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Direct action gets the goods: blockade helps stop 35 people being deported

21-09-2012 15:30

srilanka blockade 9/12
A blockade of Colnbrook and Harmondsworth detention centres on Wednesday (19 September) held up the UK Border Agency's planned deportation of Tamil refugees back to the killing fields of Sri Lanka. With one person D-locked under a deportation coach, the blockade held for 3 1/2 hours, long enough for the deporters to miss their flight slot and for 35 people to get off with legal injunctions.

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EDL arrest over Manchester police killings

21-09-2012 14:22

Dale Cregan Stephen Garvey EDL
According to reports in the Daily Telegraph, an EDL supporter has been arrested in connection with the killing of two female police officers in a gun and grenade attack in Manchester eariler this week.

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Urgent Request From Alberto Patishtán

21-09-2012 14:19

Urgent request for support for innocent Mexican indigenous political prisoner.


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Alberto Patishtán loses his sight due to neglect by the Mexican State

21-09-2012 14:15

This innocent Mexican political prisoner has now spent over 12 years in prison for a crime he did not commit. It has now been revealed that he has lost his eyesight due to medical neglect.
A motion for his innocence is being presented on Wednesday.
He needs his freedom now.

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PCS Union Strikes Over Transport & Environment Cuts, Bristol Members Join Action

21-09-2012 10:55

this is a bristol indymedia story
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PCS vs Cuts

Following two months of rolling strikes across the Department for Transport, the union's 8,500 DfT members will be joined by 3,500 from the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs in the walkout.

Among the issues under dispute in the DfT are plans to close almost half of the UK's coastguard stations; the closure of all 39 of the DVLA's local offices and 10 enforcement centres; and cuts and the threat of privatisation in the Driving Standards Agency.

There are similar concerns over job cuts and privatisation in Defra. And all of this comes on top of a pay freeze and the looming threat of the imposition of local or regional pay, which would drive living standards down even further.

DfT members will be on strike all day and Defra members will walk out for three hours from 1.30pm.

PCS general secretary Mark Serwotka said: "Despite all the evidence pointing to the fact that austerity isn't working, this government is ploughing ahead with unnecessary and damaging cuts that will deprive our communities of vital public services."

Links: Bristolians Vote for Strike | Union Statement


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The BBC promotes Sodastream

21-09-2012 10:03


This morning on the Today Programme, the CEO of Sodastream was interviewed and was able to extoll the benefits of SodaStream as an environmentally friendly product! The interviewer even mentioned the fact that the company is Israeli, a fact that the CEO (who sounded American to me) happily confirmed. And that was that - no mention that the company's main manufacturing plant is in the illegal settlement of Mishor Edomim in the West Bank. No mention that the company is subject to a boycott because of it's location on stolen Palestinian land. Then there's also the fact that the BBC is supported by the licence fee, and really shouldn't be doing a 5 minute infomercial for a private company that is quoted on the NASDAQ stock exchange.

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China in closed door negotiations to purchase Mexican crude oil without using US

21-09-2012 02:00

Mexican crude oil to be sold to China without using the US dollar as its trading currency

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The EDL's Racist Tweets Go Unpunished - #edl

20-09-2012 23:38

Time after time, people (including ex-EDL members) have speculated that the EDL are part of the state apparatus. Whether "new world order" or old-fashioned institutionalised prejudice, members of the EDL are rarely prosecuted for racist tweets inciting violence, whereas, anybody makiing off-the-cuff remarks about celebrities are subject to a quick knock at the door, suggesting protecting famous people from slander is more important for the authorities than protecting society from hatred and violence.

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The Mainstream Media Appears to be Censoring the Truth About Global Warming

20-09-2012 19:41

Global warming is causing an escalation in natural disasters all around the world with flooding, hurricanes, tornadoes, droughts, famines, earthquakes, and forests fires in many countries, but the mainstream media appears to be censoring the truth about what is causing all this terrible destruction of the earth's environment.
United Nations scientists have made it very clear that climate change is being caused by global warming which is the result of the burning of fossil fuels, but although the newspapers and television channels have been reporting some of the news about the natural disasters they seem to be ignoring the real reasons why they are actually occurring.

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CB BID Public Meeting TONIGHT!

20-09-2012 15:03

Dear All

Cambridge for All, a group formed at the meeting last week about the CBbid hosted by Mill Road Society have asked us to circulate the following information

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Out of the Frying Pan...

20-09-2012 13:39

Charged with 'threatening and abusive language' for shouting "No More War!"

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Prison Island UK

20-09-2012 13:32

New anarchist webpage selecting all the UK news and reports for bad citizens everywhere. Plus all the anti-system, riotous and anti-social news you never hear about and more: Jesus gets his arm sawn off in Wakefield; Bins on fire in Bolton; Blackpool estate agent done over. From the boring cities to all the crappiest parts of England, Scotland and Wales, people are fighting back – “in this grey prison society the flame of revolt still burns”:

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Two cops executed in Manchester

20-09-2012 11:51

Criminal and anti-social vendetta against the police -


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The Innocence of Muslims

20-09-2012 11:03

Anti-Islam film: Christian and Islamic fundamentalists leaning on each other

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Religion and Violence.

19-09-2012 19:49

All criticism of Islam is seen as problematic. Yet Islam is also viewed as a religion justifiying violence. However, all Abrahamic religions have a violent aspect, which along with patriarchal forms of oppression need serious and sustained criticism. This article considers the contradictions in the concept of a higher power, however, conceptualised or personified.

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Try the Footballer Fare Dodge

19-09-2012 18:18

Fare dodge tomorrow like the modern footballer

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Activists demand Novartis stop strangling the supply of medicines from India

19-09-2012 16:48

Stop AIDS Campaign activists outside Novartis
Activists protest outside UK Novartis plant in opposition to Novartis’s attack on generic medicines which could jeopardise millions of lives. Novartis is pursuing a legal case against the Indian government over its decision to deny patent rights on a cancer drug, threatening the supply of affordable medicines to the world’s poor.

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Former Nottingham Comrade in Greek Arrest

19-09-2012 14:55

Recently the greek state raided an anarchist squat in Thessaloniki and beat up and dragged away the residents, one of which was a comrade who until recently had been supporting greek prisoner solidarity in Nottingham. The comrade has been trailed and given a 1 year suspended sentence and has been released, currently recovering from the beating and the nearly broken hand sustained during arrest. the following is an extract from an email sent to me by them. For those in Nottingham who know this comrade, please attempt to contact them for support and more info on what happened.


"i'm not sure what you know about all this, but I been caught up in all
this, I was one of the 10 people found in the squat at the time.

I don't know where to begin, it was surreal, we've all been
released just now, except for one, who is in touble because of his spanish
passport and is in an immigration concentration camp at the moment. I
alongside my Colombian comrade I just mentioned got the highest sentence,
1 year suspended sentence. Its all totally fucked up, the squat
depressingly has gone for sure, I wish you had seen it once before all
this happened. I wish i could explain in more details what happened,
but I'm exhausted, feel pain all over my body, the scum anti-terror police
beat us up in the raid, then we were forcibly made to give our finger
prints later at the police station, hand still hurts where they tried to
break it... just exhausted, going to go to sleep right now, please get
this out on indymedia uk some how"





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Greek Squat Anarcho's All But One Released

19-09-2012 14:04

This is an extract of an email sent to myself from an anarcho comrade in greece, one of the comrades arrested and brutalised by anti-terror pigs recently in Thessaloniki.

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Immigration detention centre blockaded to stop Sri Lanka charter flight

19-09-2012 12:55


Sri Lanka: UK continues with mass deportation despite overwhelming evidence of torture on return

Activists mount blockade at detention centre