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STROLL, ROLL, and RALLY against the Incapacity Benefit Cuts

17-06-2006 20:21

There was a national demonstration against the government's plans to reform Incapacity Benefit in Sheffield on 17th June 2006 in Sheffield.

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List of missing, arrested and wounded in Oaxaca, 11 dead

17-06-2006 20:07

bullet shells
According to La Jornada, 11 are said to be dead and here is a list of people still missing/disappeared, arrested and wounded.

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sharphill woods saved! (for now)

17-06-2006 19:10

a success!! thanks to a huge local campaign, the council were forced to vote against plans to build next to Sharphill woods nr Nottingham. Congratulations to everyone who worked so hard and showed up in the rain!

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The reality of M1 Motorway noise

17-06-2006 19:07

Video 1
Today (17/06/06) the Highways agencies M1 motorway exhibition was (allegedly) disrupted by members of the No M1 Road widening campaign.

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Violent repression of Afghani refugees hunger strike in Norway

17-06-2006 18:19

Early Friday morning around 100 policemen, some of them with horses, came in place, and violently entered the hunger strikers tents, in order to remove them. The police exercised exceed pressure and violence and even broke fingers of refugees.

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Titnore protest at Taylor Woodrow

17-06-2006 16:31

SUPPORTERS of the Titnore Woods tree protest camp in Worthing have taken their battle to one of the property developers behind the controversial West Durrington scheme.

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Will the real criminals please stand up?

17-06-2006 15:32

A tough one to swallow, but the truth usually is! If anyone can prove this false please reply.

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Sea-action at Faslane Fair

17-06-2006 14:49

Sea Action and Helensburgh CND protested at the Faslane Fair at Helensburgh, near Faslane.

Every year the MoD take over the car park at Helensburgh with a celebration of the war machine and the culture of war.

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17-06-2006 14:04


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Fish Can't Scream, Toxins in Fish Flesh, Fish Stories

17-06-2006 12:46

This article on the fatalities and diseases related to fish
consumption as well as the trillions of deaths of sea
beings (fishes, seals, whales, dolphins, turtles, penguins etc.)
from the fishing industry was generated by coming across
this week articles in the BBC, NY Times, and Harvard promoting
fish consumption.

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Mega protest march in Oaxaca

17-06-2006 12:35

Oaxaca teachers greet release of imprisoned comrades
Hundreds of thousands marched yesterday (16 June) in the Mexican state of Oaxaca, in protest against the brutal police attack on striking teachers last Wednesday. They were joined by people from San Salvador Atenco, the town brutalised by paramilitary police last month.

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Expansion of Farnborough Airport rejected!

17-06-2006 12:25

Plans submitted by TAG Aviation to double the number of weekend movements at Farnborough Airport have been rejected! Rushmoor planning committee following recommendations from their planning officials rejected the proposals by a decisive 6:2 majority.

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Group Work: arts-related groups, collectives and movements

17-06-2006 10:55

Dear enthusiasts of group work and collaboration:
Please help us build a database of people working in arts and arts-related groups, collectives and movements.

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Direct Action info + planning night in Sheffield

17-06-2006 09:38

Oh, the long summer stretches ahead of you, weeks and weeks of hot days and nothing but Big Brother on tv. If only there was something better to do with your summer... something effective, positive and fun.... something like DIRECT ACTION.

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Innocent prisoners prefer to die

17-06-2006 09:17

Protests Have Continued at Campsfield Immigration Removal Centre (IRC) north of Oxford with a yard-occupation last night by 25 inmates lasting until 5 am this morning, constantly-changing numbers refusing food at mealtimes, and sporadic violence.

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Finns are being recruited against iraques

17-06-2006 07:47

“Finnish peace keepers are well known in world for their skills and ability to function in a highly demanding surrounding” say Jyrki T. Mäkelä from private security forces article at
I suppose Jyrki T. Mäkelä means those peacekeepers like we had at Bosnia-Herze-govina, that were using prostitutes of the area, then I must say I totally agree with him… A have heard so much about these Finnish peacekeepers and a thing called ‘a Finnish media buble’.

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120 Immigration Detainees on Hunger Strike at Campsfield IRC

17-06-2006 01:59

Here is a letter which the detainees on hunger strike at Campsfield Immigration Removal Centre (at Kidlington near Oxford) have written. They started their hunger strike last Wednesday 14th June; 80 of them did not take breakfast, and they estimate that there are now about 120 on hunger strike.

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Bradford Mela 9/11 7/7 squat

17-06-2006 01:07

Shall be appearing at Bradford Mela with a small display on 911 and 77 without permission
Fake terrorism busts and charges are rife in this area

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Deaths in Custody: Pickett the IPPC Mon 19th 1:30pm !!!

16-06-2006 23:51

Death in Police custody families gather to demand justice. A picket of the IPCC has been called to show solidarity. Monday 19th June 2006, 1.30 - 3.15pm @ IPCC, 90 High Holborn, London WC1V 6BH
All supporters are welcome!

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Invitation from Colonel Gill - US base Commander - NSA Menwith Hill

16-06-2006 23:42

4th July Ball
Americans world wide celebrate 4 July as 'Independence Day'. They do at NSA Menwith Hill near Harrogate North Yorkshire.

Since the early 80s there has been a demonstration 'Independence FROM America' - this year is no exception....