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Rachel Corrie Readings at Parliament Square, Thursday 16th.

15-03-2006 20:35

Artists Against the War are inviting everyone to the readings from Rachel Corrie diaries at London's Parliament Square and Hanover Square W1.

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15-03-2006 19:51


Assemble 1 pm, Cathays Park (opposite Museum & City Hall)
Earth Day - Saturday 22 April

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15-03-2006 18:41

All regions of Ecuador are uniting this very moment in a major "PARO" (strike/stoppage/blockade) of the whole country against its president Palacio, the Free Trade Agreement with the USA, and the oil company OXY.

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Save Our Trees @ Brockwell Park / Lido!

15-03-2006 18:12

red spot of death
The following pictures are of the last trees that remain out of all the other trees that have been marked off with red spots. The axeman is due to come and chop them down any day now!

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279 photographs and 19 videos of US Army torture released here

15-03-2006 16:25

279 photographs and 19 videos from the Army's internal investigation record a harrowing three months of detainee abuse inside the notorious prison -- and make clear that many of those responsible have yet to be held accountable.

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3 extra things to remember for march 18 . . . .

15-03-2006 15:45

seeing the way the world is getting spun into this "war for news management" spiral, here are 3 things you can do to increase the sanity quotient . . . .

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Connections - a Day of Protest in Liverpool

15-03-2006 14:58

Two protests took place in Liverpool at 1pm last Saturday 10th March.

One was to show distain at the forthcoming visit to Liverpool of America’s most vocal neo-con warmonger Condoleezza Rice. The second was to protest at the cuts in funding that the city council is making to youth services.

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NUCLEAR POWER? NO WAY Demo and Campaigning day 29th April

15-03-2006 14:21

Nuclear Power? No Way?
A Campaigning day in Manchester on the 20th anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster.

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This Is The Blood of Our Chilren: Stop the Killing! Women of Iraq statement

15-03-2006 13:57

For many decades now greedy thieves and criminal tyrants have coveted your land and resources. You are destined to suffer the world war mongers and local dirty politicians, manipulating our natural ethnic and faith lives to divide and rule.

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Storming the Bastille and Direct Action

15-03-2006 13:42

It should now be apparent to all that the usual strategies have proven ineffective against the ultra-right of today. The reasons are clear; the right is playing hard, fast and bold while the opposition is lost in analysis and navel gazing. ‘Storming the Bastille’ may again be required to precipitate change. Demos, alternative media, various forms of dissenting propaganda have all failed to alter the course of events. It would seem that while one side is playing hardball (for keeps) the other is content to fossick on the shores of world-shaping politics.

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Public Forum: Student protests in France, London, 18/3/06

15-03-2006 13:42

Due to the struggles in France against the CPE the title of this forum has been changed to take into account these significant events, which are part of the international development of workers' struggles and the proletariat's attempts to rediscover its class solidarity.

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Join the unwelcome for Mr. Blair at Matthew Boulton College this Thursday 16th

15-03-2006 13:29

Tony Blair is visiting Mathew Boulton College tomorrow (Thursday 16th March 2006), there will be an unwelcome for him from various groups and individuals including the MB2 (Mathew Boulton two), who are two students who were suspended for daring to publish a student newsletter asking for rights to establish student societies. The unwelcome is planned for 13:00 Hours (1pm) at Mathew Boulton College Jenners Road, Birmingham.

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UK & Chertoff's secret electronic control net

15-03-2006 13:28

Britain? - US Secretary of 'Homeland Security' Chertoff: "A vast electronic control net covering the US is nearly completed. It's called the HSIN, and now includes 50 states, five territories, 53 major urban areas, local officials and officials from Britain, Canada and Australia."

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Stop eviction, stop deportations: Glasgow urgent call-out

15-03-2006 12:31

Urgent call for help in Glasgow, Thursday 16th March

Please come to stop the Sheriff’s Officers, and support this No Borders campaign.

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15-03-2006 12:11

Shepton Mallet anti-Tesco's protest site has just been evicted after a six hour tree top struggle.

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Olive's deportation stopped!

15-03-2006 12:07

Olive Mukarugwiza and family's deportation from Gatwick Airport to Rwanda did not go ahead on 14 March. On the same day, their solicitor won a judicial review and Dallas Court informed the airline, who prevented the family boarding. The escorts apparently were very cross (!) and threatened the solicitor with action! The solicitor will try to get the family out asap. Thanks to all who supported Olive and her family by phoning and sending faxes.

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Mad Pride 2006 Events to Include; Africa, Ireland, USA, Canada, France.

15-03-2006 12:03

Mad Pride 2006 promises to be better than ever with plans underway for several events in Ireland, USA, Canada, France and even a Mad Pride celebration in Africa thanks to MindFreedom Ghana! Dan Taylor, who is the Secretary of MindFreedom Ghana based in Accra, Ghana, announced, "Our Theme for our Mad Pride event is 'Free Minds At Ease.'"

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Khoodeelaar legal action against Crossrail-hole Council& their bribed liars

15-03-2006 11:41

The Khoodeelaar! Campaign IN DEFENEC OF THE brick lane London e1 AREA AND against a corrupt local council colluding with the crassly conceived Crossrail hole plan project scheme bill now in the uk house of commons got a step closer to being taken to the domestic courts uk yesterday with the announcement of a series of legal actions against the local tower hamlets council in London’s east end. Campaigners have unearthed evidence showing that contrary to the impression SOUGHT TO be created by the controlling clique on tower hamlets council to the effect that they WERE IN AGREEMNT WITH THE COMMUNITY OPPOSTION TO THE Crossrail hole plan, Tower Hamlets Council under Michael Keith’s leadership had all along been lying to the community and to the public at large about the facts and the extents of the Controlling clique’s collusion against the East End and with the promoters of the Crossrail hole assault on the East End. Khoodeelaar! Campaign organiser Muhammad Haque declared a raft of constitutional law actions against Tower Hamlets Council and against their paid propaganda organs that had been used so far to lie against the East End communities affected by the Crossrail hole attacks.

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Iraq: Ayatollah Sistani says death to gays

15-03-2006 10:46

Haydar Faiek, aged 40, beaten and burned to death.
Sistani fatwa provokes terror against queers. Shia Badr Corps execute sodomites, Sunnis and others. UK fetes Sistani and hosts Badr, despite anti-gay murders.

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A Warm Welcome for Mr Blair

15-03-2006 10:26

Tony Blair is to visit Birmingham this thursday (16th), lets ensure he gets a warm welcome from the residents of birmingham.