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Contaminated Bayer site houses get green light despite 'health risks'

30-06-2011 10:22

The Ecologist today reports, that the clean-up of contaminated land earmarked for 380 homes in Cambridgeshire has been watered down, fuelling fears over the potential health impacts of toxic chemicals underground. The site formerly belonged to Bayer.

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Cops on strike

30-06-2011 10:02

Cops on strike..... well nearly

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Preliminary report of strike impact in N.E. Leeds

30-06-2011 09:55

I went out for a bike ride at about 8 AM and came home at 9.30 AM. This is what I saw.

The first thing I noticed was that road traffic was much lighter than usual at this time of the morning. On roads near schools that are usually choked by people doing the school run at this time of day, there were hardly any cars. The main arterial routes into Leeds (Roundhay Road, Eastely Road, Harrogate Road, Wetherby Road and Chapeltown Road) had light traffic where I'd usually see queues of slow-moving vehicles at this time of day.

I visited a few schools to see whether there were any pickets but found none - perhaps there had been earlier, but at the time of my visits there was little sign of disruption, apart from the reduced traffic.

  • Davd Young Community Academy, Seacroft Estate: I saw a police van leaving as I approached, and some men with armfuls of newspapers leaving by car. Students were entering the high-security compound as usual and ancillary workers were entering unchallenged. The staff car-park appeared full.
  • Roundhay School: No pickets, car park looked full.
  • Kerr Mackie Primary School, Roundhay: No pickets, but the number of mums chatting outside the gate was much less than usual.
  • Gledhow Primary School, Brackenwood Estate: No pickets, car park about three-quarters full.

In summary, the strike is clearly having a major impact as judged by the level of traffic around schools and there is far less commuting going on than usual. However there isn't an obvious political presence outside any of the schools that I visited - perhaps I missed them, or perhaps people have withdrawn their labour unobtrusively for whatever reason. I'll be trying to find out later, but meanwhile if you know more, please leave an addition below.

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Greece:Either we smash them, or they will smash us

30-06-2011 08:55

There is no other perspective for the people, but only the uncompromising and unitarian struggle against the common enemy: The big Capital and the pimps who serve it.

The society that will come through the imposition of the Medium-term economic plan that the IMF, the EU Comission and the bankers want to impose upon Greece will be a real hell, even for those who currently believe that will slightly tide over (middle bourgeois, middle managers, integrated in the system). Especially for those who even today do not cope or are already below the poverty level.

Labour relations have now lost the sense of protecting the workers and turned to legitimize the oppression by the employers. Everyone will live with the threat of unemployment and increasingly easily we will take down our pants when "the needs require it". With the implementation of the flexibility rules, the boundaries between unemployment and employment are vague and unspecific.

Poverty (meaning the failure to meet basic needs) will hit more than 50% of the people. This will cause an increase in crime and release of morals. Thefts, robberies, kidnappings, drugs, prostitution, gambling and mafia organizations will dissolve the social fabric. Even the more moderate sections of society will beg for "more police" repression and cutting rights.

Life will lose its value. The criminal and fascist terrorism will be deployed in the deep state and will be nourished from the plutocracy to protect the islets of the rich. The fence for the immigrants will be the fence for the poors. The poor, the unemployed, the homeless and those who dare to rebel will be the new target of the sub-humans.

When it will be really difficult to rally the people under "national needs" they will not hesitate to cause wars, massive fascist terrorism, and of course a paradigmatic pogrom against the "internal enemy".

This is generally the image of the society that they plan and it will not be original. It is a copy of the consequences that occurred when these or similar "economic shock therapies" are applied.

There is no other perspective for the people, but only the uncompromising and unitarian struggle against the common enemy: The big Capital and the pimps who serve it.

If this battle is not given now, if we do not resist now to the terrorist sirens of bankruptcy and armored tanks, the society will enter a black hole that will throw all of us a few centuries back. Now we can still resist peacefully. When the State of Darkness will be consolidated, then it will take a lot of blood and too much time to make a few glimmers of freedom reappear.

Let's not squander this last opportunity that we have now to defend Freedom, Justice, Democracy and Popular Sovereignty.


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Strike gets public support across London

30-06-2011 08:55


Across the capital most schools, colleges and local authority staff join 750.000 UK workers on a one day strike to warn the govenment and capital to stay away from their pensions and wages. Pickets were established early this morning in every corner of London being fed with home made food by UK Uncut's 'Big Society breakfast'. Everyone out to show solidarity.

Critical Mass will also be touring the picket lines in support this morning starting out at Burgess Park near Elephant and Castle. A mass trade union march will be starting at 11am, meeting at Lincoln Inn Fields, on which there will be a J30 Strikers’ Assembly Bloc. The main march will end at Westminster Central Hall at 1pm where there is a call for a People's Assembly

More reports and thoughts as they come in.

There are People’s Assemblies called for that will have no leaders, so every voice counts, ensuring equality for all. Occupying streets and city squares is a natural expression of our power: real democracy now. One such Strikers’ Assembly will congregate near Westminster Central Hall at 1pm. Find them under the “People’s Assembly” banner.

Critical Mass will set off from Elephant and Castle at 8am for a fun packed glide around the capital supporting pickets and engaging with the public.

UK Uncut are supporting with a day of action stating; "The protests will highlight that the strikes by the unions are another form of direct action against the cuts being taken by people in towns and cities across the country. It’s predicted that strike action will grow rapidly towards the autumn and UK Uncut are vowing to support and build on the strike action with more direct action protest against tax avoiders and the banking system. The government are making everyone else pay for a crisis caused by the bankers. They’ve targeted students, pensioners, people with disabilities, the unemployed, NHS workers and patients, and now they are attacking teachers and other civil servants."

The PCS union states: "We have continually argued that if the £120 billion that is ‘lost’ evaded or avoided in tax every year was collected, there would be no economic crisis. That argument can now be heard across the trade unions and campaigning groups like UK Uncut have become one of the most popular movements in Britain." This is why the unions are saying enough is enough and walking out.

Further info: June 30th website | UK Uncut | Afed statement on the strikes | The Commune on the march
Other Union statements of action: NUT (National Union of Teachers) | UCU (Universitiy and College Union) | PCS (Public and Commercial Services Union) | ATL (Association of Teachers and Lecturers)

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UK Uncut feed the strikers

30-06-2011 08:55

Uk Uncut activists cooking full English for striking workers outside HMRC building Euston Tower.

Responding to the call out on the UK Uncut site "Picket lines will form on the morning of the 30th. Join those on strike, bring them a mug of tea and a breakfast butty, and show them that we’re all in it together against the government." activists will be out in force today bring sustinance in solidarity.

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Brighton Thurs 7pm-9pm - Iraq Veteran & former U.S. anti-war prisoner speak out!

30-06-2011 08:33

Iraq combat veteran/ former member of the S.A.S. Ben Griffin and former federal prisoner of the United States Ciaron O'Reilly will address a public meeting at the Friends Meeting House, Ship St. in Brighton Thursday June 30th. 7pm-9pm

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Sheffield Trades Council March and Rally Tomorrow

29-06-2011 23:20

Sheffield Trades Council March and Rally 12 noon Peace Gardens/City Hall June 30th

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A statement on Greece from the International Communist Current

29-06-2011 22:55

For the defence of the Greek proletariat’s living and working conditions against the attack of International capital !

The proletariat must avoid getting drawn into parliamentary games and instead rebuild its own independent class organisations!

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Reflections on the Edinburgh Unite the Resistance Public Meeting on the 28th: Preparing for a Protracted Battle

29-06-2011 22:55

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that on the 30th of June, 4 major unions are planning to go on strike over plans to slash public sector pension packages. This includes the National Union of Teachers, the Association of Teachers and Lecturers, the University and College Union, and the Public and Commercial Services, and will involve around 750 000 people. In Scotland, this strike is more limited, involving the Public and Commercial Services Union which comprises about 20 000 civil servants. Wanting to know more, I found myself at Edinburgh’s Unite the Resistance Meeting, called by the Right to Work campaign last night.

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Rape, Mercenaries, And Bloodbaths On The Scale Of Yemen?

29-06-2011 22:35

The Media Blank Amnesty's Failure To Find Evidence In Libya

In the Independent on June 24, Patrick Cockburn reported a vital development countering official propaganda on Libya:

'Human rights organisations have cast doubt on claims of mass rape and other abuses perpetrated by forces loyal to Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, which have been widely used to justify Nato's war in Libya.

'Nato leaders, opposition groups and the media have produced a stream of stories since the start of the insurrection on 15 February, claiming the Gaddafi regime has ordered mass rapes, used foreign mercenaries and employed helicopters against civilian protesters.'

Amnesty and Human Rights Watch (HRW) have checked the claims and found flat zero evidence.

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Bristol Indymedia And Bristol Animal Rights Collective Presents Bold Native

29-06-2011 21:55

Monday 4th July, 8pm, 3/4 but nobody refused for lack of funds - At Cube Cinema

" amazing and informative experience..."

Monday 4th July, 8pm, entry £3, £4 but nobody refused for lack of funds - At Cube Cinema

Bold Native is a fiction feature film. Charlie Cranehill, an animal liberator wanted by the United States government for domestic terrorism, emerges from the underground to coordinate a nationwide action as his estranged CEO father tries to find him before the FBI does. The film simultaneously follows a young woman who works for an animal welfare  organization fighting within the system to establish more humane treatment of farmed animals. From abolitionists to welfarists, Bold Native takes on the issue of modern animal use and exploitation from several angles within the context of a road movie adventure story. 

Film will be introduced by Bristol Animal Rights Collective more info here

Venue: Cube Cinema - click here for directions.


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Bath Bomb #39 finally out

29-06-2011 21:55

Featuring cuts, strikes, Euro aggro, eco-devestation and not even a single apology for being late... like, reallly late... yep, it's Bath's irregular monthly black n white freesheet muckrag

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privatisation of homecare

29-06-2011 21:55

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A Letter to the Strikers

29-06-2011 21:55


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E-mail a Tory

29-06-2011 20:53

Cameron Lying
During the build-up to the 2010 general election, Conservative Party leader David Cameron campaigned on the promise that (according to his campaign adverts) "I'll cut the deficit, not the NHS". Having tricked British people into voting for him, Cameron is now pursuing policies that demand £20 billion in "savings" from the most important public service that our taxes pay for.

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Events in Greece "on a scale not seen since December 2008!"

29-06-2011 20:43

Our quote above but occupations and actions are happening all over Greece.
Rioting has spread all over central Athens, not contained around Syntagma any longer.
99 protesters hospitalised, 500! treated at Red Cross tents in Syntagma Square.
Legal school (Nomiki) open and providing assistance
Talk that Syntagma square is closed to entrance, rioting is around, and that meeting is happening in Monastiraki
Meanwhile the prime minister is out eating a a taverna...

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De-Growth - the Alternative to Collapse

29-06-2011 20:34

As oil and other commodities run out; climate and species crash - politicians keep promising more growth. It's an insane mantra of old economics. Two experts explain the new economy of "de-growth" at a conference June 3rd, 2011 in Vancouver, Canada. Conrad Schmidt, founder of the "Work Less Party", and Dr. Bill Rees, co-inventor of the ecological footprint.

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3 Nuclear Scares in the U.S. and Fukushima Bankruptcy

29-06-2011 20:27

Coverage of flooding of Fort Calhoun and Coopers Point Reactors in Nebraska, plus fire approaches Los Alamos nuke weapons lab. Nuke tech no longer safe as climate shifts. Then why U.S. downplays radiation from Japan: is it because they fear Japan will sell off $700 billion in Treasuries to pay cleanup costs? Reality of radioactive Tokyo and 290,000 people living nuclear experiment in Fukushima City.