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U.S. Planes Drop Bombs Inside Pakistan

19-09-2003 21:06

Fri Sep 19,10:14 AM ET

By AHSANULLAH WAZIR, Associated Press Writer

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Packed Court Hears Of Another Adjournment In Ulla's Trial

19-09-2003 20:25

Ulla speaking to Danish film crew outside Kirkcaldy Sheriff Court
Ulla's trial next week adjourned

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What's New at

19-09-2003 19:41

An irregular update on what's new at, the popular activist and alternative news website. is now available in Swedish. Check out our newest interactive website:

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Company bans staff email!!

19-09-2003 18:41


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WORLD BANK PICKET - Saturday 20 September 11am to 12.30pm

19-09-2003 17:31

SATURDAY 20 SPETEMBER 2003, 11am TO 12.30pm
Trafalgar Square end of Haymarket. Nearest tube Charing Cross, Trafalgar
Sqaure exit.

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Mumbai Resistance 2004 - Against Imperialist Globalisation

19-09-2003 17:20

Dear Friends,
I am sending you the Initiators letter/doc for the
Mumbai Resistance 2004 - Against Imperialist Globalisation
and War through which we are proposing alongwith other Initiators
a parallel programme to the WSF forum in Mumbai in January 2004.

This is also a letter of inviation for you to become part of this
international event.

Alongwith this is a letter of invitation for the formation
of a Reception Committee for bringing together all
democrats who will associate with the the concerns
of MR 2004.

I request you to go through these two write-ups and let
us know your response regarding your participation in
the programme which is a step towards building a concrete
anti-imperialist movement instead of the misleading festivals of WSF.

All genuine anti-imperialists need to come together to
counter the forces which are trying to find a human face
for the aggressive agenda of imperialism.
Yours in Struggle,
G N Saibaba
General Secretary
All India Peoples Resistance Forum (AIPRF)
Introducing MR-2004

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Labour has lost their ‘Safe Seat’ in the Brent East

19-09-2003 16:55

This is a good sign for all those how have felt that for the last few years that our government has been far too comfortable. It shows they won’t get away with it, well it all. Nice to know the Tories didn’t get in to ant it.

Hears the brake-down and an article from the Guardian.

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Brent East

19-09-2003 16:50

A massive 29% swing to LibDems. The collapse of the neo-Labour vote. Does this spell the end of neo-Labour, the rise of the LibDems? Hardly.

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Free Tv meeting

19-09-2003 16:18

Free Tv

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EEF Berlin: solidarity with refugees and flashmob action

19-09-2003 15:13

action in front of the foreign office
In front of the foreign office in Berlin there was a flasmob action during the press conference of the European education ministers. This afternoon there was a solidarity action with protesting refugees in Berlin as well.

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Spanish Anarchists Arrested On Terrorism Charges

19-09-2003 13:40

Spanish anarchists arrested under anti-terrorism laws in Barcelona.

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Evictions And Resistance, Itoiz Dam, Navarra.

19-09-2003 13:02

On Monday 15th September the second wave of evictions and demolitions will begin around the Itoiz Dam. Below is a communique from Solidari@scon Itoiz. For more information about the Itoiz Dam go to and keep watching for news updates on the resitance that is taking place.

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US "advices" EU in law on software-patents

19-09-2003 12:48

once there were ideas...
Just released, three days old. Seven copies of a fax send by the US to the EU. Obtained by netkwesties, Dutch e-zine about issues on the internet.

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Kasa de la Muntanya squat: 14 years of resistance

19-09-2003 12:38

Eviction for the coming 2nd of October..
Since last July 11 when we were notified of the eviction date for the coming 2 october, it's been all go at the Kasa de la Muntanya. It's been a hard summer. The heat got us down as much as the threat or more, but the need to get the defence of the house off the ground was stronger than the summer torpor.

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Apologise or we sue says charity

19-09-2003 12:22

The British Jewish Board of Deputies has been told to apologise to a UK-registered charity which helps Palestinian children ... or risk being sued for defamation after calling Interpal a terrorist organisation.

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EEF in Berlin: report about a workshop

19-09-2003 11:01

short before the first action this morning...( more later..)
Some participants tried to get contact with the European education ministers but didn`t came through due high security...

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Athens: FREE THE THESSALONIKI 7! Solidarity Actions

19-09-2003 11:00

September 21: Day of International Solidarity

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Memorial: 6 months since the start of the war and occupation of Iraq

19-09-2003 10:21

Friday 19 September 2003, London
6.30-8pm, Parliament Square, opposite the Houses of Parliament. Please bring
flowers, wreaths and tributes.

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Coaches from Liverpool to Anti War Demo in London

19-09-2003 10:07

Coaches have been organised by Liverpool Stop the War Coalition to go down to the London demo on 27th September

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progressive online newspaper to be launched

19-09-2003 09:54

PeoplesNetWorks, a new independent media organisation, is due to launch 'The NewStandard' online newspaper 1 December 03.