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the fork in the road - Fascism or Freedom

07-10-2002 22:47

And I've noticed that this occurs again and again and again,
this "Alice In Wonderland" reversal, where what is, isn't and what
isn't, is. Even in official statements, when you analyze these
official statements-I've done a lot of this in the research of this
book-you find that when they say they'll do something, it actually
means they won't. When they say they won't do something, it means
they will. Everything is reversed.

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Land of Fear, Rape, and Hunger - The City Council Welcomes a Dictator

07-10-2002 22:21

On September 12, Robert Mugabe, president of Zimbabwe—once its liberator and now its brutal dictator—was welcomed to New York's City Hall by the black and hispanic caucus.

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Muhammad - the Most Influential Person in History

07-10-2002 19:50

My choice of Muhammad to lead the list of the world's most influential persons may surprise some readers and may be questioned by others, but he was the only man in history who was supremely successful on both the religious and secular levels.

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To UK IMC editors

07-10-2002 19:32

Just wondering

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Solidarity and support

07-10-2002 19:07

Send a message of solidarity and support to Iraq

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no comment

07-10-2002 18:41

no comment
shocking "defacement of the coin of the realm", and it seems to be spreading

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Peat Action Report

07-10-2002 17:14

Peat Action Report
Report from last month's week of action - Hatfield Moor and Tickhill garden centre near Doncaster.

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Women's contingent on the anti-war demo, London 28 Sept 2002

07-10-2002 16:44

Women's contingent on the anti-war demo, London 28 Sept 2002
Several hundred women, children and men of many nationalities marched with the banner "Women Say No War - Invest in Caring not Killing", organised by the Global Women's Strike. Many people applauded and cheered as the contingent passed. It was a powerful way to make visible women's opposition to attacking Iraq and all wars for oil - we take care of people and communities devastated by war, and we refuse to see those we have invested our lives in caring for slaughtered either in the UK, in Iraq or anywhere else. (article 1)

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Zapatismo and the Fight Against State Terrorism

07-10-2002 16:28

This article reflects some of the views aired in an meeting in Thessaloniki this weekend to coordinate autonomous action at the June 2003 Summit and in general

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selling t shirts at the revolution

07-10-2002 16:17

this may give some ideas, though telling newswire services may be counter productive
good luck kids

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Johnny Adair; HIS ONLY CRIME IS...

07-10-2002 15:29

shit stirring WITHIN loyalism and between loyalists and republicans, being a nazi, drug dealing, being a self serving sectarian clampet, self profiteering, dragging loyalism through the muck, bringin loyalism into disrepute, aiding and abetting LVF/Brit army FRU agents murder innocent working class catholics and protestants, collaborating with and working to Special branch's agenda LOYALTY, to himself, special branch and John(blunderingblockhead)Reid.

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Ever wonder?

07-10-2002 15:11

Those who forget history ...

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Farnborough Airport

07-10-2002 15:05

TAG Aviation have recently made two planning applications. The
first is to discharge conditions 16 & 17 of their outline
planning consent and relates to risk, the second is for discharge
of environmental monitoring under the Section 106 Agreement
agreed with Rushmoor and relates to monitoring of aircraft
movements and noise measurements.

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How Oxfam's support for 'Free Trade' betrays the poor

07-10-2002 14:50

Like almost every mainstream development organisation, Oxfam sees 'real free trade' (where western countries reduce trade barriers and open up their markets) as a solution to global poverty. In their attempt to appear reasonable and moderate they have embraced extreme free market orthodoxy which fails the poor.

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Exhaustion - Extortion

07-10-2002 13:54

Exhaustion - Extortion

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07-10-2002 13:43

WASHINGTON -- The Bush administration is laying the groundwork for prosecuting Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein and a "dirty dozen" other officials for genocide, "ethnic cleansing," mass executions, rape and other crimes against humanity

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Lakenheath Disarmement Day

07-10-2002 12:36

On october 6th, 160 protesters gathered at U.S.A.F.
Lakenheath in Suffolk to blockade this military base
containing 30 US nuclear weapons.

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Zimbabwe: The Struggle Shall Never Die

07-10-2002 12:32

All people have a right, to protection from slavery, forced labour, inhuman or degrading treatment, Education, protection of freedom, expression, information, assembly and movement, in Zimbabwe???

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riot outside EU war meeting in Greece

07-10-2002 12:29