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The Cancer Racket Exposed

29-10-2001 22:25

New nonprofit website dedicated to informing people about the suppression of effective cancer treatments.

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Hackney Anti-Cuts Demo

29-10-2001 22:15

Announcement of demo in Hackney

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Pepper spray, tear gas, rubber bullets in Little Rock, Arkansas, USA

29-10-2001 21:19

Showdown in Little Rock turns ugly; police using pepper spray, tear gas, and rubber bullets against protesters

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Bombing errors prove major test for US resolve

29-10-2001 20:45

The US government insisted yesterday that its Afghan campaign was going according to plan, despite repeated bombing errors including the killing of seven children at their home in the capital, Kabul.

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Problem of 'collateral damage' adds to Bush's bad week

29-10-2001 20:39

The man from the Pentagon was polite enough but you would not have described him as being particularly enlightening.
"We have no information on that. We are not speculating at this time," he said, when asked about the reports of more than a dozen civilians being unintentionally killed during the US airstrikes in Afghanistan yesterday morning.

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Recent Pictures from Afghanistan

29-10-2001 20:27

Pictures of some of the terrorists.

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American media puts Bush on the spot

29-10-2001 20:19

After a week of endless cock ups the U.S media has not been
quite so keen to tow the line, this coincides with some big questions about the war in the british press, looks like a long hard winter for the bull n' bush war lords ..

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African Liberation - Which Way Forward?

29-10-2001 20:09

Discussion with activists against neo-colonial regimes in Africa about the way forward for African liberation

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Terror of Bechtel&Enron

29-10-2001 20:05

this is the real terror of the last standing terrorists in the world:american government

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Stop the War! Invest in Caring not Killing!

29-10-2001 18:42

Stop the War! Invest in Caring not Killing! Women's Weekly Anti-War Picket.

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Pic Funny (saving the Afgans?)

29-10-2001 17:14

Pic Funny (saving the Afgans?)
Starving Afgan Refugees Flee Americam Bombs, What kind of Future do they have?

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Peace by precision

29-10-2001 16:15

The time has now come for the anti-war movement to build its own broad-based coalition. From an article in The Guardian newspaper.

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Today's Mirror: act NOW!

29-10-2001 15:00

Today's Mirror carried a front page story with huge letters:"This War is a Fraud".

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USA fruit harvest threatened

29-10-2001 14:40

graphics and discussion

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Afghanistan's coming gas boom

29-10-2001 14:23

With the Taliban destined for military defeat, the US and Central Asian powers and investors are already looking at Afghanistan's reconstruction in a post-Taliban era.

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Fuck The Royal Jubilee meeting tonight.

29-10-2001 12:56

Fuck the Roayls...

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disaturbing but ultimately inspiring repost from Aus

29-10-2001 12:51

braveboxer pays the price for speaking out against war

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Police Capitain get pied in Brazil

29-10-2001 12:11

Police Capitain get pied in Brazil
Capitain who commanded police violence against FTAA protest in Sao Paulo, Brazil gets pied. Hommage to Larry, Curly and Moe.

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John Pilger: Hidden Agenda behind war

29-10-2001 10:51

In today's Daily Mirror

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Reichsmarshall Blair

29-10-2001 08:20

Reichsmarshall Blair
Hows it going over there in Airstrip One?