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Text of Daily Mail Article on Simon Chapman (from 17 Oct)

a | 01.11.2003 23:32 | Thessaloniki EU

17 Oct 2003: Daily Mail - Page 31

Headline: Fear for hunger strike Briton

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A BRITON on hunger strike in a Greek jail was said to be 'very weak' yesterday.

Simon Chapman, 30, a designer from Basildon, Essex, has been held without trial in Salonica since he was arrested on June 23.

He was taking part in an anti-Iraq war and anti-globalisation demonstration during an EU summit in the city. Today is the 12th day of his hunger strike and the authorities were considering force-feeding him.

Chapman claims he was told he would be held for about a month after his arrest. Last night, his parents Brian and Jackie Chapman said: 'We are now extremely concerned for his mental and physical health.' "