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ISM Reports: Jayyous, West Bank. New Barriers Isolate Farmers And Families

25-11-2003 15:32

For Immediate Release

November 23, 2003


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ISM Reports: Zabda action, Nov.22

25-11-2003 15:27

1. Zabda action, Nov.22, Jenin ISM
2. Normal Life in Rafah
3. Chasing after Birds, Finding the Sky

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private-sector think tank offers its expertise to the FBI.

25-11-2003 15:14

In an effort to turn the tide in the war on terrorism, a private-sector think tank offers its expertise to the FBI.

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Download the video of ESF of Paris (27 mb)

25-11-2003 15:08

Download the video of ESF of Paris (27 mb)

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Hanan Ashrawi Interview: Hurtling Toward the Abyss

25-11-2003 15:05

An interview with leading Palestinian intellectual/activist Hanan Ashrawi, winner of the 2003 Sydney Peace Prize.

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25-11-2003 14:06

Whats behind this mask...?
Whats behind this mask...?

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Student Unions respond to Vice Chancellors' pro fees letter

25-11-2003 12:39

This is a letter from the student unions of the five Universities whose Vice Chancellors came out in favour of top up fees in a letter to The Times.

Oxford University Student Union is organising a protest for free education on Wednesday at 1pm on the steps of the Clarendon Building (Broad Street)

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Refugees – Practical Solidarity: A workshop for Action in Glasgow

25-11-2003 12:01

Refugees – Practical Solidarity: A workshop for Action

Saturday 13th December 2003 at 2:00pm
The Annexe, 9a Stewartville St, Partick, Glasgow

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In support of Police Accountability

25-11-2003 11:28

A response to an article seen on Indymedia defending police brutality. This is a detailed response to an issue we face all too often. The police need to be accountable to prevent teh arrival of a fascist state.

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Wanted Film/Pictures of Police agression on Thursday on Picaddily

25-11-2003 10:54

I am trying to take a case against the police following Thursdays demo when for no apparent reason an officer dragged me of my bike, threw me to the floor and knelt on me.

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What else can we do to help the Saloniki hunger strikers?

25-11-2003 10:19

I want to know what else there is to do to support the Saloniki hunger stikers. I feel really helpless whilst the Greek government continues to murder our friends

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25-11-2003 09:45

There is no evidence on who was behind the sept. 11 'surprise' attacks, in fact there has been no investigation whatsoever thanks to the Bush administration.
Moreover, there has been no evidence at all supporting the U.S. government's terrorist conspiracies:

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Fortress Europe - EU Expulsions Agency Formed

25-11-2003 09:23

Statewatch analysis:

Proposed Regulation on European Border Guard hides unaccountable, operational bodies

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A very British Coup?

25-11-2003 08:52

Georgia's velvet revolution and BP's pipe dreams

The 'velvet revolution' in Bristol's twin city, Tbilisi, has delighted British and US oil interests, coming just in time to save a massive BP oil and gas pipeline project which Eduard Shevardnadze's former government had threatened to veto.

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Shannon Warport Blockade Map

25-11-2003 02:50

Shannon Blockade Map - HQ
Garda HQ provides technical support for Shannon Blockade on 6th December - see for further details

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On patrol (by Latuff)

24-11-2003 23:56

Policemen on patrol
Copyright-free artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff.

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Video: Remember Buy Nothing Day

24-11-2003 23:43

Here is a short (1 min 45 sec) video promo for Buy Nothing day 28t/29th November.

Yes, it's that time of year when we join the consuming masses in the temples of consumerism and preach the word of the non-consumer.

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Protest against student fees! Access Denied

24-11-2003 23:12

Protest Wednesday at 1pm at the Clarendon Building (Broad Street) Oxford

The protest is set to coincide with the Queen's Speech where the bill on top up fees
will be announced. All welcome. Its time to stop Blair's terrible government

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Oxford Vice Chancellor supports Student Fees - Students say: No MORE!

24-11-2003 22:54

alt olympics logo
Oxford Vice Chancellor joins other top universities to call for the government not to back down on Student Fees.
Students call to action to oppose the Queens speech.