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Sheffield workfare protest, Saturday May 4th

27-04-2013 15:18

On Saturday May 4th, starting at 1pm, Unite Community members will be protesting outside Poundland on the Moor as part of the ongoing national campaign against the government's workfare schemes. We hope you can make it. For more information, see the facebook event:

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Case shows up squalid cruelty and abuses in greyhound industry

27-04-2013 12:10

Hare and Greyhound alike are victims of coursing in Ireland...
Animal welfare groups and greyhound protection organizations are appalled at the deliberate cruelty to greyhounds in Ireland revealed in the course of a recent court case, where a man admitted getting someone to shot two greyhounds that refused to chase hares (link to item on case below)

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Petition urges Trades Council to think again

27-04-2013 08:55

A petition was launched yesterday in an attempt to make the Nottingham Trades Council listen and act on the views of the wider activist community about Mayday speakers, something they abjectly failed to do last year with the invitation of expenses scandal Labour MP Alan Meale.

This year the Trades Council has a speaker who is much closer to home, 'Richard B (Nottingham) UNISON', who is openly one of the Notts Socialist Workers' Party members who has opted to support the SWP Central Committee's position on a rape incident, as highlighted here in this list of signatures,

The SWP Central Committee have been widely condemned on the broad left for their stance both inside and outside the party. The actions of the CC and supporters of its positions, like Richard B, has led to SWP members leaving the party or at least leaving the room at various national meetings in large numbers.

As for the rest of the parties who are involved with the Trades Council, nationally a member of the AWL has argued against a No Platform position as explained in their paper

Some may consider a petition of this kind to be opportunistic or unnecessarily confrontational against an individual, the Trades Council in general, or party factions within it. But this would be to miss the point that inspite of previous decades where feminism came to the fore and influenced the left through direct action and uncompromising positions on rape and dominance by men, it seems that not enough has changed. The abuses of the late Gerry Healey of the WRP are common knowledge. We have the more recent incident of George Galloway defending Julien Assange. The SWP rape is not the only example of sexual abuses in radical movements in recent years.

Libertarian/anarchist activists, who have a critique of how hierarchical organisations fundamentally work to maintain systems of dominance, are nonetheless in the midst of intense discussions of the need to organise for 'safer spaces' with the knowledge that the anarchist movement is not immune from sexual predators whether or not it ultimately intends to free itself from power structures in their entirety. It is in this context that women in Nottingham are making their demands.

The Nottingham Trades Council is not an island, nor does it 'own' Mayday. Women are demanding to be taken seriously and the TU must act.

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Bayer Shareholder Meeting Speech by Valerie Williams

26-04-2013 21:29

Good afternoon. My name is Valerie Williams and I speak on behalf of the victims of the Association for Children Damaged by Hormone Pregnancy Testing in the UK. I also speak as a mother of a Primodos/Duogynon victim, a drug which has had a tremendous impact on thousands of lives across the globe, the wildlife, and environment.

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'Triple Dip/Sticks.' (et al)

26-04-2013 19:30

This weeks economic announcements have managed to focus on the symptoms of crisis rather than the cause. UK Politicians have once again missed the real economic signals and focussed mainly on the 'noise' emanating from similarly confused pundits.

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26-04-2013 18:55

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The Tiger And The Dragon: 28 Things China Can Learn From India

26-04-2013 17:51

One Of Many Free Indian Hospitals
Abolition of capital punishment, nonviolent diet, human rights, protection of primates,
noncensorship and other things China can learn from India

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U.S. Government drops one count against Transform Now Plowshares activists.Y-12

26-04-2013 17:27

Michael R. Walli (63), Megan Rice shcj (82), Greg Boertje-Obed, (57), succeeded in a disarmament action at the Oak Ridge Y-12 Nuclear facility before dawn on July 28, 2012.

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Free Steve Topley demo at Crown Court

26-04-2013 16:55

Steve Topley's family and supporters of the campaign to free him gathered outside Nottingham Crown Court from 9.30am today. Steve, who has not seen his family since he was snatched by the police on 11th April, was in court for a bail hearing. He is currently on remand for alleged "threatening behaviour" during a DWP interview.

"Free Steve" placards were displayed and leaflets about the campaign were distributed to passers by.

Steve's family finally managed to get to talk to Steve's court-appointed solicitor - the first such conversation since Steve was taken away from them two weeks ago.

Steve's family told me that he had been denied medication whilst in custody on a number of occasions. Steve needs regular doses of warfarin to thin his blood and if he doesn't get to take it regularly it can be life-threatening.

Steve's family have been unable to visit him in HMP Nottingham as the prison authorities say they are still waiting for the paperwork.

Please keep an eye on the blog and this website to keep up to date with the campaign and make sure that the authorities are not allowed to get away with picking on this vulnerable man.

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May Day Celebrations In Bristol

26-04-2013 14:55

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Stop G8 meeting in Oxford

26-04-2013 07:50

There's going to be a Stop G8 info meeting in Oxford at 6pm on Tuesday April 30.

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Anti-capitalist Stop G8 protest in Sussex

26-04-2013 07:41

A PROTEST against capitalism is to be staged in Worthing town centre on
Saturday May 4.

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Remember the dead - Fight for the living.

25-04-2013 20:55


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National March against the Badger Cull June 1st London

25-04-2013 16:50

National March against the Badger Cull
June 1st 2013 London

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Scottish Coal's Collapse : A Failure of the Planning System

25-04-2013 16:34

LAON's Press Release questions the role the Scottish Planning System has played in this tragic sequence of events. It draws attention to the fact that 18 opencast sites are affected, not just the six often mention in most news items on this story and suggests that some form of public inquiry is needed if trust is to be restored into the Scottish Planning System and lessons learned so that this situation can be avoided in the future.

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#J11: Carnival in the West End of London

25-04-2013 16:22

11 June 2013. #J11.
One Common Struggle.
Carnival Against Capitalism.

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Questions over the future of the peace camp - skillshare gathering on 3-5th May

25-04-2013 14:13

Faslane peace camp is at risk of closing from lack of residents and support for the four of us who live here. We sent out an open letter inviting people to come to the camp and support us and would like to announce a skillshare gathering from 3-5th of may including direct action workshops and site skills.

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Drax AGM targeted over biomass conversion plans

25-04-2013 12:32

Drax AGM protest
50 people took part yesterday in a demonstration and rally outside the annual general meeting of Drax Plc, at the Grocers’ Hall in London, organised by Biofuelwatch and supported by 16 other groups. The protest opposed Drax power station’s plans to convert half of its generating capacity to biomass, and highlighted the impacts that this will have in terms of increased deforestation, land-grabbing and carbon emissions.

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Anarchists: We need to talk about Facebook

25-04-2013 12:07

For several years we have provided servers and communication infrastructure for the left. We have done our best to keep the servers safe and have resisted requests for user data by the authorities, using various means. In short: we try to offer a liberating form of communication within the capitalist internet.

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Scottish Coal ask courts to allow them to walk away from opencast sites

25-04-2013 09:58

Coal Action Scotland media release: for immediate use 24th April 2013
Media contact: Oliver Munnion at or on 07917693337