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Triumph over Brukman

02-11-2003 14:08

factory workers in the court, holding up a banner
After a one and a half year old struggle, the textile factory Brukman was today "disowned" by the legislature in Buneos Aires and handed over to a workers cooperative.

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Postie Wildcat UPDATE - Scotland to Strike, Milkmen to scab

02-11-2003 12:59

UPDATE: 02:11:03

Strike could spread to Scotland as workers in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen and Inverness are set to strike.

Meanwhile, Milkmen are set to scab on posties as Express Dairies bosses say they would be happy to take on deliveries.

Sources, more info and updates here:

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America's Love Affair with AntiPersonnel Landmines

02-11-2003 12:57

Us stockpiles 10 million APM's, refuses to sign Mine Ban Treaty, cuts funding to demining programs, fears success of grass roots mobilization against other weapons systems

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Germany: 100.000 march against cuts

02-11-2003 11:21

100.000 marched in Berlin against social cuts. Class struggle has come back to Germany.

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Wiesenthal Center 'outraged' By Poll Calling Israel A Threat To World Peace

02-11-2003 07:12

As the tanks roll over the refugee camps in Palestine and the apartite wall goes up, with open blatant racist policies with the mandatory wearing of special ID badges of non- “jewish” people, While "israel" "legalizes" the Murder of Palestians and Theft of more Palestinian land the destruction of Palestinian Property and isreal drains billions in blood money from US.

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Radio LavaLamp programming update

02-11-2003 05:13

English language webcaster from Osaka, Japan program line-up for 1st week of November.

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US Force behind attack on Red Cross

02-11-2003 01:56

Driving any helpful force out of Iraq to maximise chaos
To perpetuate their perpetual war
Ordo ab Chao

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Religious leader speaks out on future of Iraq

02-11-2003 01:33

Louis Sako, Bishop of Kirkuk: “I know Who Doesn’t Want Iraq To Be Free”

“They are Arab fighters who have entered Iraq, financed by fundamentalist movements in nearby countries, or maybe even by the governments.”

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U.S. soldier in Iraq (by Latuff)

02-11-2003 00:25

U.S. soldier in Iraq
Copyright-free artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff, on behalf of brave Iraqi people and their resistance against U.S. occupation.

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A new US report on Iraqi deathtoll - non-combat 4300 max

02-11-2003 00:12

Do read this very detailed report on the Iraq war and its deathtoll for yourself.
I give you the links, as well as quite a few quotes, and my initial comments.
This is also a valuable resource on US weapons and how they were deployed. Get it. I think it may be pulled soon.

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Text of Daily Mail Article on Simon Chapman (from 17 Oct)

01-11-2003 23:32

17 Oct 2003: Daily Mail - Page 31

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Indymedia Sweden In Violation: Unilaterally Dumps Open Publishing Policy

01-11-2003 22:00

Despite fierce criticism from most left-wing and democratically progressive quarters in Sweden, the local Indymedia team takes the unprecedented step of unilaterally scrapping the Open Publishing Policy that has shaped the network internationally since its founding. Readers complain of "Neo-Nazi" tactics and "fascism" on the part of the Swedish editors, and call for them to be removed.

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News From McWorkers Resistance

01-11-2003 21:53

Latest news from McDonalds Workers Resistance:

1. General news
2. Pay Campaign
4. New e-mail discussion forum
5. Coca-cola and Colombia

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audio: tyrants hate the truth

01-11-2003 19:55

audio clips to educate and entertain:
in case you've missed it, there's a new genre of music out there, dubya dub... thought you folks in the UK might get a laugh, have some fun with this as well. Haven't heard a bliar dub yet (-;

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Radical Body Politics for Women

01-11-2003 17:21

Women's Body Esteem is big business. Billions of dollars are spent on the "weight loss industry" yearly. That industry is solely dependent on women's self-hatred. Women are reduced to size, told to be less, told to shed big chunks of themselves for acceptance. Rob the beauty industry of your body hatred dollars!

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Clowning Around for Peace

01-11-2003 17:14

A funny thing happened in Seattle after Bush declared war on Iraq. Martial law was begun in Seattle streets. Riot police followed the protesters' every move, standing in rows, pounding their billy clubs anxiously in their palms, badges and nametags hidden. Sick of this intimidation, protesters are getting creative...

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Police Stress

01-11-2003 17:04

Police Stress on display in Seattle on June 2, 2003
I stumbled upon this Police Stressline Website, (, while I was doing research on protesters' trauma after they have suffered from police abuse. This website is like a candy store for a police accountability activist, it will take more than one day to explore all the rides on this site!

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Practicing Protest

01-11-2003 16:58

Knowledge is power, in street protest, as much as in any other genre. There are certain basics of street protest and tactical physics that can improve protesters' safety, and/or improve effectiveness, considerably. This article talks about practical protest moves and why you should practice them before protests.