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Photos: "Protest Against Custody Deaths"

28-10-2006 23:18

"Protest Against Custody Deaths" Credit: Marc Vallée -
Photos: "Protest Against Custody Deaths" (28.10.06)

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Worldwide Children's Revolution To Try to Save the Human Race From Extinction?

28-10-2006 21:31

The Children's Revolution Kids' Bloc at the Camp for Climate Action
“A worldwide Children's Revolution to try to save the human race from extinction caused by global warming and climate change could start in London, England, on 4 November 2006.”
This is the introduction to a short news item posted by the Earth Aid Environmental Campaign with the Washington, DC Independent Media Center, on 28 October, 2006.

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Germany's military to take on global role

28-10-2006 20:49

Germany will today adopt the most radical restructuring of its military since 1945, turning the Bundeswehr into an international intervention force.

It will see Germany's military officially abandon its primary postwar task of defending the country's borders in favour of a more robust role for German troops on international missions.

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Jose Fernandez Delgado refuses prison food in protest at conditions (Aachen 4)

28-10-2006 20:16

This imprisoned Spanish anarchist in a German prison appeals for solidarity and support, please take time to contribute to an improvement in his conditions. Widen the struggle for not only his release but for the overall attack and destruction of the capitalist system itself.

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28-10-2006 20:10

Protesters assemble, mask up...
Sorry for the late posting but this was a story that had to go up!

On Wednesday a group of masked-up white-overalled political agitators assembled by Parliament. It is unclear as to whether or not this gathering arranged with the Police as none were present to clarify the situation. After various banner waving antics (that were possibly illegal) the participants (who may have been gathered illegally) marched (definitely illegal!!!) down towards Victoria Street before occupying Methodist Central Hall for some kind of rally. Both the gathering, march and rally were organised under the noses of the Police without any intervention! Yet again the SOCPA legislation lies in tatters! Another blatant violation by political hooligans, which should have every reader of the Daily Mail Shaking with fear!

And this is not the first time!


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One More Reason to Win – Let Sibel Edmonds Speak

28-10-2006 19:07

Truth be known, Dennis Hastert has a hell of a lot more to worry about than the Mark Foley scandal.

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First They Came for My Mother

28-10-2006 18:46

Assaults by law enforcement on U.S. journalists

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No justice, no peace - Photos from deaths in custody demo, london (Oct28)

28-10-2006 18:44

Not really a subject I felt like covering today after waking up to the news that an Indymedia videographer had been shot dead by plain clothes coppers in Mexico last night....

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'Coup' Rumours Surround Baghdad

28-10-2006 18:17

Baghdad is rife with the strangest rumours again chiefly as a result of the latest deployment of American troops around major Shi’ite districts in Baghdad, signaling a movement against Shi’ite militias, writes Zeyad of Healing Iraq.

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John Callcutt CBE CEO English Partnerhips How Do You Sleep At Night?

28-10-2006 18:08

Family Campaign for Social Justice Re Crest Nicholson Plc
Presently the CEO of English Partnerships, (the 'National Regeneration Agency') Mr. John Callcutt CBE is today under 'open' enquiry from Marie Louise and Vincent Shalom from Wales, UK. A married couple with five children, Mr. Callcutt saw to it that they were evicted from their own home after his previous actions of direct negligence, whilst he served as CEO of Crest Nicholson Plc. Letter Follows:-

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New indymedia-Video from South Lebanon

28-10-2006 12:01

Unexploded cluster bomb submunition in Siddiqine
These days a new short film from indymedia-activists was published under the name "Siddiqine's Harvest". This video deals with the longterm consequences the Israeli 'war against Hezbullah' has for the people and the agriculture of South Lebanon.

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Benefit Film Night for Liverpool Social Centre

28-10-2006 11:59

FREE SCREEN 3 - Power & Inglory - 7pm, Thursday 2nd November

There will be a night of radical films to raise funds for the Liverpool
Social Centre at The Casa, 29 Hope Street Liverpool on Thursday 2nd
November, from 7pm.

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Death for President Saddam Hussein

28-10-2006 11:17

The verdict of President Saddam Hussein’s first trial and that of seven former Iraqi leaders- the Al Dujail case- due on October 16th has been postponed till November 5 in order "to complete verifications", writes Gilles Munier.

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London bombings: the unasked and unanswered questions

28-10-2006 10:44

Muslim resistance to US-UK imperialism gains nothing from the truly terrorist acts, like those of the London bombings. US imperialism is the main beneficiary of such acts. It is highly improbable that the leaders of Muslim resistance do not understand this or that they would carry out such actions for the benefit of their mortal enemy. Who actually carried out the London bombings?

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Indymedia: Brad Will, Bravery, Our Common Struggle

28-10-2006 10:41

I think we should all take a look at what is so important about indymedia work and why it is so important and what it means to each one of us. I hope that we draw courage of conviction from Brad's example and that we stand together throughout the indymedia network and as individuals to redouble our efforts. I think you all know that it could have been any one of us. But, it is so much easier for them to take us one at a time. We stand much more strongly together in what we can all be proud of. Our brave common struggle. Indymedia.

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BNP Poll 26.2% in Rotherham by election

28-10-2006 10:41

BNP Poll 26.2% in Rotherham by election

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Japanese appeal for AIDS orphans

28-10-2006 06:54

A Japanese organisation that fights AIDS unveiled a new programme Wednesday aimed at engaging the 12 million African children orphaned by the deadly disease by getting them to play soccer.

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news about mexico, a photograper of indymedia was killed

28-10-2006 05:57

news about mexico, a photograper of indymedia was killed
Body: from narco news:

Repost of an article from Mexican Activists.

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The Veil Issue Revisited

28-10-2006 04:33

The statements by Blair and Straw against the wearing of veils have been received positively in the pampered and sheltered filter of contemporary western sensibilities. In the Arab world, after five years of images of dead women in blood-splattered veils during two wars of conquest by these same sensitive liberators, such tasteless declarations will be taken as an extreme insult on top of grievous injury.