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SOCPA - brown's first day at the office

rikki | 28.06.2007 00:17 | SOCPA | Repression | London

looks like gordon brown is no great libertarian, as police mark his notably undemocratic coronation with high levels of repression and unlawful action in and around parliament square.

despite claiming in the press that the 5-day tent city peace camp was lawful (a blatant lie as all the literature from the organisers warns people the camp is unauthorised), police started the day with a search raid of all the tents in parliament square.

then inspector reeves, according to witnesses, attacked peaceful demonstrator aqil shaer before arresting him for unauthorised protest.

next, steve jago, who is well-known to local police, was arrested for refusing to give his name and address after being asked for it because of his 'anti-social behaviour' - (he was standing outside the gates of parliament peacefully with a banner).

later outside downing street, kat, and barbara tucker were arrested for unauthorised protest, then told later they were being charged for obstructing police and section 5 public order offences. at charing cross they were interrogated by c.i.d. cops (unusual for minor public order offences - could be more harassment and intimidation?).

on top of everything, despite having plenty of f.i.t. and cctv footage, police insisted on keeping all the banners involved. this is of dubious legality, and they ought to be careful as sir ian blair and two chief superintendents are already facing trials on 24th july for theft and receiving stolen goods arising from a previous raid and removal of peace banners (see for full story).

perhaps gordon brown is particularly upset by the banner that says:

i think it's rather creative myself.

so the parliament squarers need some new replacement banners - can you help?

by the way, the spin is that gordon's going to repeal socpa 132 - i still think he's going to replace it with something worse after the law has been so thoroughly discredited. watch this space.

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