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Postal workers wildcat in Burslem

13-09-2007 22:49

Workers at Burslem delivery office, Stoke-on-Trent, are on wildcat strikes after twelve members of staff were suspended including all union reps.

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Disabled man made homeless by Birmingham City Council: action on Monday

13-09-2007 21:54

New campaign group formed to protest against disgusting and inhumane treatment of disabled people in housing need by Birmingham City Council

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Fox analyst: Germany's actions leave us 'no choice' but to bomb Iran

13-09-2007 21:39

"A recent decision by German officials to withhold support for any new sanctions against Iran has pushed a broad spectrum of officials in Washington to develop potential scenarios for a military attack on the Islamic regime," Fox reported on Tuesday.

Lt. Gen. (ret.) Thomas McInerney told Fox, "Since Germany has backed out of helping economically, we do not have any other choice. ... They've forced us into the military option."

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Anti-Trident Activist Acquitted

13-09-2007 21:16

The photograph submitted by Larkin, clearly showing that he is not in the road
Anti-Trident activist Brian Larkin was today acquitted of breaching the peace during a nonviolent blockade of Faslane, home port for Britain's nuclear weapon submarines.

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Faslane Activist Acquitted

13-09-2007 21:05

An activist was acquitted today on a charge of Breach of the Peace arising from blockading Faslane in opposition to the deployment of and plans to upgrade Trident. Brian argued that the Crown had a particular obligation in this case to demonstrate the facts given that 950 people have been arrested at Faslane since 1st October, with most held overnight for up to 36 hours and then released with a letter from the Procurator Fiscal stating that no charges would be brought. The Fiscal is prosecuting in only 51 cases of the 950 arrests. Brian said that the overnight detention of more than 500 people without trial constitutes a denial of their civil liberties.

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Summer of Record Breaking Weather

13-09-2007 20:46

[NOAA just released it's report on this summer's weather. This is what global warming looks like.]

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Anti DSei Critical Mass penned under s12/14

13-09-2007 20:21

The Pen
How we all went cycling on a legal protest and got the law used against us. But without finding out why.

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From Crisis to Crash

13-09-2007 19:46

Deregulation and liberalization have contributed to the present chaos. Through deregulation and internationalization, getting into and out of investments as fast as lightning becomes possible. The grand vision is that co-workers approve their own dismissal by focusing on their rising dividends.

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First London Laughter Bomb

13-09-2007 18:54

The first London Laughter Bomb, 11th September 2007, on the steps of St Pauls Cathedral.

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How Bad Is the Climate Situation ...... Really?

13-09-2007 18:00

I became aware of the power of the climate
decades ago in college classes that were
the most interesting that I had. The professor
was not talking about 'Global Warming' or
'Climate Change' at all, only about the
immensity of the oceans and their affect on
the climate and weather.

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Hydrogen Home Filling Station

13-09-2007 17:58

At your local auto parts store or big box we
should be able in the near future to buy a
package that contains a hydrogen producing
generator. It will be able to be connected to
a solar panel of any kind, and with DC current
it will split water into oxygen and hydrogen
gas. It is actually very simple. The device
will have a system which has probes placed
in water which when DC current is applied
will produce oxygen on one probe and
hydrogen on the other.

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DSEi: Princess of Wales fountain dyed blood red for victims of cluster bombs

13-09-2007 17:05

Anti-arms trade protesters have today dyed the Diana Princess of Wales memorial fountain blood red in outrage at the continuing sale and use of cluster bombs, and the presence of cluster bomb manufacturers at the Defence Systems & Equipment International (DSEi) arms fair, currently taking place at the ExCel centre in East London.

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DSEi related arrest in Rampart Street, London

13-09-2007 16:39

Several people were searched in the street. One had their vehicle searched and was arrested on the basis of tools found.

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The Guantánamo Transcripts: “Ghost” Prisoners Speak After Five And A Half Years

13-09-2007 15:55

The Guantánamo Transcripts: “Ghost” Prisoners Speak After Five And A Half Years, And “9/11 hijacker” Recants His Tortured Confession

In another resounding demonstration of the importance of legally constituted checks and balances on executive power in the United States, the Associated Press, after filing a request to the Pentagon under the Freedom of Information Act, has secured 58 transcripts from the latest round of annual Administrative Review Boards at Guantánamo, convened to assess whether the detainees still pose a threat to the US, or if they are still presumed to have ongoing “intelligence value.”

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Mori will be in town to hold a "drug chat"

13-09-2007 14:31

I think we should all leave our comments for Jacqui Smith , she wants our opinion .

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Parliament Square Peace Camp Protestors in Court

13-09-2007 14:07

On Friday 14th September at Horseferry Road Magistrates Court, five peace protesters will stand trial for attending an ‘unauthorised’ peace camp in Parliament Square].

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Fires burn During APEC Summit 2007.

13-09-2007 13:47

The APEC summit achieves nothing for Indigenous Australia. Millions of dollars have been spent for World leaders to purchase uranium in style, at precisely the same time that Australian Army and Police are sent to invade and occupy indigenous communities in the outback. Outback Communities are forced to sign mining leases under duress from a tyrannical Government refusing to legislate against Genocide, in direct violation of The United Nations convention on Genocide.

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September 11: The empire and its lies

13-09-2007 12:43

Cuban President Fidel Castro on Wednesday reflected on the six long years since the painful September 11 episode in the US, about which it is known there has been deliberate disinformation...

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More Grauniad disinfo

13-09-2007 11:56

The Guardian would appear to be still touting lies and distortion , this time in an article by Richard Norton Taylor.

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Channel 4 Propaganda Machine Now Churning for Iran War

13-09-2007 11:41

Last night, Jon Snow of C4 News grilled the Iranian President on his state's 'quest for nuclear weapons' and his alleged 'holocaust denial'. The interview was so aggressive and one sided, that it recalled the grilling of Tariq Aziz on BBC in the build up to the Iraq invasion in 2003.