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Grosvenor Square / Reclaim the Bases

05-04-2003 19:34

Anti-war protesters on the march

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The Handmaid's Tale Proceeding on Schedule!

05-04-2003 19:29

My fellow Canadian, Margaret Atwood, could not have predicted what we're now going through more accurately.

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Audio Reports from Londons Demo.

05-04-2003 19:28

links to short audio reports

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War Crimes - Interviews available

05-04-2003 19:26

* Aggressive War * U.N. Charter * Geneva Conventions * Water, Electricity and Food.
Is a biased Media complicit and liable ?
Send this item to your local media.

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The democracy we bomb to you

05-04-2003 18:43

The democracy we bomb to you
We invade in your countries to rescue you. We enslave you to liberate you. We kill you to give you life. We bring you american democracy to plunder your nations:

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Photos - N. Ireland Activists Reclaim the Bases

05-04-2003 18:34

Photos - N. Ireland Activists Reclaim the Bases
Today anti-war activists blockaded Palace Barracks Hollywood, Co Down. N. Ireland... (article 1)

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Britain admits there may be no WMD's in Iraq

05-04-2003 18:26

British Home Secretary David Blunkett made the startling admission in a radio interview on BBC. The cracks are beginning to appear.

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Pictures from Reclaim The Bases, Fylingdales

05-04-2003 17:55

Pictures from Reclaim The Bases, Fylingdales
Some of my pictures from Reclaim The Bases, Fylingdales. (article 1)

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Los sueños no se desalojan/hip hop piquetero

05-04-2003 17:17

Los sueños no se desalojan/hip hop piquetero
Hip Hop Piquetero Los sueños no se desalojan(4:53).mp3 Scrachs por Leleprox&Andrae(Milano)

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Reclaim the bases UK- day 1 round up

05-04-2003 17:10

Reclaim the bases-
Naval HQ in Portsmouth closed
Police stage imaginary march at USAF Fairford
Weapons inspectors denied access at Devonport
RAF Stafford reclaimed.
Action at Fylingdales US Space Command. More actions tomorrow.

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The Deflected War

05-04-2003 16:02

"You're late. What took you so long?"

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Timeline of Events - US Embassy Demo, London, Sat 5th April

05-04-2003 15:44

Timeline of London No-war-demo at the US embassy. Saturday April 5th.

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asylum and human news in Iraq

05-04-2003 14:54

The IFIR Emergency Unit on Iraqi Refugees headed by Farshad Hoseini has issued 15 press releases to date. Here is a summary of the first 13 press releases

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teleytaia anakoinvsh ths S.O. tou Athens Indy

05-04-2003 14:11

O server xanasthnetai apo thn arxh me allo leitourgiko (systhma FreeBSD anti gia Linux pou etrexe mexri twra). Aurio Kyriakh (ektos aprooptou) tha arxisei na leitoyrgoyn kai pali ta tria indymedia.

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What's wrong with Athens IMC???

05-04-2003 13:49

access forbiden

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US-Troops ready for massacre in Bagdad!!

05-04-2003 13:46

A U.S. Marine commander said on Saturday American troops would use overwhelming force to crush any resistance if ordered to storm Baghdad and that the battle would cost many civilian lives.

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New Police "Powers" at Fairford!

05-04-2003 13:36

Police invent new 'public safety' powers to harrass PeaceWatch camp at Gate 10.

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Where is Athens Indymedia?

05-04-2003 12:38

Where is Athens Indymedia?
Athens and Thessaloniki Indymedia is crashed

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Emperor coming to Belfast to meet slave leaders

05-04-2003 11:30

phone conversation about master-slave relationship

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What people say about the war

05-04-2003 10:46

What people are saying about the war, translated from