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Iraq Meeting in Manchester

09-11-2004 23:53

All Welcome!

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new black watch rcruiting poster

09-11-2004 23:45

a very powerful anti-war poster to make working class potential recriuts think twice.

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Fallujah leaflet

09-11-2004 23:19

PDF leaflet regarding the Orwellian distortions of the corporate press when speaking of the attack on Fallujah.

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Protests against the attack on Fallujah - Wrexham

09-11-2004 23:16

Big banner
Wrexham Peace campaigners protest against the attack on Fallujah

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Launching campaign against political Islam in Iraq

09-11-2004 23:00

Launching of “Campaign against Afghanisation of Iraq”

This is an event to launch a campaign against political Islam and its atrocities against people in particular against women in Iraq.

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Questions in the the House of Commons over the FBI server seizure

09-11-2004 22:54

Several written questions have been tabled in the House of Commons by MPs some of them have been answered... Read on for all of them... see the Ahimsa Gone and Returned: Responses to the Seizure of Indymedia Harddrives article for more of the story...

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Confessions of an Economic Hit Man

09-11-2004 22:33

How the U.S. Uses Globalization to Cheat Poor Countries Out of Trillions

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09-11-2004 22:03



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Activists attend Rolls Royce recruitment event

09-11-2004 18:55

After the die-in event last week, four people went on to attend a recruitment event that Rolls Royce were holding at the university.

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Having the G8 in town justifies lethal police actions

09-11-2004 16:22

The judge investigating the Aubonne Bridge case has said that any mistakes on the bridge were "understandable" because of the stress of the G8 summit and that the activists shouldn't have put themselves in a dangerous situation.

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Surprise announcement of Benetton in Argentina

09-11-2004 16:03

Benetton has decided to "donate" 2,500 hectares of land in Patagonia to the Mapuches

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Naomi Klein at 'Making a Killing' Iraq Event (london 24th nov) + Other events

09-11-2004 15:58

Don’t miss this exclusive opportunity to hear from the author of ‘No Logo’ Wednesday 24th November 2004 at 6.45pm, Friends Meeting House, Euston Road, London. (opp Euston Station)

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*Iraq Privatisation On Trial* Naomi Klein to Give Evidence*Protest Picket*

09-11-2004 15:29

Two human rights activists have been accused of 'disrupting a lawful activity' i.e The Iraq Procurement Conference held April 2003 and are now facing trial. The two beg to differ. They are charging that the organisers and participants were in fact engaging in unlawful activity - facilitating acts of pillage..............

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US IQ test - George Bush or John Kerry?

09-11-2004 15:23

Voting and IQ?

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Sorry Everybody [from the US]

09-11-2004 15:11

I heard about on CNN, following the present punch-up in Fallujah. This being the latest chapter in the violence, and probably related to the re-election of Mr Bush.
It is not proper to tar all members of any nation, 'with the same brush', and so was really heartened to discover this site.

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09-11-2004 14:52

Defence experts today will be attending the Missile Defence Conference held by the British-American Security Information Council in London.
The will be discussing the arming of space, and a doctine to establish ‘space superiority’ as crucial step in military operations.

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Community Radio Public Meeting

09-11-2004 14:22

Sheffield Live!, who hosted Sheffield Indymedia Radio on FM over the summer, is trying to get its community radio licence. You can help by coming to the public meeting tomorrow (Wednesday) evening at Yorkshire Artspace.

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a balanced view of the 'resistance'

09-11-2004 14:02

The Guardian interviews a number of those who are fighting the U.S in Fallujah