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Civil Disobedience at Downing Street for 9/11 Justice

06-02-2011 21:55

Gareth reports:

On Monday 31st January 2011, in solidarity with Jon Gold’s action outside the White House, I took a ‘911 Truth’ sign to Downing Street – the British Prime Minister lives at No. 10 – and sat down outside the gates. Within seconds I was approached by a policeman carrying a machine gun who demanded I immediately move, a request with which I respectfully declined to comply with. After ten minutes I was approached by two Ministry of Defence policemen who issued the same request. We talked a little about 9/11. Moments later a police van pulled up and four police officers got out – I was also surprised to see a further four Ministry of Defence policeman approaching to see what was going on. After explaining that I was respectfully going to decline all further requests to move on I found myself being dragged from where I was sitting, put into the police van, and driven away to Charing Cross Police Station

I was released later the next evening having been detained for 30 hours. I’m glad I took a good book!

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Rapid Population Decline - Or Bust

06-02-2011 19:02

The population of Egypt doubled since 1980. Mexico, India too. Dr. Jack Alpert says it is time for extreme measures, before civilization falls. With three responses by Rex Weyler of Greenpeace fame, Dr. William Rees (co-inventor of "ecological footprint") & ecologist Vandy Savage.

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Oppose US-backed “transition” in Egypt

06-02-2011 18:58

"In that context, Obama’s words Friday have an ominous ring. He reiterated previous statements that the US government opposes the use of violence either by the government or the protesters—as though there were an equivalence between a brutal military dictatorship, armed to the teeth, and with a long record of torture and murder, and the Egyptian masses, who successfully defended themselves in Tahrir Square with their bare hands and sheer force of numbers.
If Mubarak is replaced by a caretaker regime based on the military, both the Obama administration and the American media will swing behind the new rulers, vilifying all popular opposition as “terrorism” and endorsing the bloodiest measures of state repression.
Far from representing a concession to the democratic demands of the masses, such a regime would represent a carefully constructed roadblock. It would cement the role of the Egyptian government as a servant of US imperialism, collaborator with Israel, and enemy of the Palestinian people and the oppressed masses of Egypt itself."

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EDL Zetaboards forum hacked!

06-02-2011 18:30

EDL Zetaboards Hack Screenshot
EDL Zetaboards forums have been hacked, defaced and data has been stolen, again.

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Egyptian Solidarity Demonstration 5 Feb, Ramallah

06-02-2011 16:49

American flag
Hundreds of demonstrators came to Manara Square in the centre of Ramallah to show their solidarity with the Tunisian and Egyptian revolutions.

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Anti-cuts banner drop in Taunton

06-02-2011 16:22

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Headgear for the Egyptian/Yemeni Revolution

06-02-2011 15:37

Lets take a look at what our Yemeni/Egyptian comrades are using for makeshift headgear...

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Aussies go to High Commission to Demand Defence of Julian Assange's civil rights

06-02-2011 15:33

Aussies go to High Commission to Demand Defence of Julian Assange's civil rights (4 Feb)

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Take VAT

06-02-2011 13:06

so YOUR travel prices are rising and even VAT on the toilet paper you use to wipe your ass has risen, whilst the richest companies are getting away with murder!

...TAKEVAT is a new Mass Action with a particular focus on VAT

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Interesting result at anti-fur demo in Birmingham

06-02-2011 12:07

"This is all the fur they have in the shop - take it, it's free, do what you want with it, destroy it if you wish" - PCSO!

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300 Migrant Hunger Strikers - Common Day of Action

06-02-2011 11:04

Thessaloniki demo
Support the 300 migrant hunger strikers in Greece!
Call for a Common Day of Action – 11th February 2011

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New Cross Library Occupied!

06-02-2011 08:22

New Cross Library has been occupied in protest against Lewisham council's plan - originally to close it, now to sell it off to some non-public body and withdraw funding, thus ensuring it will not function properly as a library and will likely fail altogether.

We plan to be here till lunchtime Sunday (tomorrow) at least, so come and pop in, put the word out.

 New Cross Library has been occupied in protest against Lewisham council's plan - originally to close it, now to sell it off to some non-public body and withdraw funding.

We plan to be here till lunchtime Sunday (tomorrow) at least, so come and pop in, put the word out etc



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Tahrir Square - Autonomy from Dictatorship

06-02-2011 00:12

Trashed branch of Mcdonalds close to the barricades in Tahrir Square
Original article with pictures at

This is part of a series of post from CairoRising

CairoRising post first hand reports from an anarchist perspective from the Cairo uprising, in solidarity with the direct action of the people of Egypt against state repression.

Drawing together grassroots and alternative media coverage from the Egyptian rebellion and creating a forum for calls to global solidarity.

You can follow our reports via our blog - or Twitter at

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Viva l'anarchia! 150 years of anarchism and revolt in Italy

05-02-2011 18:22

12/13 Kings Square/ jamaica st.
Anti-info weekend about anarchist struggle in the past and present in Italy and beyond.

Saturday 19th (3 till 8pm)

Meet, drink tea, enjoy the zines/texts and nice tunes.
beginning with the text Viva l'anarchia! we will discover , discuss , listen and share the rich and passionate anarchist past in Italy. We will begin to relate its relevance and consequences to the present day struggle.

Afterwards we will enjoy gourmet food and documentaries!

Sunday 20th (3 to 8 pm)

To follow up from saturday we will continue to reflect and explore how anarchist struggle in Italy, past actions, ideas and individuals are actually significant to todays struggle, not just in Italy but everywhere.

Afterwards we will delight our tastebuds with Italian food and watch films about anarchist struggle in the present day .

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Shhhhh In at Sheffield Central Library #shh4sheflib

05-02-2011 16:31

There was a big turn out at the Shhhhh In at Sheffield's Central Library on Saturday 5th February, the details of the proposed cuts are due to be known on 16th February 2011.

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EDL coach company targetted

05-02-2011 15:54

Andrews of Tideswell buses taken out over EDL connection

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Tory MP Mark Harper gets Hammered

05-02-2011 13:22