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Extreme right success in French presidential election

George's Bush | 22.04.2002 00:32

Jean Marie Le Pen, leader of the far-right Front Nationale, has entered the second round of presidential elections in France, with over 17% of the vote.

He came second only to the Conservative Chirac, on 19%. Le Pen and the other neo-fascist candidate, Bruno Megret, together received 19.5% of all votes cast. Radical left-wing candidates (Trots) scored 11.6% of the total. I am unaware of the percentage turnout.

The current Socialist Prime Minister was knocked out of the presidential race by Le Pen, who has called the Holocaust "a detail of history", likens immigration to "an invasion" and promises to immediately deport all people who have entered France illegally and wishes to create 200,000 more places in prison.

The FN (much like the BNP) has campaigned largely on issues of law and order (or "security") blaming immigrants and ethnic minorities for the problems of capitalism: mass unemployment and rising crime, wage cuts, overcrowding in schools and universities.

George's Bush


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