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Libya, European Union and Europe’s left…

21-02-2011 20:01

When, faced with crimes against humanity, you don't pass beyond the level of declarations, you make yourself accomplice of the crime...

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Christian Voice Lends Support To The EDL

21-02-2011 17:28

Conservative Party member Stephen Green of Christian Voice (and Cameronesque opponent of multiculturalism) has openly come out online in support of the violent fascist EDL, posting offensive remarks via their official Facebook designed to inflame the EDL's racist reactionaries paranoia to boiling point, as Christian extremists join extremist Jewish renegades in voicing their approval of the far right group's ugly Mosleyite street demonstrations.

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Palestine Today 02 21 2011

21-02-2011 16:50

Welcome to Palestine Today, a service of the International Middle East Media Center,, for Monday, February 21 2011.

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Sheffield protest against repression in #Libya

21-02-2011 15:41

On 21st February there was a protest outside Sheffield Town Hall against the Libyans governments repression of demonstrators.

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CairoRising: report back from the Egyptian revolution 22 Feb, Brighton

21-02-2011 14:32

Report back meeting from CairoRising, February 22 at 7.30pm. The Cowley Club, 12 London Road, Brighton

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From Dictatorship to Democracy

21-02-2011 14:24

This book contains the theroetical basis and tactical practicalities which have been applied recently in the Egyptian revolution, and elsewhere. Originally intended for use is Burma, it has been widely translated (most significantly into Arabic) and distributed by grass-roots anti-oppression campaigners. Most of the content is equally applicable to current social struggles in the North of England.

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E.ON goes OTT on security

21-02-2011 13:46

I walked around Ratcliffe power station at the weekend and it looks as if they have completely lost the plot so far as their fences are concerned.

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Mark Kennedy, the Black Bloc & 5 German undercover cops at G8 in Scotland 2005

21-02-2011 13:23

According to German Newspaper Der Spiegel, head of Germany's federal police Jörg Ziercke admitted that German state authorities had specifically requested undercover Met Police officer Mark Kennedy's presence in Heiligendamm in 2006/7.
An acknowledgement in the public domain of what some of us long suspected, on quote from the Guardian today: "The Newspaper [Der Spiegel] said Kennedy's involvement in criminal activity raised concerns that he was working as an agent provocateur and not just an observer "

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Press Release: Manchester Climate Trial Begins

21-02-2011 13:22



For immediate release: 21st Feb 2011 Contact:  Ali Garrigan 0750 612 6650


Manchester airport protesters claim lawful excuse as climate trial begins


The trial of six climate protesters who breached airside security at Manchester Airport began today at Trafford Magistrates Court. The defendants will argue that they acted to prevent death and serious injury by stopping emissions from the airport, a plea which echoes the defence of Greenpeace campaigners acquitted of closing down Kingsnorth Power Station. During the trial, which is expected to last three to four days, the defence will call expert witnesses including Professor Kevin Anderson from the Tyndall Centre who is speaking today in court, and experts on health and the effects of climate change. [1]

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Video of Saturday's Anti Cuts Demo

21-02-2011 12:22

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Big Society Bail-in in Haringey 19/02

21-02-2011 11:36

Local anti-cuts protestors “bailed in” to the Wood Green branch of Barclay’s Bank to protest against the government cuts agenda.

About half of the 30 or so local residents occupied the bank and turned it into a home - with rugs, chairs and cushions - to bring attention to the number of people that will face homelessness if cuts to housing benefit and other public services go ahead. The occupation lasted over half an hour, before the protestors moved outside to continue their protest in front of the doors. The branch remained shut for at least another an hour. 200 special anti-banks leaflets were distributed, and also over 1,500 leaflets publicising the coming borough-wide anti-cuts rally at the Civic Centre on Thursday 24th February.

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BARAC public meeting Birmingham on 21st February

21-02-2011 10:35

Black Activists Rising Against Cuts (BARAC) is holding a public meeting in Birmingham on 21st February for any blacks who wants to fight the cuts.

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F24 British aim to return Assange to custody, Bradley Manning

21-02-2011 07:07

As WikiLeaks founder. Australian Julian Assange, faces return to British custody on Thurdsay Feb 24th, Bradley Manning continues to be tortured in Quantico U.S. marine base in Virginia U.S.A. - anti-war resistance & solidarity to the persecution of these peace activists continues to emerge.

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Demo, revolt, fire and escape at Brussels detention centre today

20-02-2011 23:31

Activists held a solidarity action outside the Steenockerzeel 123bis detention centre in Brussels this afternoon. Inside, prisoners took matters into their own hands and started a revolt which led to one escape and a wing destroyed by fire. Currently the area is shut down by police.

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The Uninvited Visitors

20-02-2011 20:06

On Wednesday 26th January 2011 at approximately 6am in the morning, my son had just made the first adhan for Fajr and was waiting to make the second adhan. All of a sudden, there was a bang on the door.

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Dissident Island Radio 18 February - ready for download

20-02-2011 19:50

Cardiff Unemployed Daytime Disco // Lewisham library occupation // aboutlordbrowne // Manchester Airport blockade trials // Dj AK

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Transition - The West Coast Scene - Really!

20-02-2011 19:05

What started with Rob Hopkins in the village of Totnes, UK, evolves differently in North America. Michael Brownlee from Transition Boulder, Joanne Poyourow from Transition L.A., Vandy Savage from Vancouver, plus recording of a Village Vancouver meet-up, Ann Pacey and Ross Moster. Full of ideas for your own action plan.

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Play-In to save Blackheath Halls

20-02-2011 16:22

On Sunday 20th February a ‘Play-In to save Blackheath Halls’ was held Blackheath Halls, 23 Lee Road, SE3 9RQ.