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AUDIO Frontline Human Rights in Afghanistan

06-02-2002 17:08

Fatana Said Gailani - Kabul Afghanistan - Testimony - Audio 4min 5sec Afagan woman talks about Life under the Mudgahadine, the Taliban and being Bombed by the Americans.
“Afghanistan needs help, we need security, we need food, we need good health, we need education”... “Why has nobody asked why Russians killed 1,050,000 Afghan people?” ... “We lost our husbands, we lost our sons, we lost our children, we lost our dignity, we lost our rights in the refugee camps” ...

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AUDIO Frontline Human Rights in Argentine

06-02-2002 17:03

Carlos from ARGENTINA - Interview - 3min 0sec
Carlos talks about the Revolution in Argentina, why the people are on the streets and the effects of the IMF World Bank. “We have many unemployed people, many people excluded from the system, we are very close to anarchy” ... “We have an empty democracy, we fight to fill the democracy” ... “We have lost faith in the institutions of Argentina, the economical (NEO) Liberal system, the I.M.F and World Bank” ...

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AUDIO Frontline Human Rights in Singapore

06-02-2002 16:58

FRONT LINE - Platform for Human Rights Dublin Jan 2002
Ben, BJ (Human Rights campaigner, former member of parliament and opposition leader in Singapore for 30 years) - Interview - 5min 31sec
Ben talks about Human and Civil rights in Singapore which has the worlds highest execution rate.

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AUDIO Frontline Human Rights in Iraq (IrishIndy)

06-02-2002 16:52

Iraq - Sahib Alhakim - Interview - 4min 52sec “Sadam Husan executed thousands of Iraq people, men women and children, he used chemical weapons against his people” ... “A lot of people have disappeared in Iraq dungeons” ... “the Iraq people are suffering from both sides from the Iraq regime and from the Sanctions” ... “The sanctions are biting The people not the regime” ... “We are a wealthy country, our people are suffering, there is no medicine, no schools ” ... “200,000 children died because of sanctions” ... “The media is under the control of the regime.....

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AUDIO Frontline Human Rights in Palistine

06-02-2002 16:46

FRONT LINE - Platform for Human Rights Dublin Jan 2002
Palestinian Women - Sofia - Testimony - 3min 3sec
Woman from Palestine talks about Israeli occupation, the intifada and the Palestine Authority.
“The situation facing the Palestinian people has never been as bad as it is today” .. “The Palestinian Authority is now utterly destroyed” ... “The bitter irony (paradox) is that the Israeli Government continues to accuse the Palestinian Authority of being Terrorist”... “They have sealed off the boarder crossing and I dont know how Iam going to get home”......

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06-02-2002 16:14

FRONT LINE - Platform for Human Rights Dublin Jan 2002
Moroccan man from the western Sahara-Testimony - 3min 35sec
One mans amazing story of Human rights Abuses in Africa.
“I was kidnapped when I was only 17 years old, I spent 16 years in secret jails in Morocco” ... “We were tortured day after day, we were beaten everyday” ... “We were deprived of food and blankets” ... “We were dying of hunger, dozens of people died in these jails” ... “My father died as a result of ingeries sustained during imprisonment” ... “My brother who had become insane while in prison was assasinated”

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Five things the movie "Collateral Damage" will not tell you about Colombia

06-02-2002 15:50


The attached leaflet is part of a worldwide information campaign about Colombia, in view of the release of the movie "COLLATERAL DAMAGE", which provides a skewed and limited view on Colombia. The distorted and limited information given by the movie can manipulate the public into accepting
or promoting more violence and bloodshed of Colombia's people. You can help by inviting people to inform them beyond the content of the movie.

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Correction on Derek Benett Inquiry

06-02-2002 15:32

The officers caught on cctv beating up a black youth during the 20 July demo against the fatal shootin of Derek Benett will be summoned to Bow Magistrates Court on the 20 March

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Fash threaten young anarchists, AGAIN!

06-02-2002 14:55

Emails and phone nos of Young @narchos published
A Clue???
Taken from the NF guestbook, can we shut it down?
Interesting to note that Redwatch is hosted by Loyalist Prisoners Voluntary Service-Northern Ireland, and they have guestbook too.

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Lambeth police cover up Deaths in Custody.

06-02-2002 14:24

Brian Paddick, confronted Lambeth community last night at Town Hall meeting of Community-Police Consultative Group held (first Tuesday of every month)over 3 recent deaths in custody and frequent stop and searches in the black community.

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*Updated*Anarchist Links

06-02-2002 13:59

*New Update*

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ISR Call Protest at Andersen Fat Cats

06-02-2002 13:54

Get down to the Andersen offices on Saturday and show them how much we appreciate their privatisation "advice".

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Northampton Borough Council Bans Travellers Site

06-02-2002 13:40

The Labour Controled Northampton Borough Council does 'U-turn' over their decision to build four sites for travellers after huge public outcry.

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06-02-2002 12:13

cool hunt anti-commercial money

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German nuclear waste en route for La Hague and Sellafield

06-02-2002 12:11

The second shipment of German nuclear waste this year is expected at La Hague on Thursday and Sellafield also soon.

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Reebok left limping

06-02-2002 11:22

Sports company left limping: An Indonesian human rights activist has turned down a $50,000 award from US sportswear giant Reebok.

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06-02-2002 08:47

If bin laden got mad at the US for attacking Iraq - how come before that he urged the Saudi government to invade Iraq and offered to help? Why did US government refuse to accept bin Laden when Sudan tried to extradite him? Why...

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Colombia: The FARC and the Trade Unions

06-02-2002 08:46


The trade unionists and the FARC need international support from trade unionists in the U.K. and elsewhere to counter the imperialist counter-offensive. A victory for the death squads will weaken the popular struggles throughout Latin America and beyond. With international solidarity and unity of purpose within Colombia a victory would open new vistas for struggle throughout the world.

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The U.S. has a problem with Venezuela, that's just too bad

06-02-2002 08:24

WASHINGTON, Feb. 5 (Reuters) — Secretary of State Colin L. Powell, testifying before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, today criticized the leftist president of Venezuela, Hugo Chávez, expressing concern about his views on democracy and the war on terrorism.

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Crimes Against Humanity (The Hard Proof)

06-02-2002 05:43

Dr. Horowitz's new book, Death in the Air, removes all doubt of the institutionalized evil wreaking havoc on our world and her people. See the reviews and some other great info and links in the following article.