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Lessons of Vietnam

19-09-2004 20:06

Lessons learned by the US military during the Vietnam war and their application to the present wars in Iraq and Afghanistan with particular reference to casualty figures.

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Who gives a **** about Swindon Town Centre?

19-09-2004 19:21

"Who gives a [tick] about Swindon Town Centre?" - Swindon Civic Trust's stall
On Saturday the 18th September 2004, two very different ideas were being presented to the public in the Brunel centre in Swindon. One concerned the town centre, and the other concerned the land at the south-eastern edge of Swindon, known as Coate. One was being promoted by employees of a local planning company, the other by volunteers for a local charity.

Although these two stalls may have appeared unrelated to the casual observer, they were in fact inextricably linked, by the University of Bath and by issues of town planning, development and accountability to the public.

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Today, 19th Sept 2004, villagers of Beit Awwa and Sikka (of the Dura region), me

19-09-2004 17:45

The Apartheid wall snaking through Doora
International activists in working in solidarity with the Palestinians against racism, victimisation and genocide.

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Dark Sunday Evening

19-09-2004 17:22

Killing All Our Children
Lighter, humourous, darker still and occasional crap is linked below. Free graphics work for stuff (anti corp anti war) you may be doing provided if you wish, (no anti vivisection).

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Cambridgeshire FOR Windfarms

19-09-2004 16:25

On a windy Saturday (18th September) a group of people went to Boxworth to the "Cambridgeshire against Windfarms" exhibition to provide another viewpoint for the visitors.

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bogus job agencies

19-09-2004 16:10

Fortress Europe Represssion and the jobs market.

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propping up bliar

19-09-2004 15:38

With just a week to go to the start of the Labour Party Conference in Brighton, it’s time we reminded ourselves that war crimes don’t just happen.

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How long can this go on?

19-09-2004 14:27

"Official" number of U.S. GI's killef in Iraq is now 1032. Some knowledgeable sources believe that figure could be 3 to 4 times higher in reality ( At any rate these reports are varified ( and startling in their own right.

What do you think this note on the South Carolina guard indicates?

"09/19/04 WaPo: Strains Felt By Guard Unit on Eve Of War Duty
The 635 soldiers of a battalion of the South Carolina National Guard scheduled to depart Sunday for a year or more in Iraq have spent their off-duty hours under a disciplinary lockdown in their barracks for the past two weeks."

Please spread this information widely. jamie

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Lambeth ESF mobilising meeting

19-09-2004 14:04

Lambeth ESF Mobilising Meeting
Dogstar, Coldharbour Lane, Brixton
20 September 04, 7.30pm

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Afghanistan Ramblings

19-09-2004 14:04

As elections draw nearer success seems more and more unlikely. Even if there is not much violence. A big if. Then the validity will be very dubious.

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Poortgebouw: Why It May Be The Last Party

19-09-2004 13:21

Poortgebouw, Rotterdam
The Poortgebouw is ready for the storm. The Vereniging Poortgebouw is a recognized living group of ±30 residents and the legal renter of one of Rotterdam's most distinctive buildings for the past 22 years. A unique social experiment is now threatened to be emptied out to make way for yet another luxury office.

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Dodgy Greens...

19-09-2004 12:13

Individualist Green group on-line

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M&S pickets remember Sabra and Shatilla

19-09-2004 11:42

The national campaign to boycott Marks and Spencer because of their continuing and extensive support for Israel both financially and ideologically stands firm in the face of threats from the state and fascists. Victory to the Intifada’s solidarity with the Palestinian people will not be weakened by Zionist attack; in fact the campaign goes from strength to strength with more pickets starting in new areas. Join this movement to isolate Britain’s biggest corporate sponsor of Israel; contact the address below to find out what you can do in your area.

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The Daily Poetry Movement

19-09-2004 09:22

The fine was levied. But such a fine can not undo the actions taken, can not end the misery, can not prevent the US having paid over $1.5 million dollars a day for the massacres. I worked hard, I barely paid my bills, everywhere I went they took extra, a percentage for their corporations to kill, and my water turned off. upRising!

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Weekly Report On Human Rights Violations in the Occupied Territories

19-09-2004 05:24

This week was the bloodiest week in the last two months, as 24 Palestinians, mostly civilians, including 6 children, were killed and dozens of other civilians were injured by Israeli troops. The difference between the suicide bomber and soldier(s) killing civilian population including children, is the IDF uniform and the US tax dollar in foreign aid .

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Women Writers in Alternative Media Using Male Pseudonyms

19-09-2004 03:15

I am considering writing under a male pseudonym. I truly wonder, with almost all male editors and writers in alternative media, and in a sexist society, what effect me writing under a female name has. Am I getting less pay? Am I getting published less? Am I taken less seriously?

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Traveller Site Raided...

19-09-2004 00:02

More than 150 police from four different forces, a police helicopter and 35 vehicles were used to raid a Traveller site in York on Thursday. In the early morning all residents were removed from their homes and all dwellings were searched.

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Social Collapse through Privatization

18-09-2004 17:48

"A view of the person underlying the reforms should be opposed by the peace movement: the person as an isolated being competing unscrupulously for better living conditions in a state that sees its task more in establishing peace from above through pressure and power than in solidarian equalization of unjust conditions.. Peace groups should be engaged for jobs and against social cuts.."

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The Return of the Ministry of Truth

18-09-2004 17:19

The Ministry of Truth is coming back on the street, wired to headquarters and dressed to oppress.

Meeting to recreate the Ministry

Monday September 20th 7pm Knott Bar Opposite Deansgate Station at the Hulme end of Deansgate, Manchester.

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Hypocritical Unionist obstructionism reaches a new low

18-09-2004 17:15

Despite the prospect of the Provisional IRA fully disarming and
ceasing to exist as a military force, Ian Paisley's DUP have
rejected the deal.