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Colombia: latest from Colombia Solidarity Campaign

22-04-2002 14:28

Latest news from Colombia Solidarity Campaign:

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new group to monitor anti-Chinese racism in UK

22-04-2002 14:17

Info forwarded from National Civil Rights Movement (NCRM):

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'SOFTCITY' Political Art Exhibition, London, April - May

22-04-2002 13:49

'SOFTCITY' Political Art Exhibition, London, April - May
SOFTCITY Exhibition of paintings by LAURANORDER

Tues 23rd April (6pm-9pm) for 3 weeks
Oval House Theatre, Oval/Kennington, London - Oval Tube
(sharp left out of tube, opposite cricket ground)

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Stop Le Pen! solidarity protest at French embassy

22-04-2002 13:23

The ANL have called a solidarity demo tonight to show support for the demo against Le Pen and the FN in Paris:

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Slaves to US style management.

22-04-2002 13:22

Pressure of work

Two models of capitalism, Anglo-Saxon and European, are on offer - and we've made the wrong choice

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Evidence of Israeli Terror?

22-04-2002 12:04

Evidence of Israeli Terror?

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22-04-2002 08:16

DAAWN! (Direct Action Against War Now) are calling for an Anti-Capitalist, Anti-Militarist, Anti-Racist Carnival Bloc to participate in the National Rally for Palestine on Saturday May 18.
Please spread the word/distribute widely.

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Welsh police 'assaults' condemned

22-04-2002 06:59

In spite of the Professional Standards Departments try to cover up their colleagues misdeeds, the news will get out :O)

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GREENPEACE Won't Help Us by Belgian activists

22-04-2002 06:59

Here's another example of how Greenpeace ignores grassroots activism. They only do spectacular stunts designed to get onto prime time News channels. This helps with their fund raising but does nothing to solve environmental problems.
They certainly don't support grass roots actiivism.
The Flemish Green minister of Environment Vera Dua took not into account the negative advice of the Flemish Health Administration.
The health of our children is not a priority anymore for our green minister.

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Extreme right success in French presidential election

22-04-2002 00:32

Jean Marie Le Pen, leader of the far-right Front Nationale, has entered the second round of presidential elections in France, with over 17% of the vote.

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Check out this website

22-04-2002 00:05

Sanfran bay area Mayday website

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Massive Protests in Paris

21-04-2002 23:07

Anti - Rascist Protests

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News from London Action Resource Centre (LARC)

21-04-2002 22:27

LARC is a space for people interested in taking positive action for social justice and the environment. Run by and for its users, it’s made up of a meeting room/ exhibition space, office, library, roof garden, and banner/prop-making basement…

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Venezuela coup linked to Bush team

21-04-2002 22:18

Same old gang of corporate assassins responsible for failed Keystone Cops coup in Venezuela.

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We need welsh action for Eating disorders

21-04-2002 21:36

Help for eating disorders in Wales we need action or more will die

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Further Updates from inside Arafat's compound.

21-04-2002 19:33

Further updates fron British activist inside the Palestinian Authority compound. Food and water is running low and the compound contains many seriously wounded people.
The Internationals are lodged throughout the entire building and plan to sit it out until the end.

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21-04-2002 17:45

More commentaries from multi-award winning journalist Mumia Abu Jamal, from behind the bars of Death Row USA.

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21-04-2002 17:40

Read Mumia Abu Jamal's latest commentary on Palestine, from behind the bars of Death Row USA.