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University of the Lies London a.k.a. University of the Arts London

28-06-2007 10:57

Can it be true?

Is this University really going to expel Paulo Duarte for caring enough to discuss the Iraq war and the death of Jean Charles de Menezes in his homework?

Could there have possibly been any political interference in this decision by 10 Downing Street?

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Check out our podcast from piratepods!!

28-06-2007 10:00

The lovely people from piratepods interviewed me for a podcast recently about our campaign against the pipeline.

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Spin and rumours at the G8

28-06-2007 08:54

With proper wars it is a well-known occurrence for one side’s propaganda department to try and spread the most horrific stories about the other party. The opposition are depicted as brutal barbarians who ravage children and should be opposed at all cost. In military jargon this is known as ‘psyops’. During the protests against the G8 in Heiligendamm there were clear indications of a similar strategy. In this case the infamous ’’black block’’ played the part of the barbarians. This is a biased summary of the misinformation and its effect.

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Glastonbury tent donation Darfur

28-06-2007 08:50

Apparently the organizers of Glastonbury asked people to leave there tents so they could be sent to Darfur. My brother is working to clean up after the festival and tells me that the donated tents are just being destroyed. there are thousands of tents that could help people.

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Tony Blair: Middle East peace envoy (by Latuff)

28-06-2007 07:02

Peace envoy Tony Blair
Copyleft artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff.

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SOCPA - brown's first day at the office

28-06-2007 00:17

looks like gordon brown is no great libertarian, as police mark his notably undemocratic coronation with high levels of repression and unlawful action in and around parliament square.

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Women representatives of Six Nations Territory Canada give Nottingham Sumac Talk

28-06-2007 00:09

Women representatives from the Six Nations on the Grand River community in Ontario, Canada gave a talk at the Sumac Centre, Forest Fields, Nottingham on Wednesday the 27th of June at 7.30 pm.

They spoke about the experience of reclaiming and defending a piece of land from development. Their action has been incredibly successful, having prevented the development and protected the land from an armed police incursion.

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blair's new home - neighbourhood watch

28-06-2007 00:01

iraqi prisoner oil painting banner
a small group of activists including a loud samba presence braved the rain outside blair's new connaught square home this evening and made neighbours aware that their new resident may not be the sort of person you'd like living next to you.

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Tony's last hour.

27-06-2007 23:16

Freedom of speech.
With all this talk of spin and cronyism its easy to forget the valuable contribution that Tony Blair has made to these fair Isles. Indeed as these pictures from his final hour in office demonstrate Tony has left us a unique legacy. View below to see just some of the parts of our lives that have been enhanced by his leadership...

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Demonstrate against deportations on 2-3 July

27-06-2007 22:29

Join the protest!

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13 Palestinians killed as Israeli army invades Gaza

27-06-2007 22:11

At least 13 Palestinians were killed in the Gaza Strip on Wednesday when the Israeli army invaded the region and attacked two neighbourhoods.

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Fuck the Council and Fuck the Planners

27-06-2007 21:21

I thought I was hearing things

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25th June 2007: Sheffield Floods

27-06-2007 20:32

6:35pm Little London Road
A selection of photos from the Sheaf Valley: here the river didn't burst it's banks and the flooding was in the places where there are usually floods -- where the roads dip to go under the London train line.

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Street Blitz London 1-15 July 2007

27-06-2007 18:31

The London Street Blitz is 2 weeks of pro-active street art in the capital. Get out there and install your art then mark its location on the map on the Street Blitz website so all others can see your work.

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The "Use of the Armed Forces" in America under a National Emergency

27-06-2007 17:48

Taken together, NSPD 51 and Sec 1042 of the DDAA 07 define the contours of a "democratic dictatorship" in America (in the case of a National Emergency) under the authority of the White House.

We are not dealing with "Military Rule" or "Military Government" as normally understood, because the authority to govern is still vested in the President and Vice President. What is at stake is the unrestricted and arbitrary "Use" of the Military by the President /Vice President in the conduct of police and law enforcement functions.

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Who Should Bomb Iran First? The myth of Left-leaning media bias

27-06-2007 17:38

Mainstream media discussions of media balance are limited to a single question: Is the media too critical of powerful interests?

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4,000 Congolese asylum seekers to be deported soon

27-06-2007 17:28

Random deportation of Congolese nationals from abroad: After the announcement made by the Netherlands, nearly 4,000 Congolese nationals will soon be deported from Great Britain for 'illegal stay'.

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Ramona Africa and MOVE the movie in London, Thursday 28th

27-06-2007 17:28

Ramona Africa will be speaking at 8pm Thursday 28th @ 15 rampART Street, London E1

MOVE communication minister Ramona Africa, is touring the UK for two weeks to talk about the MOVE Organization, the events of May '85, the MOVE 9, Mumia Abu-Jamal and what they stand for. Come to listen to her story and watch the "MOVE" documentary.

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Good riddance Blair from Parliament Square.

27-06-2007 16:30

Since Saturday the protest camp in Parliament Square has been a scene of almost boring calm. Even the police were behaving in an unusually affable manner but all that changed today, almost as if in a final finger-up gesture from the departing Tony Blair.