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Sacked cowley workers call mass picket monday

19-02-2009 11:02

See what happend here

850 workers at the Cowley BMW plant were told they were being sacked immediately on arrival Monday 16 2 09 morning. The angry workers have pelted managers with fruit and accused union leaders of doing nothing.

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Updates on the Viva Palestina aid convoy

19-02-2009 10:22

Updated frequently.

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Everybody deserves a home

19-02-2009 10:15

Ewa Jasiewicz, Eastern Gaza
16th February 2009

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Obama to send another 17000 US troops to Afghanistan (by Latuff)

19-02-2009 04:44

Obama's troop surge in Afghanistan
Copyleft artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff.

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Camden Oh! Bar closed following "homophobic Saturday's" and drugs found.

19-02-2009 03:48

Camden's Oh! Bar was closed follwowing complaints made by people including those from the gay community. Gay men and women [black and white] were offended by the reggae night which wouuld regularly play songs such as Batty Rider and Boom Bye Bye. The Camden Gazette and the police [via Gazette] have siad that the venue also closed becuase of drugs and violence.

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Direct Action Germany: 2nd-12th Feb

18-02-2009 23:09

Stones and bottle against luxurious condo-project
02/02/09: Upperclass car from O.Rohr (housekeeper of L14 and R94) torched
02/02/09: Armament company attacked with stones and color
09/02/09: Van torched
09/02/09: Stones and bottle against luxurious condo-project
12/02/09: Neonazi shop attacked

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First Females Islamic Judges Inaugurated in Palestine

18-02-2009 22:16

For the first time in the history of Palestine, two women were appointed as judges to the Islamic Sharia court in the West Bank cities of Hebron and Ramallah. President Mahmoud Abbas accepted the appointment of the two female judges among 11 judges appointed to the Sharia Courts in the West Bank, after each woman successfully passed two competitive judicial exams held in Ramallah.

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Camden Lab : Govt says that cats, dogs and primates "will not be tested on".

18-02-2009 22:11

The governemnt have issued a statement syaing that the lab will not be used for testing on cats, dogs or primates. The petition is still open, however it may have to be reworded in light of the new announcement. The lab was opposed by MI5 on safety grounds and there is still the campaign to fight for homes and communtiy facilties on the land.

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Drones parked in our own backyard, to Bomb our own People

18-02-2009 22:05

In a shocking discovery reports have emerged from simply Google Earth images evidence of three drones parked on an airfield in some remote destination within Baluchistan, the images were captured by orbiting satellites and archived within Google Earth data warehouse to suddenly be discovered recently. Though there is no denying that during the Musharraf regime bases were rented out to the American army costing them a massive deficit to the tune of $10 Billion. But what probably irks the nation is that the Pakistani government have categorically denied that the Pakistani bases are being used to launch drones-

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Urgent call for eviction solidarity tomorrow in Bath

18-02-2009 21:56

New squat in Bath threatened with eviction tomorrow (Thursday 19th) evening by transport police

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2.0 children

18-02-2009 21:50

The Optimum Population Trust wants you to have fewer children, or preferably none. The UK population alone is expected to increase from 61 million to 77 million by 2051 but the OPT believes the UK’s long-term sustainable population level may be lower than 30 million.

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Who is a Terrorist?

18-02-2009 21:28

There is a shrinking group of free people, people who believe in a context with everyone’s equal worth. This group still dreams about a society where everyone is included and for this, one is prepared to struggle.

The hours are not enough. Daddy Obama tries every night to give Natasha and Malia some of his time. The hours are not enough. That is just the way it is. Part of the job, the assignment. Much has been promised and every promise has to be kept.

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Northern Climate Rush - Rush on UK Coal!

18-02-2009 21:16

Fresh from their Manchester Airport incursion, Northern Climate Rush is back, and we are paying a visit to the UK's largest coal company! We will be travelling by minibus to the headquarters of UK Coal in Doncaster. Meet in front of the Manchester University Student Union building at 1pm on Thursday Feb 26. Dress in Edwardian fashion (if you so desire) and bring food to share, banners, and musical instruments

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Someone Else’s England

18-02-2009 20:12

You don’t have to be a nationalist, or English, to accept the case for an English parliament.
One of the most striking features of the massive response to my article last week on Hazel Blears and the Labour Party was the number of Labour activists who wrote in to agree(1). If, as I suspect, their fury and dejection is representative, Labour will be eliminated at the next election. Just three years ago, almost all the pundits agreed that the Tories were finished as an electoral force. Suddenly, Labour looks like the force that might never recover. Has any party in modern politics done more to squander the goodwill that swept it into power?

But I noticed something else as well: something that wasn’t there. Every other issue I mentioned was picked over and debated. One was not. It concerns the most glaring democratic deficit over which this government has presided, yet almost everyone is too polite to mention it.

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Camden "Super Virus Lab" - Goverenment Response To Petition / Burglary & mail

18-02-2009 19:54

There are plans to build a deadly virus lab in Camden on a Council house estate. The lab could be level 3 facility which means it could contain deadly viruses such as anthrax and bird flu. Foot and Mouth disease was leaked from similar govt faciltiy Pirbright in Surrey. The lab has been criticised by MI5, MPs, councillors, residents and businesses. The govt has responded to this online. Our mailbox card was stolen [and returned] ...see below.

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Obama paints a picture of economic catastrophe

18-02-2009 19:51

Addressing a national television audience in his first White House press conference, President Barack Obama, promoting his economic stimulus plan, used unprecedented language to characterize the deepening economic crisis. He described conditions of rapidly rising unemployment, growing demand at food banks, widespread foreclosures, the collapse of consumer spending and the failure of small businesses.
He declared that his administration "inherited the most profound economic emergency since the Great Depression," and warned that the lack of a federal government intervention "could turn a crisis into a catastrophe."

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18-02-2009 19:48








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CoML: Animal Rights and odd bedfellows

18-02-2009 19:29

I hope to write a few articles discussing different aspects of the Convention on Modern Liberty, beginning with the bedfellows we seem to have chosen - some of which rather dislike one another. My recent copy of SchNEWS (no. 666, issued on Friday 13th February!) discusses the Convention in none-too-flattering terms. Henry Porter, co-organiser, remarked that none of the participants wish to get rid of the State, but SchNEWS points out that actually many of the people bearing the brunt of the anti-liberties legislation are anti-statist - from animal liberationists to anti-militarists to no-borders activists.

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Cold-hearted cops arrest grandfather for writing in the snow

18-02-2009 18:18

A retired oil refinery worker turned airport campaigner thought he'd take advantage of the recent snowfall to send a seasonal message to passengers departing Aberdeen airport. The local constabulary had other ideas and promptly arrested the 65-year-old and his 25-year-old accomplice for writing "Plane Stupid - you fly, they die" in diluted red ink on a snowy hilltop one-and-a-half miles from the airport.

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Biocair & Barclays Demos in Cambridge

18-02-2009 18:14

Tuesday, 17th February

Today activists headed to HLS supplier Biocair, The Business Centre, Church End, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, CB1 3LB. Armed with two megaphones campaigners let employees and neighbouring companies know all about Huntingdon Life Sciences who test things such as sweeteners, GMOs and weed killers on animals.