recently took us to task for a serious omission in our new book, ‘Newspeak in the 21st Century’ (Pluto Press, 2009). He asked how we could possibly have failed to include the BBC’s Newsnight presenter, Emily Maitlis.

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Weatherspoons Advised dont hold EDL demo in Notts!

04-12-2009 12:17

Weatherspoons were telephoned earlier today by concerned nottingham types and they were asked if they understood the potential political and cultural significance of allowing the EDL to openly demo in their pub near the canal this coming Saturday.

Telephone 01923 477777 This is the weatherspoons HQ number RING THEM PLEASE!!

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Solidarity with Mindaugus Lenartavicius - Smash RBS

04-12-2009 10:31

URGENT - If anyone comes across or knows Mindaugus' prison details could they forward them to ABC Brighton. Thanks.

This article below includes a re-post of a mainstream media article for the purpose of spreading what little info is known about the situation of Mindaugus.

Solidarity with all those under repression and fighting back.

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The Pittsburgh Independent Media Center Releases Crows 1.0

04-12-2009 09:07

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA -- December 1, 2009 -- The Pittsburgh
Independent Media center today announced the release of Crows 1.0, an
Open Source website platform that was developed for the G-Infinity
Media project and utilized for live coverage of the G20 Summit and
Protests in Pittsburgh this past September.

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We WILL be in Market Square!

04-12-2009 05:21

According to the Evening Post, the Police want Unite Against Fascism to change our meeting point.

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Report of protest for Palestine at Celtic vs Hapoel Tel Aviv with photos

04-12-2009 05:08

A 1,500 word account of the protest for the Palestinians at the Celtic v Hapoel Tel Aviv Europa League football match in Glasgow on Wednesday night. 18 photos are included.