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16-06-2004 00:57

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New police powers to stop raves Might affect Stonehenge gatherings

16-06-2004 00:20

Avon and Somerset police are taking advantage of new legislation to help break up illegal gatherings and raves before they happen.
Previously, 100 people had to be gathered in an open space before officers could take action. Might affect Stonehenge gatherings.

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Day of Rage: students call for creative resistance

15-06-2004 23:42

BREAKING NEWS: leaflet found on campus!!!!
University management ignores students and staff, closing one of the most successful art department in the country - and more!

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Sequani vivisection labs Herefordshire - Updated list of supplier companies

15-06-2004 23:25

The companies below supply Sequani limited animal testing labs based in Ledbury, Herefordshire who practice reproduction toxicology tests, repeat dose toxicology tests, acute toxicology tests and carcinogenicity tests on Beagle dogs, rabbits, genetically 'stunted' pigs, guinea pigs, mice and rats with what they need to torture and murder animals more efficiently.

Sequani ltd use the animal model that contracts completely different kinds of cancer to the human being, to look for a cure for human cancer ... earning big bucks for looking for a needle in an illusionary hay stack.

If you hate animal cruelty and are up to date on the facts: vivisection has never saved a single human life (But ended thousands of human lives through poisoning via animal tested drugs) and that animal tested drugs are now the FOURTH biggest killer of human beings on the planet today, please ask these companies on moral, ethical and compassionate grounds to sever their business ties with Sequani limited and animal/human abuse.

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list of gm medicine, from biotechimc

15-06-2004 23:10

take a look at this list... make up your own mind.. i've have made a comment...

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Radio - Sting BUSH Ireland visit

15-06-2004 21:39

GW Bush arrives in Ireland on 25th June.
Lets give him the 100,000 welcome he deserves
Download Audio and distribute
see you there :)

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ASBO’s are now being used against the working classes!

15-06-2004 21:11

It was only a matter of time before council officers started to abuse the ASBO and harrasment laws to oppress and silence working class tenants.

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Peace Campaign and Social Forum Events in the North Essex / Suffolk area

15-06-2004 21:11

Peace Campaign and Social Forum Events in the North Essex / Suffolk area. By Colchester Peace Campaign, Lakenheath Action Group and others.

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Art of War : Love

15-06-2004 20:56


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Special 60th anniversary screening of critical films on the World Bank and IMF

15-06-2004 20:32

2 Trevors
Spotlighting the World Bank and International Monetary Fund (IMF) on their 60th anniversary, a London Indymedia Cinema screening at The Other Cinema in Soho with film makers' Q & A and a speaker from the Bretton Woods Project.

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Refugee Week Sheffield Events

15-06-2004 20:01

Migrant Voices
Refugee Programme as part of Refugee Week have organised an event at SADACCA, The Wicker, Sheffield, on June 19th 2004 between 4.30 and 7.30pm.

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The Coming War on Iran?

15-06-2004 20:00

A week or so ago I reported on the unprecedented departure of the larger part of the US surface fleet from both its east and west coast naval bases. Evidence is pointing towards Iran as the probable target of either harassment or attack by the US and UK navies

expect a June/July "event"

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Peace Activist on Hat Trick of Presidential Pardon

15-06-2004 19:34

Australian peace activist given presidential pardon from East Timor leader, Xanana Gusmao for disarmament of a US Navy Aircraft docked at Shannon Airport, Ireland where 10,000 US troops pass through every month.

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Blackwood. Sheriff-Egg Saga ends with small victory for Boris

15-06-2004 19:15

In punishment for throwing two eggs at the under sheriff of Blackwood during the evictions Boris was today fined £43 costs and told to bahave himself for a year. Meanwhile the Sheriff and his henchmen backed down from committing purgery.

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exhibition of resistance squat

15-06-2004 19:08

Squatted space in Camden opens with exhibition of resistance to big oil and the corporate hijacking of the arts. Greenwash, or Us?

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Leeds Social Centre meeting: Date change

15-06-2004 18:20

hot off the press!

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Demonstration in Sao Paulo against the FTAA and the WTO

15-06-2004 17:56

Yesterday, on Sao Paulo, where the 11th UNCTAD it’s having place , was made a demonstration protesting against the World Trade Organization, the Free Trade Area of the Americas and the war strategy of United States.

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15-06-2004 17:55

My love is compassion.

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ICG-UK Position

15-06-2004 17:31

Press release

IGC-European Constitution
Assembly of European Regions deplores UK government decision to grant the Union exclusive competence in Health & Education Policy

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The Icy Normality of Hunger

15-06-2004 16:39

"World agriculture in its present state of development could feed 12 billion persons.. The daily silent genocide of hunger that occurs in icy normality is not a fate. People are responsible.. Neoliberalism diametrically opposes the values of the Enlightenment. For Jean-Jacques Rousseau, there was no natural law of capital.."