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Peace Conference in Nottingham, this Sunday

10-02-2005 11:47

Nottingham Student Peace Movement are holding a Peace Conference at the University of Nottingham on the afternoon of Sun 13th Feb.

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Fuck the Wedding: Storm the Castle: April 2nd

10-02-2005 11:37

Royal wedding plans to be opposed at Windsor on April 2nd

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Far from Over; 21 days after the Tsunami, India's coast still waits for aid

10-02-2005 11:02

A firsthand account of the situation on the ground in Tamil Nadu state of India. This is from a visit made 21 days after the Tsunami struck.

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Migrants subject to forced labour in UK, says TUC

10-02-2005 07:59

TUC study reveals terrible conditions migrant workers in UK having to endure

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"Life and Debt" in Oxford

10-02-2005 01:23

Thursday 10 February
Tanner Room, Linacre College

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Transcript of talk by Hassan Juma'a: Iraqi trade unionist 08/02

09-02-2005 23:20

Hassan Juma'a is the Chair of the Southern Oil Company trade union, based in Basra.

Here he talks about the position of the various union federations, including the state-sponsored IFTU, and the prospects for non-party-political trade unionism in Iraq.

NOTE THAT: this is a transcript of a *translated* talk and therefore most nuances have been lost. This cannot be taken as a definitive account of what Hassan Juma'a or Iraq occupation Focus believe.

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New Dissent Newsletter

09-02-2005 20:41

Dissent is a new network, created to build a mobilisation against the G8. The network is based on the Peoples’ Global
Action Hallmarks, rooted in local and autonomous organising and action, and aims to go beyond the G8. The PGA is
a decentralised, non-heirachical, global network of social movements, for a copy of the hallmarks visit

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Protests in Russia under pressure

09-02-2005 17:27

Russian Officials' Labeling of Protesters as 'Provocateurs' Seen as Ominous

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A quote for Palestine leaflets

09-02-2005 17:04

This quote shows what kind of f*!$wits control Israel. I suggest it is used in palestine related leaflets and briefings.

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Ploughshares Activist Awaiting Trial in Dublin in Liverpool Thursday night!

09-02-2005 16:59

Hey folks,
I'm in Liverpool Thursday night will be at Pogue pub, Seel St from 8 pm. If anyone wants to catch up! We go to trial in Dublin's Four Courts on March 7th.

We have been charged with $US2.5 million criminal damage to a U.S. Navy war plane at Shannon Airport.

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Terra Audio Squatted Social Event in London

09-02-2005 15:59

Feb 11th - 20th Squatted Social Centre + Events
Anti-Capitalism / Radical Arts / Free Space
To contribute: phone 07913 518804 or email

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Tesco Are Watching You!

09-02-2005 15:28

Are you being served more than you thought?

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SMASH EDO Legal Workshop this Saturday

09-02-2005 15:21

Smash EDO and Brighton Quakers are holding a campaign day this Saturday at the Friends Meeting House, Ship Street Brighton - This will include a legal workshop from 1.30pm

all welcome

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09-02-2005 14:51

As a benefit for The 635 Group there will be a night of SKA at Maelstrom

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Proletarian Revolution and Civil Law

09-02-2005 14:20

A Revolução Proletária – proletária não apenas em termos de forças que a desencadearam, senão também, em termos de objetivos perseguidos pelas massas que a executam, de modo instintivo ou consciente –, possui como meta realizar, cedo ou tarde, a substituição do sistema burguês-individualista pelo sistema socialista-coletivista.

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Scandal of Pepys Estate

09-02-2005 13:16

The Pepys Estate in Deptford, a social housing estate on the banks of the River Thames in East London, is being destroyed by Lewisham through selling off parts of the estate for redevelopment to a property speculator to convert to luxury apartments and to Hyde Housing Association. The net social housing on the estate will be reduced, this in an area of acute social deprivation where the demand for social housing has never been so high.

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Mobile Phone Masts

09-02-2005 12:49

Only one effect is taken into consideration by ICNIRP and the NRPB, that is the effect of heating on human tissues. This is a very important point because there is an enormous amount of peer-reviewed scientific literature showing often replicable biological effects that are likely to have serious health consequences, occurring at levels far below that which causes heating.

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Activist Scenes Are No Safe Space for Women

09-02-2005 12:34

Activist Scenes are No Safe Space for Women: On Abuse of Activist Women by
Activist Men

By Tamara K. Nopper

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09-02-2005 12:33

womens caff at ramparts feb 16th

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United Nations Women's Rights Expert Concludes Visit To Iran

09-02-2005 12:32

Continuing conflicts which produce refugees

"discriminatory laws and malfunction in the administration of justice result in impunity for perpetrators and perpetuate discrimination and violence against women. "