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Pipeline protests gather strength

15-01-2007 22:34

Active opposition is underway against the South Wales LNG pipeline in three separate locations. Objections to National Grid's controversial project are spurred by lack of consulation, safety fears, environmenal issues and climate change concerns. Protests grow stronger day by day, supported by long term campaigning, creating a spirited and unified resistance.

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BERLIN: 80 000 remember to Rosa Luxemburg, Karl Liebknecht

15-01-2007 22:08

80.000 visited the "Cemetary of the Socialists"
Berlin. 80 000 people came to visit the "Cemetary of the Socialists" to remember to Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Liebknecht, the founders of the German Communist Party. Luxemburg and Liebknecht were murdered by "Freikorps" Soldiers after World War I.

Pics from the protest march through Berlin.

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Court Reporting

15-01-2007 20:25

If you read a Victorian court report in a news paper of that time you could think it was a copy of the stenographers,not that there was one.

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From The Back Of The Bus To Prison

15-01-2007 20:11

When Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat to a White passenger on a city bus 51 years ago, it was the spark that brought about the American Civil Rights Movement; changing the lives for millions of Blacks. For a short while, in the mid 60’s and 70’s, Blacks made some social and racial gains, however today many Blacks are wasting away their lives in American prisons due to the unjust practice of the Three Strikes Laws.

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Bush's Iraq Plan - Goading Iran into War

15-01-2007 18:07

Preparing for further aggression in the middle-east

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Please help Zahra

15-01-2007 18:00

Zahra at Unity demo 07.10.06
Zahra Byansi and her two boys were detained when reporting at the Home Office in Glasgow on Monday last week. She was moved to Yarls Wood detention centre on Saturday while her friends protested outside the Home Office in Glasgow organised by the Glasgow Campaign to Welcome Refugees. Zahra and her sons have been in Glasgow for over four years. She has made a huge contribution to the local community.

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Indy Global Report on Resonance FM104.4

15-01-2007 17:21

Listen to the 8th of jan's Indy Global Report which broadcasts on Resonance FM104.4 every Monday between 22.30 and 23.30.
Also listen out for tonight's show which will be bringing reports about the recent US bombing of Somalia, This week in Palestine, the weekly update produced by IMEMC, as well as radical tunes and grooves.

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Tate in a State over "sensitive" photographs

15-01-2007 16:56

As Blair bangs on about how the media spoil his war, showing the wrong sort of pictures, confusion broke out this morning at Mark Wallinger's opening at the Tate.

Using extensive reference photographs Wallinger has has managed in his work 'State Britain' to re-create an exact copy of Brian Haw's protest camp as it was prior to 23rd May's police raid. Today's press call was to encourage us to photograph the art made from the photographs, so to speak.

Except that some art, including horrific birth defects as a result of depleted uranium armaments was off limits. Admission to the launch was dependent on agreeing not to photograph it.

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mancunian soundwalk tomorrow

15-01-2007 15:58

a game based around a sonic exploration of mancunia courtesy of our friend Bob from Glue in leeds.

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No public jury in Di inquest

15-01-2007 15:40

As expected

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Sligo Shell To Sea, Meeting 7.30pm Furey's Pub Bridge st,Sligo

15-01-2007 14:50

Sligo Shell To Sea Meeting

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Say Goodbye to Privacy

15-01-2007 14:26

Big Brother wants the personal details of every citizen to create profiles and then make the database accessible to Tom, Dick and Harry.

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SOCPA - brian haw's full display rises like a pheonix

15-01-2007 14:20

tate britain (nearest tube pimlico)
next monday at horseferry road, judge purdy hands down his decision whether brian haw has a case to answer for alleged breach of socpa conditions that led to a night-time police raid by 78 officers in may 2006 cutting his display from more than forty metres down to a mere three. in the meantime, artist mark wallinger has been busy recreating the whole display and his exhibition entitled 'state britain' opened this morning at tate britain, on the very edge of the socpa zone.

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Another Irish airport could welcome U.S. military flights

15-01-2007 12:45

Knock International Airport: Next stop on the Guantanamo Express?
Knock airport could become a new stopover point for U.S. military planes en route to the illegal war in Iraq. Will it also be a stop on the Guantanamo Express?

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Bush's Iraq Plan: Goading Iran into War

15-01-2007 12:42

President George W. Bush's address on Iraq Wednesday night was less
about Iraq than about its eastern neighbor, Iran. There was little new
about the US's strategy in Iraq, but on Iran, the President spelled
out a plan that appears to be aimed at goading Iran into war with the

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Irish government, companies dance with dictators

15-01-2007 12:22

Ireland's prime minister and a delegation of 114 companies hope to cut a number of deals with Saudi Arabia, one of the world's worst human rights violators.

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Gays demonstrate at Vatican for civil unions

15-01-2007 12:06

Italian ARCIGAY gay rights association activists hold banners and flags in Rome
Members of gay and lesbian associations hold flowers as they demonstrate on St. Peter's square at the Vatican January 13, 2007 in Rome. The groups, which converged on the square in memory of an activist who killed himself there nine years ago, demonstrated against Pope Benedict XVI's latest speech on PACS, Italy's proposed social agreement for unmarried couples.

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Be Strident - Ban Trident! (DEMONSTRATION!)

15-01-2007 11:58

A DEMONSTRATION against Trident and the Bush/Blair oil wars will be taking place in London on SATURDAY 24 FEBRUARY organised by a motley collection of groups including CND (campaign against nuclear diarmament & Stop the War Coalition)
For more information + transport from your area see:

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"It's 1938"

15-01-2007 11:12

Former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is making the rounds in the media with his "new" slogan designed to scare American Jews and Christians into supporting the bombing of Iran.

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France: Virgin, give Amandine back her job!

15-01-2007 07:13

We demand the immediate re-instatement of Amandine as well as an end to Virgin's anti-union policy, and we will accordingly be joining the solidarity actions.