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Berlin: education flashmob on Friday

19-09-2003 08:53

Manifestation in front of summit yesterday
On Friday there will be an education flashmob just before the press
conference of the European ministers on higher education. Location:
Department for Foreign Affairs, main entrance Werderscher Markt 1 (500m from the
Humboldt University) Time: 12:10h – be on time!!!

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"Report From Baghdad" Part Five--U.S. Military in Iraq

19-09-2003 07:31

GI in military base watching DVD movies
This is a part five of the six-part series "Report form Baghdad" by Pacifica Radio KPFK Los Angeles Reporter Lee Siu Hin's July 2003 trip to U.S. occupied Iraq, to commemorate 6-months commemoration of U.S. invasion of Iraq (Sep 20), and to understand the future of Iraq.

To view the entire series, please visit:

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Focus On Jerusalem ~ (Michael Tarazi's Bad Fences Part IV)

19-09-2003 05:18

International And Humanitarian Law IS Non-Negotiable;
American tax dollars continue funding.

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Bayer Cropscience targetted!

19-09-2003 02:56

As part of the campaign to stop commercial growing of GM crops, actions have been taken against Bayer Cropscience.

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Postie strike off - What does this mean?

19-09-2003 00:28

Last week postal workers, members of the CWU, voted by the narrowest majority against national action against Royal Mail’s plan to slash 30,000 jobs in the next nine months. The result took everyone by surprise. Union officials had been confident of a substantial yes vote. It didn’t materialise...

This result is a set back for the left. Anarchists had welcomed the recent upsurge in industrial militancy detecting willingness amongst workers to stand up to bosses. Postal workers have a good record of industrial militancy so it is worth considering what went wrong.

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The SHORTWAVE REPORT 9/19/03 ¡Listen Globally!

19-09-2003 00:04

A weekly 30 minute review of news and opinion recorded from a shortwave radio. 2 files- broadcast quality (13.3MB) and quick download (3.3MB). With times and freqs for listening at home. Free to rebroadcast. Netherlands, Russia, Spain, and Cuba.

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EEF: summary of the second plenary

18-09-2003 23:50

Evening plenary
Short summary of the second plenary (Thursday, 7:30pm):
The Bologna Process – criticism and alternatives

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Labour Party Conference Sponsors

18-09-2003 23:19

some of the corporate sponsors of this year's Labour Conference
(with acknowledgement to Private Eye for info)e

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'LaVM 31/2002 vp' taking place January 1st 2004

18-09-2003 22:25

Short analyses on 'HE 52/2002 vp' accepted as a new Police and Enforcement act 'LaVM 31/2002 vp' starting from January 1st 2004. Citations from implicit explanatory memorandum assigned to Parliament's Constitutional committee appended with further explanations and grounds. All but one references can be found from internet for information validation. Raise of the second Holocaust?

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Police Badly Beat Samba Player- WITNESS APPEAL

18-09-2003 22:20

Pumped up and unprovocked, the police hit first...
Samba player in deep trouble.

Witness appeal for the DSEI action outside the royal lancaster hotel photographs, video, were you there?

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More than 600 people at European Education Forum

18-09-2003 21:02

We don`t
More than 600 people attended at the European Education Forum today. At 4 pm there was a demonstration at the Hilton hotel where the summit of the European educationministers takes place.

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Merseyside unites against the fascists

18-09-2003 20:16

Anti-fascist group formed to stamp out racism on Merseyside

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18-09-2003 19:49

* Ceasefire Monitoring Commission set up

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From Palestine, the Next Revolution in File Sharing

18-09-2003 18:51

From the legacy of Napster comes ES5 - the product of an international team dedicated to the success of Peer-to-Peer file sharing. Built with a high attention to privacy and stealth, the group cleverly positioned themselves in a place of few intellectual property laws - Palestine.

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Anti-war film night in Glasgow

18-09-2003 17:20

Anti-war film night at the Halt Bar, Woodlands Rd, Glasgow.
23 September 8:00 pm

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Stop the U.S. Global War!

18-09-2003 15:52

The only way for the U.S. war on the world to be stopped is with economic direct action!

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A video activists account of reporting the G8/globalisation protests in Genoa 20

18-09-2003 15:27

Two video activists hid in a water tower as young people screamed in pain below. Had Video activism entered a war zone? from Oxfords based undercurrents

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Iraq did have weapons of mass destruction after all!

18-09-2003 15:06

Here is a report from the CIA the most advanced secret intellegence service in the world published in October 2002 which proves that Iraq really did have weapons of mass destruction before the recent war on Iraq in March!

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Sheff TUC Iraq meeting

18-09-2003 14:25

News of a Sheffield TUC meeting about Iraqi Trade Union Movement.

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18-09-2003 14:16

Tuesday 23rd September
7.30 - 9pm
Emmanuel United Reform Church Hall (town end of Trumpington
Street, opposite Pembrooke College)