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Rosia Montana: the truth has been spelled out

08-04-2004 17:12

A major daily newspaper has published an article summarizing the realities about a devastating cyanide-mining project: Rosia Montana, the biggest European gold mine. The poll shows massive rejection of the project.

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Pix of International Roma Day Demo in London, UK, Thu 8 Apr 04 - Set 2/2

08-04-2004 17:11

Pictures of the International Roma Day Demonstration at Lambeth Bridge in London, UK, on Thu 8 Apr 04 - Set 2/2

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International Roma Day Demo in London, UK, Thu 8 Apr 04 - Set 1/2

08-04-2004 17:01

Pictures of the International Roma Day Demonstration at Lambeth Bridge in London, UK, on Thu 8 Apr 04 – Set 1/2

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Tibetan lama unjustly sentenced to death - take action!

08-04-2004 15:33

Check out a new online movie made as part of the ongoing campaign to save the life of Tenzin Delek Rinpoche

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08-04-2004 13:44

Hello everybody,
The coalition has just rang to ask anyone who is able, to go to Downing Street this afternoon, 3.00pm to 5.00pm to join the protest outside Downing Street about the horrendous wave of violence being perpetrated by the occupying forces. I know this is very short notice, but please get there if at all possible.

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08-04-2004 13:01

Some thoughts from the Easter Bunny

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Kettles and Pots -a view from Baghdad

08-04-2004 12:40

Check out this Baghdad resident's blog on the last few days
things are getting fucked up big time

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Social capital

08-04-2004 12:18

Social capital is a well recognised concept in the field of human

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Bilston Glen Protest Site update, spring 2004

08-04-2004 12:10

Here's a short update from our camp:

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The problem of consensuses and use of video as an outreach tool in the ESF

08-04-2004 11:30

ESF meeting that kicked it all off
The is a problem with videoing in the alternative as the is always a small number of "conspiracy" minded people who feel that "they are out to get them" and in the majority of alt-meetings the are no clear guide lines to allow a consensus on the subject of openness/closeness, thus videoing is often band. At the ESF the are clear principals that every one involved agrees with thus a real consensuses is possible if people are interested in achieving one. At the beginning of the meeting I put to the chars a good workable proposal about filming the meetings that would have clearly respected peoples need not to be filmed for whatever reason real or imagined.

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Iraq protest happening later today (8th April) 3pm outside Downing Street

08-04-2004 11:27

Urgent - protest today against Mr Blair's

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[Biddu] Israeli Soldiers Violently Attack Unarmed Protesters

08-04-2004 10:07

April 8th 2004

As this report is being sent out, bulldozers are at work destroying more of Biddu's farmland. Villagers, international and Israeli peace activists attempting to confront these bulldozers are again being violently attacked. Please ask your local media to cover this story of the Israeli military and government's blatant disregard for Palestinian land and livelihood, the violence used to grab the land away from its owners, and the unarmed yet determined civilian force trying to stop it.

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Iraq in flames:

08-04-2004 10:05

According to a report filed from Baghdad, Iraqi soldiers, trained and controlled by coalition forces, opened fire on a demonstration there on Sunday.

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Open Gates... petition

08-04-2004 10:01

Dear Friends,

Two of us, both peace and human rights activists in
Israel, have just prepared an online petition called:

"Open Gates to Allow Food into Gaza"

(For your convenience, we have pasted a copy below.)

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Gush Shalom update 7 April

08-04-2004 09:58

GUSH SHALOM - pob 3322, Tel-Aviv 61033 -

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Misinformation From the U.S. Military?

08-04-2004 07:45

CAIRO ( -- As tensions mount in Iraq and some media outlets label events an Iraqi uprising, U.S. military sources may have commited a faux-pas in explaining Wednesday's rocket attack on a mosque in Fallujah, which left some 40 civilians dead.

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Global War - Each Region Picks Effective Tactics- Violence For Most of US

08-04-2004 04:38

Its a Beautiful Day - Chop up their arogance - 1 neck at TIME
I am an AN-Nihilist strategist and an expert
witness. Can you convince me that I should not be
a painter of dreams and a builder of bombs?

I am an Enemy Combatant because i speak and
i command some moral sense against GW Bush,

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Manchester Mayday..

07-04-2004 22:40

its spring. grow, grow, grow

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Pc resigns over racist comments

07-04-2004 22:39

A Surrey police constable has been forced to resign after making racist and sexist remarks to the family of a missing person.