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G8: Amnesty International Statement Re Genoa Police Trials

04-04-2005 19:25

indymedia picture - blood on walls inside diaz school
Amnesty International Statement on the Genoa G8 Diaz police trials due to start this week on Wednesday 6th. Also comments on the ongoing Balzanetto detention centre torture trials and Italy's failures in general.

A damning statement.

The opening of the diaz trial on wednesday is just the start. The actual trial is not expected to go ahead until the end of the summer - again raising fears that if more delays occur then under the Italian legal system too much time will have elapsed and the trials cannot proceed.

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All the news that’s fit to report

04-04-2005 19:23

The media monitoring website Medialens ( has published some extraordinary correspondence between itself and the BBC regarding allegations of war crimes committed by US troops in their recent assault on the Iraqi city of Fallujah.

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Britain & Venezuela International Conference

04-04-2005 18:04

Using SKYPE internet technology a joint conference between Britain, Venezuela and America to discuss developments and develop solidarity.

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Neocon blog launches smear campaign against Craig Murray

04-04-2005 17:48

A right-wing blog run by US neocons Lawrence Jarvik and Nathan Hamm has launched a disinformation campaign against Craig Murray, the British Ambassador who spoke out about western complicity in torture in Uzbekistan, and is now standing as an independent candidate against Jack Straw.

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Torture in US prisons

04-04-2005 17:32

Torture in US prisons. A BBC Channel 4 documentary.

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Another Tory Subvert

04-04-2005 17:28

Spotted in London

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04-04-2005 17:21

Any tenants of NOTTING HILL HOUSING TRUST (a housing association supported by CLIVE SOLEY MP) that are still suffering from harassment, nuisance, negligence, theft of their mail, anti social neighbours (housed there intention-ally by their landlords) or any other unlawful tactics by their landlords - then get in touch with this website.

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Latest Corporate Watch Newsletter: housing and corporations

04-04-2005 15:35

The April-May Corporate Watch Newsletter focuses on aspects of Labour's housing policy -- and how it is set up to help construction and property corporations while possibly evicting thousands of tenants from their homes.

Plus international and local news and features

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Lewisham - a failing borough

04-04-2005 15:10

Canary Wharf from Pepys Estate
The Rotten Borough of Lewisham is failing its local community with its planning policy, with its housing policy. It is though the developers best friend, providing ideal development opportunities. In practice it is no different to many other Councils that fail to act in the best interests of the local community but are quick to provide development and get rich quick opportunities for property developers.

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Community seed swaps

04-04-2005 15:07

la finca de Flo de Tenerife
From little seeds do they grow ....

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MoD parades £1.5bn networking deal with BT

04-04-2005 15:04

Stop using BT now in protest at their work with the MoD. BT jas exgtended its contract with the MoD despite many letters of protest. We say stop using BT in protest.

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A Minister Fights Back on Moral Values

04-04-2005 15:02

Dont be afraid to speak out.. Real Christians take chances for peace. So d real Jews, and real Muslims, and real Hindus, and real Buddhists-so do all the faith traditions of the world at their heart believe one thing: life is precious.

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Canterbury April 3rd protest to defend asylum seekers

04-04-2005 14:17

Around 50 people turned out on a sunny Sunday to demand the freedom of movement and the right to stay for everyone. The protesters were largely old Christian ladies and members of local migrant organisations. They held a vigil in front of the Cathedral.

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Oxford-based NGO named as one of the top 20 think tanks in the UK

04-04-2005 14:13

Oxford Research Group is pleased to annouce that they have been named as one of the top 20 think tanks in the UK.

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maelstrom is passed away - billions of christians mourn

04-04-2005 13:28

MAELSTROM, the squatted social centre in hyde park, leeds has closed it's doors finally. unlike the pope, we will come back!

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N platform against the BNP broken.

04-04-2005 13:22

Article from the BNP website reveals just what a joke claims of a no platform policy are.

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Colombian Solidarity Night

04-04-2005 13:06

talk tonite at the sumac centre in Nottingham

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Pope opposed gay and women's rights - Condom ban killed millions

04-04-2005 13:03

While the Pope's opposition to war and poverty was commendable, his attacks on the human rights of women and gay people were gravely immoral.

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Human Rights Film Festival at Brookes

04-04-2005 10:51

The annual Human Rights Film Festival at Oxford Brookes Uni is back again for the third year running. Last year's was excellent; this year's programme includes Atom Egoyan's "Ararat", and much more. Admission's still free too.