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The beheading of Eugene

20-09-2004 23:01

How much more of this can we accept?

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Atkins: "BAYER Corp. benefits from risky diet"

20-09-2004 22:10

The Atkins diet, which allows unlimited consumption of protein and fat but drastically limits carbohydrates and does not restrict calories, has attracted millions of followers in the past few years. In the US 44 million people are either on a low-carb diet or watching their carb intake. As low-carb followers may lack vitamins and minerals, about 5 million Americans are taking supplements - a potentially giant market for food and pharmaceutical companies.

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sensible and reasonable people

20-09-2004 19:49


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A Trinity of Evil: George Bush, Big Oil, 9-11

20-09-2004 17:57

As more documents concerning 9-11 surfaces, it is becoming increasing clear the top officials in the Bush administration were at least complicit if not an active participants in the attacks. There is enough evidence now to bind George W. Bush, big oil companies and 9-11 into a trinity of evil. By allowing the 9-11 attacks to take place unhindered Bush and all of his top advisers are guilty of the mass murder of over 3000 innocent people.

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Naked Extortion

20-09-2004 17:38

"Where are the renegades who refuse to sacrifice the development of the country on the altar of the German export business? Why do unionists only speak about the injustice of this or that measure but not about the adventurous course of the public corporation of Germany?.. The task of political parties will be defending the interests of public welfare against this radicalism.."

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Tenants slam Pavilion Housing Association

20-09-2004 16:05

Pavilion tenants at a meeting called at extremely short notice, slammed Pavilion Housing Association for their failings on repairs, maintenance, and failures to deal with anti-social behaviour. Blame for these problems was placed firmly and squarely at the door of Pavilion chief executive Mervyn Jones. Tenants called for Jones to go.

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Must to read

20-09-2004 15:48

just a replay from indymedia athens. Article and one comment

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Call to Action for Venezuela and all of Pachamerica - Oct 12th

20-09-2004 14:34

At oxford indymedia's "Bolivarian Venezuela" screening it was announced that there will be a "Pachamerican" action on "Columbus Day" - October 12th. Here is news from the recent meeting in London to plan this action.

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Eviction Alert for the Nursery Social Centre tomorrow 9:00 am

20-09-2004 14:06

Eviction letter giving us only 24 hours to leave the Social Centre
The Nursery Social Centre is on high eviction alert. People are urgently needed to support us from 9:00am tomorrow, Tuesday 21st September 2004

We have been served an eviction notice (attached) to leave the building by 10:00am, in 24 hours time. This is simply not sufficient time nor warning for us to leave the building with all our possessions. We are calling a peaceful demonstration at the Nursery from 9:00am tomorrow. There will be a breakfast of tea coffee and cake for everyone who can support us. People are very welcome to come and stay this evening if that's more convenient. Please come and support us!

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"Mish Mash" at EOCC

20-09-2004 13:32

News for all those who have enjoyed the Mish Mash "open music" nights at East Oxford Community Centre every Friday.

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How to remove Blair

20-09-2004 11:09

Blair is not the President of the UK, he's MP for Sedgefield. Labour could win by a landslide, but Blair won't be Prime Minister if his constituents choose a 'Blair Out' candidate. Here's how to do it. Please give feedback and let me know if anyone wants to help put up a website and campaign to get this off the ground, or if someone thought of it long ago and the strategy is already being implemented.

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M&S Picket: Oppose Zionist/Police Aggression

20-09-2004 11:09

This Saturday, 18th September, the Marks & Spencer picket was again attacked by Zionist thugs waving Israeli and British flags. On the 22nd anniversary of Sabra and Shatilla where 3,500 Palestinians and Lebanese were massacred, the Israeli and British fascists came out, with full police cooperation, to show their support for these brutal actions and again attempt to get the pro-Palestinian protest kicked "off the streets of Manchester". This time we were well prepared and we outnumbered the racists, but as last week showed this might not always be the case.

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Peruvian activist jailed in Bolivia (accused of "subversion")

20-09-2004 11:06

Peruvian student activist Cesar Zelada has been arrested by the Bolivian authorities and is kept in jail. He is accussed of "subversion" and was arrested while part of a solidarity delegation visiting the Bolivian Workers Union Youth (COB). If found guilty he could spend between 3 and 6 years in jail.

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Yes! I’ve Killed Innocent People In Iraq! I Refuse To Go Back Again! It’s a Sin!

20-09-2004 08:59

Interview with a Conscientiously Objecting soldier who says he will not return for a second tour of duty in Iraq

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Peace Picnic at USAF Croughton - 2nd Oct

20-09-2004 08:50

Rally and picnic at USAF Croughton to protest at the unaccountability of US Bases in Britain etc. - 2nd October

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Cambridge Forum on Kurdish Human Rights

20-09-2004 08:07

This Tuesday, September 21st, we have Kerim Yildiz of the Kurdish Human
Rights Project coming up from London to talk to Cambridge Forum. The meetings are held
at CB1 café, 32, Mill Rd, just down from Parker's Piece and the swimming
pool, on the right, by the bus stop. Entrance to Cambridge Forum is free.
The meetings are non-smoking and run from 8pm to10pm.

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20-09-2004 02:43

MAD CHICKS is launching with a glorious afternoon of mad women's art, writing, discussion, workshops, info fair, creche, massage, cafe and video followed by an evening of live art, comedy and musical abandon on November 27th.

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Building Bridges Radio - Whats The Matter With Kansas Meet Billionaires for Bush

20-09-2004 02:07

Building Bridges: Your Community and Labor Report presents this 59 minute radio program. TO LISTEN CLICK ON WEB LINK BELOW

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UK Indy Filmmakers Release Third Volume of Shorts on DVD

19-09-2004 22:17

Press release for "eXposure shorts" volume 3

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19-09-2004 21:19

come, come!