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troublesome culture, society, and people's choice over borderless economy, trade

25-06-2007 05:27

how to face great opportunities and challenges of globalized finance, business, labor, resources, wealth, democracy and people's freedom? Talk to 3 provocative thinkers Andre Gunder Frank, Chalmers Johnson, and George Zhibin Gu.

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Comix Activism : A Unique New Form Of Lobbying For Whatever Your Campaign

25-06-2007 00:15

'Read by / Best Before End Aug 07' takes its cue from those mass pre-printed lobbying cards that often show up. I thought, why not do a bunch of them in a booklet introduced by a page/page and a half each in comic book form ?

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The Neoliberal Catechism

24-06-2007 22:28

Turning away from the state causes old age poverty and endangers life and limb.. The consequences of privatization are faded out in the US and Germany.. Defining freedom as only entrepreneurial freedom and freedom of capital can be veiled very simply.. The majority of the population still holds to balancing measures.

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Peaceful Anti-Foie Gras Protester Assaulted at ‘French Products’ stall

24-06-2007 22:12

Anti-Foie Gras protesters at the ‘French Products’ stall in Cambridge, receive a response that’s more than a little hostile…

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Journalists Witness American Torture

24-06-2007 21:52

Two German journalists have stated that they witnessed prisoner abuse while on patrol with troops from the North Carolina based 82nd Airborne Division in Afghanistan.

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Is Witness Intimidation Really Legal During Employment Tribunal Proceedings?

24-06-2007 21:05

The Crown Prosecution Service has taken up and immediately dropped a case of alleged witness intimidation against high level officials at Kingston University on the grounds that no crime had taken place, since the acts occurred in connection with Employment Tribunal proceedings. Can it really be the case that Witness Intimidation is, in effect, perfectly legal when it occurs against parties to an Employment Tribunal? Could Parliament really have meant for it to be that way when they wrote the Criminal Justice and Police Act of 2001?

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US JUdiciary CVorrupted By fbi and cia

24-06-2007 19:23

The following report presents evidence of the total corruption of the judiciary of the uSA by the intelligence agencies of the united states of america.

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Photos: Stop the War Demo Manchester 24th June

24-06-2007 18:49

Meet the new boss, same as .....
Thousands march on Stop the War Demo in Manchester as Gordon Brown is crowned new leader
Sunday 24th June

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Baquba: ' A kill sack'

24-06-2007 17:31

Operation 'Arrowhead Ripper' is underway. A new America killing field is opening up. The victims are the residents of Baquba, captol of Iraq's Diyala governorate. As the killers move in, they are targetting, as ever, 'Al-Qaeda.'

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Say NO to the Microsoft Office format as an ISO standard

24-06-2007 17:03

This urgent request was posted on by Hagar de l'Est
I think also of great importance for all of us.

Please sign the petition here:
(Cookies have to be enabled for this site.)

Please circulate this. We need as many signatures as possible.

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SOCPA - the end of this law? or new restrictions?

24-06-2007 17:02

a story has hit the weekend newspapers that brown will announce the repeal of socpa restrictions on the right to protest outside parliament. but the stories also hint that the repeal may be accompanied by new regulations on the style of protests. the socpa law did not succeed in its main target, to rid brian haw from the square. is brown trying something else in the guise of libertarianism.

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They’ll Break the Bad News on 9/11: FRANK RICH; A Vice President Without Borders

24-06-2007 14:46


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'Justice for Refugees and Asylum Seekers' Rally in Birmingham

23-06-2007 23:06

A few hundred people turned up today, at the end of Refugee Week, for a rally in Birmingham organised by the Anti-Racist Campaign (ARC) to highlight the bitter realities suffered by refugees and asylum seekers in Britain and to protest against the Home Office's war on them. The event, which took place outside the Council House in Victoria Square, saw polemic speeches by members of migrant communities and groups, as well as Nottingham Zimbabwean band Ngoma, who played African Roots and Reggae "songs of freedom" throughout the afternoon.

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Amnesty International vigil and sleep out in Edinburgh Friday June 22nd 2007

23-06-2007 21:34

Some photos from the Amnesty International sleep out in Edinburgh for refugees. There is a link to more photos from the sleep out in Birmingham.

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Keep Your Blood Service Local

23-06-2007 21:27

The National Blood Service in the UK is ploughing ahead with a hotly disputed strategy of reconfiguration. Directors plan to close blood processing and testing labs at 10 local centres in favour of just 3 supercentres in Bristol, Manchester and Colindale (London). 100s of technical staff - about half the lab workforce - face redundancy.

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Illegal CCTV Update

23-06-2007 21:25

Last month it was reported that 90% of CCTV systems are illegal.
Someone asked how to find out more about which CCTV systems are illegal so I asked the Information Commisioners Office, who just replied.

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Dispatches programme exposes US renditions

23-06-2007 20:06

On June 11, British Channel 4 television’s current affairs Dispatches programme featured “Kidnapped to Order.” The programme presenter and investigator was Stephen Grey, author and journalist.

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Sacco-Vanzetti 80th anniversary approaches

23-06-2007 19:40

23 August 2007 will be the 80th anniversary of the state murder of Niccola Sacco and Bartolomeo Vanzetti. Italian-American anarchist militants, they were convicted of murder during the 'red scare' by a prosecutor who didn't hesitate to use their radicalism to bias the jury against them and before a prejudiced judge.

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Parliament Square Peace Camp pics.

23-06-2007 18:21

Peace Camp
At 5pm there were 8 Peace Camp tents, including a Gazebo. While Brian's bunch had 11 tents and a fairly loud sound system for music and speeches.