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Why Fisk is wrong about Lebanon

29-01-2007 00:13

“This is how the 1975-90 conflict began in Lebanon. Outbreaks of sectarian hatred, appeals for restraint, promises of aid from Western and Arab nations and a total refusal to understand that this is how civil wars begin”.
Robert Fisk, “World ignores Signs of Civil War in Lebanon” UK Independent 1-27-07

Robert Fisk is all wrong about Lebanon. The country is not on the brink of another “civil war”. It's been subsumed in an “imperial war” engineered in Tel Aviv and Washington. He’s also mistaken in thinking that the Paris 3 Conference is designed to “save” Lebanon from the mountain of debt which piled up after Israel’s destructive 34 day war. The real purpose of the $7.6 billion in loans is to shackle Lebanon to the international lending institutions that are demanding additional taxes on the poor, more privatization of state-run industries, and restructuring the economy to meet the requirements of the global banking elite.

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$25,000 Reward for Japanese Whalers’ Coordinates

28-01-2007 22:44

whale killer
Sea Shepherd Conservation Society is offering a reward to any one person or group that can provide the coordinates of the Japanese Whaling Fleet presently operating in the Ross Sea.

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Monsanto's new Vistive GE Soy bean not worth the risk!

28-01-2007 21:47

Not worth the risk!
Monsanto's new Vistive GE Soy bean not worth the risk!

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As Iran’s nuclear program stands in shambles, US continues its military agenda

28-01-2007 21:39

“Iran’s efforts to produce highly enriched uranium … are in chaos and the country is still years from mastering the required technology,” according to Guardian.

Of course, the revelations will not stop the neocons and the Israelis from attacking the Muslim nation, as the reason for the attack has nothing to do with nukes or any possible threat Iran may or may not pose to Israel.

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Leaked Israeli Document Gives Frightening Glimpse of Apartheid

28-01-2007 20:11

The Electronic Intifada has obtained an Israeli Ministry of Defense Powerpoint presentation which provides a frightening glimpse into the mindset of the bureaucracy of apartheid.

"What does exist, and is plain for all the world to see, is a horrifying regime of totalitarian control of millions of Palestinians who remain prisoners of Israel's racist system and the army and settler militias that enforce it."

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New Rising Tide Group Starting Up in Norwich

28-01-2007 19:22

Tired of watching politicians and corporations screw up the planet? Think that endless economic growth is at the heart of the climate crisis? Uninspired by sending £3 to Charity X, but not sure where to put your energy? Want to help build just, sustainable solutions here and now? Then come to the first meeting of Norwich Rising Tide!

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Mexican president invited to G8 in Germany

28-01-2007 18:19

The German chancellor Merkel has confirmed that the Mexican President Calderon has been invited to the G8 meeting in heiligendamm/Rostock in June 2007.

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Events at Cowley Club, Brighton

28-01-2007 17:53

Here is the latest list of events at the Cowley Club, 12 London Road, Brighton, East Sussex.

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Sea Level and Nuclear Power

28-01-2007 15:03

Sea Level and Nuclear Power by 2100

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Save east London hospital - march and rally on 2 Feb, 2007

28-01-2007 14:19

March and rally planned to highlight anger at proposed closure of Whipps Cross hospital in Leyton, east London.

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candle lit vigil 4 JAY ABATAN killed by racists in brighton

28-01-2007 13:24


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Circus 2 Palestine

28-01-2007 09:12

The boomchucka circus are off on tour in Jerusalem at the moment bringing a little entertainment to the children there. This is the latest report from Sheila.

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Brazil: Paraná State demands respect.

28-01-2007 07:43

Parana State's governor, Roberto Requião
In the case of BR-376 the situation is still more serious. Because it is intended to give to private exploration a federal highway that was constructed with money of the people of Paraná State.

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Colombian farmers evicted by British mining companies

28-01-2007 07:26

colombia map
Representatives of African-Colombian and Indigenous families evicted from their land in the province of La Guajira, Colombia to make way for a massive opencast coal mine will speak in London on Monday 29th January, 6.30pm-8.30pm at The Human Rights Action Centre, 17-25 New Inn Yard, London EC2.

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The next U.S.-Israeli target (Iran) for another "supreme international crime"

28-01-2007 03:23

Still digesting their recent and ongoing aggressions in the Middle East, the Bush and Israeli regimes now threaten to attack Iran. As these warrior states cast their long shadow across the region, they find themselves aided and abetted by the Security Council, the other major powers, parties of the opposition, and the media.

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Livermore Pro-Nukers Move to Kill More in San Francisco Area

28-01-2007 03:17

Normally, the weaponized radioactive poison gas munitions are to be used on America's many "terrorists" enemies around the globe. The battlefield product has no "turn off" switch and is deadly forever. Apparently, the rogue Livermore Nuker Lab has declared war on San Francisco.

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Doomsday Clock Warns We Are Closer To Becoming A Planet Of The Nuclear Dead

28-01-2007 00:34

The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists has moved the hands of the Doomsday Clock two minutes closer to midnight - to 11.55 - I believe it should be closer.

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Thousands Protest Iraq War In Washington - Jan. 27, 2007

27-01-2007 23:56

100,000 people.
The coalition "United for Peace and Justice" organized the march and pledged to hold more demonstrations in the future.

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Burberry Workers Protest in London, supported by 'No Sweat'

27-01-2007 23:52

No Sweat 'Removers' on their way
'No Sweat' removers supported Welsh Burberry workers in London protest against factory closure outside Burberry's prestige West End shops on Sat 20 Jan, 2007.