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When pro-Palestinian supporters become blind to prejudice....

24-08-2002 22:06

You are invited to read a debate in which a series of highly-charged comments are made against all Jews. Some might call it the harsh truth. Others might say it's typical anti-semitism wrapped up in blind zeal for justice. Wbat do you say?

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DSEi 2003 Proposal

24-08-2002 18:06

This is a proposal for mass action at DSEi 2003. It would be brilliant if as many groups as possible want to get involved in this project.

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teargas Gas fired at pre-summit demo, Klein and Shiva included

24-08-2002 17:08

teagas is used on protestors in J,berg, including Naiomi Klein Vanadava Shiva,

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24-08-2002 04:09

Many years passed before the great majority took notice that the revolutionaries of Vietnam fought for all humanity. One day something similar will happen with the FARC. The real enemy is the same. In another context, the women and men of the guerrilla movement of comandante Manuel Marulanda find themselves involved in a struggle that transcends the tragic Colombian scene. Resisting, they fight also for humanity.

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24-08-2002 03:22

This message is sent to you to gather as many signatures as possible in support of a journalist ( Robert Fisk of the Independent, a daily newspaper in the UK ) covering the Middle East conflict and who has been
on the receiving end of many hate mails and threats because of his honest reporting of events.

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israels willing executioners

24-08-2002 01:11

this is a bit old, but news to me: a connection between isreal and UNSCOM

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Farmers arrested and workers attacked in Zimbabwe

24-08-2002 00:07

Updates on the scene in Zimbabwe and South Africa.

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The beauty of the whole concern would be...

23-08-2002 22:48

...That everything they made would belong to me.Mark Twain's dissetation on the New World Order's scheme to make us all chattel slaves within the global empire

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Jewish dissident Israel Shamir

23-08-2002 22:15

Ian Buckley looks at the writings of Jewish dissident Israel Shamir.

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The beauty of the whole concern would be....

23-08-2002 22:08

....That everything they made would belong to me.
Mark Twain's dissertation on the New World Order developing from monopoly capitalism in which part we all play chattel slaves

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88 people including two children sentenced to death

23-08-2002 21:56

Eighty-eight people including two children, Gadim Hamdoum and Kabashi
Alayan, both aged 14, were condemned to death by a “special” or “emergency”
court in the city of Nyala on 17 July. The 88 are part of a group of at
least 130, mostly from the Rizeigat community in southern Darfur, who were
arrested on 6 May.

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Israel and September 11?

23-08-2002 21:10

What did Israel know about September 11?

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Argentina will collect money using the internet

23-08-2002 20:00

Argentina will collect money using the internet

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Hundreds Arrested in Johannesburg

23-08-2002 19:12

This is an urgent call to action. Over the last 2 days, 275 comrades from the Landless People's Movement
and the Soldiers Forum have been arrested in Johannesburg.

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PGA benefit at the Radical Dairy Tonite

23-08-2002 16:47

A Benefite nite tonite for the 2nd European PGA conference
in Leiden, Holland. All money raised will go to help finance
activists from East Europe to attend the conference.

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Blair's junket to Rio + 10 in Jo'burg

23-08-2002 15:07

You can tell a man from the company he keeps. Tony Blair was none
too keen to take his environment minister on his junket to
Johannesburg on the other hand he is only too happy to include
his Big Business cronies in his party of 70.

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23-08-2002 14:45


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UK farmers on 24 hour strike

23-08-2002 14:22

The BBC reports on the radical Farmers for Action call for UK farmers to go on 24 hour strike. They are not traditional allies of radicals in Britain but this group of small family farmers are being eradicated by global capitalism, just as the miners and dockers were. They need some solidarity.

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23-08-2002 13:47

In defence of

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Terrorism--Wholesale and Retail

23-08-2002 13:07

Attacks on the US and Israel are invariably retaliatory.