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Surrey Agitator, Issue One, Summer 2003

01-07-2003 14:18

Schools to close?; Refugees and media myths; Health care disappearing in Surrey;
James Walker to quit Woking; Euro or Pound?; Anarchism, the reality.

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Who elected Spin Ali?

01-07-2003 13:51

How many votes does he have?

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Turkish TV reports four American soldiers killed in Baghdad

01-07-2003 13:46

A Turkish TV station reports four US soldiers killed in Baghdad when their vehicle was ambushed.

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revolution now website is up and running!

01-07-2003 13:01

revolution now is a non-profit small press, radical distribution project, and organizing collective, based on the principles of DIY. formed in 2001, it is currently the home of the anarchist horde distro and the creeping banshee project. we concentrate on action-oriented materials, primarily those which are anarchist, feminist, queer, anti-racist, bio-centric, and class proud.

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Oxford Canal Festival 2003 - collages

01-07-2003 12:35

just a few photo collages

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Idnia: SOS Narmada

01-07-2003 11:00

The water in the Narmada Valley rises cause of the controversal Sadar Sarovar Damm. The people in the Valley vontinue their fight against the violation of their rights and for their livelihood.

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addresses of prisoners held in salonika

01-07-2003 09:50

contact details of prisoners held in thessaloniki

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Menwith Hill-Independence from America 'Gatecrasher's Ball'- 4th July 2003

01-07-2003 08:51

4th JULY -Gatecrasher's Ball @ Menwith Hill Military base
MILITARY BASE hosted by Mark Thomas

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REVIEW book Web of Deceit

01-07-2003 02:37

Curtis powerfully demolishes the rhetoric behind the US-led invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq, revealing how they fit a pattern, not of humanitarian intervention, but of control of 'Third World' natural resources and markets through the installation of US-friendly 'democratic structures'.

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Land Reform Sparks Violence in Venezuela

01-07-2003 01:48

A 2001 agrarian reform law is pitting landowners and rural workers against each other.

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The Fox Hunt MPs back hunting ban

30-06-2003 23:27

MPs have voted for an outright ban on hunting with dogs after five hours of intense Commons debate.

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30-06-2003 23:26


July 1st 2003
This is the third update for (mainly) UK supporters.
If you received this bulletin via a website and would
like to be added to the email list to make sure you
receive future bulletins email: with your details.

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Evian G8 Solidarity - Financial Call

30-06-2003 22:43

this call has been written by all the legal support groups working on
the evian g8 situation and fwd to the imc europe list.
if you can give visibility to it on your site it would be wonderful :)))


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CAPTURED ON FILM - Beaten Up & Fitted Up in Saloniki

30-06-2003 22:30

CAPTURED ON FILM - Beaten Up & Fitted Up in Saloniki
Film and Public Meeting
hosted by Thessaloniki Prisoners Solidarity

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resistance anarchist bulletin - issue 51

30-06-2003 21:53

monthly bulletin of the Anarchist Federation

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Colchester Peace Campaign Benefit gig

30-06-2003 21:52

Colchester Peace Campaign Benefit gig, Tuesday 1st July, The Soundhouse, Military Road, Colchester, 8pm

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one by one - day after day

30-06-2003 20:08

results of liars

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Ariel Sharon to Visit London in 2 Weeks

30-06-2003 20:01

The Israeli Prime Minister, Former Defence Minister and Unit 101 leader (1970s Zionist militia)is coming to visit Blair on July 13th. His itinerary hasn't been published to the press yet but when it is, hopefully it can be leaked out and people can stalk the fucker! Just a bit of background: Sharon was responsible (found guilty in a court of law and subsequently dismiessed from his post as Defence minister) for the Sabra and Shatilla refugee camp (in Lebanon) massacre in 1982. Approx 2000 Palestinian refugees were slaughtered. He was also responsible for the massacre in Jenin camp last April where over 600 homes were also demolished by military bulldozers over a 4 day (out of a total invasion time-span of 12 days) intense trashing/apache/F16/Tank assault on the camp - itself just 1 km square in size. And Sharon is also responsible for the daily Nakba and slow-drip massacre in Gaza and the West Bank, which sees assassinations, children culled, political leaders murdered or jailed and daily humiliation of life under occupation continue unabated, 'Peace Process' or no peace process.

Al yukaom istammer
Al Kefah istammer

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Microsoft's new interest in Washington

30-06-2003 18:16

Bill Gates is no stranger to the Cato Institute, the prominent libertarian/free-market think tank -- Microsoft's annual donations are acknowledged but undisclosed and its lobbyists are frequent guests at the Institute's conferences and panels. But things are beginning to change...

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Activists in court for Day X protest at outbreak of war

30-06-2003 17:19

Four anti-war activists are appearing in Lion Yard Magistrates Court, Cambridge, this week for taking part in protests at the outbreak of war on Iraq.