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07-06-2004 18:36

Two stories that really let you know the depths of depravity that the NWOis capable of.
During routine operations in which the israeli army takes pot shots at palestinian civilians
"Israelis kill man in wheelchair" the only surprise is that they didn't target him from an F16 with a missile .
US 'not bound by torture laws'
No surprise here they have been doing it for years in south and central america ...

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Sequani limited Herefordshire -ANIMAL KILLERS-Who supplies them? Updated

07-06-2004 17:58

Sequani Limited of Bromyard rd, Ledbury, Herefordshire poison beagle dogs, guinea pigs, genitically stunted pigs, rabbits, rats and mice to death in reproduction toxicology tests, carcinogenicity tests, repeat dose toxicology tests and acute toxicology tests. These murderers must be stopped! Below is a list of companies that collaborate with these freaks at Sequani ltd, helping them to kill animals more efficiently and also helping the vivisection industry to kill and damage the health of human beings who have had adverse reactions to so called 'safety tested' drugs.

'Animal safety tested drugs' are the fourth biggest killer of human beings on planet
earth today. These fools are looking for a needle in a haystack using the animal model to cure human disease. For the last 50 yrs vivisection has held back medical breakthroughs that otherwise really would have saved human lives.

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America's Job Wonder is Pure Statistics

07-06-2004 17:05

"Everything is only marketing.. The new statistical methods only help marketing to keep the high deficits in the US financable. The data does not reflect reality in the US. A comparison with the situation in the Euro-zone or in Germany is like a comparison of pineapples and egg-yolks.. America wrestles with a so-called double deficit.."

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Kurdish Film Night in Liverpool

07-06-2004 15:54

original name of the film is HEJAR
Buyuk Adam Kucuk Ask- Big Man Small Love

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autonomous social centre in Newcastle

07-06-2004 15:38

An autonomous social centre and info-shop is long overdue in the North East.
Now we've got the opportunity to do one, and we hope to open it up within a few months.
It'll be in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, it'll be proper cush, and it needs you to get involved!
It'll have a cafe, a film club, political art space, a newcastle indymedia, a radical book shop and anything else you wanna put your energy into. Feck me it'll be good!!

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All mouth and no brains!

07-06-2004 15:13

The famous Nick Cohen of the Observer (pro-war apologist) has launched a virile attack against all us good people in one fowl swoop!! Cunningly he is having a go at Respect (easy target these days!), but don't be tricked by this. This is a blatant attack on the anti-war movement and anyone who has put in all that hard work to make sure the BNP get the lowest possible vote in the Euro elections...

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Apartheid Wall, Palestine: Women And Girls Lead Blocking of Bulldozers, AzZawiya

07-06-2004 15:11

An eight-year-old girl stood under the blade of a digger on Monday, as women
and children stopped the uprooting of olive trees on Az Zawiya land for
nearly one hour.

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G8 starts in the US: police and military in front of IMC

07-06-2004 14:20

police and military in front of Indymedia Centre
Military Intimidation and surveillance at St. Johns & IMC
for more information, see Atlanta Indymedia

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BVEJ - newsletter June 2004

07-06-2004 13:39

Latest BVEJ newsletter now on-line ....

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Grandmother killed by police in the States

07-06-2004 12:56

The Usa Police are the same at home as in Iraq.See the account of the death of a activist in the States.

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Trade Justice public meeting - Friday 11th June

07-06-2004 12:56


Friday June 11th, 7.30pm, Asian Cultural Centre

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Reminder: David Rovics Live!@Occupied Social Centre

07-06-2004 12:55

A benefit event in aid of direct action

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Urgent! Were You stopped & Searched during the 2003 DESI protests.

07-06-2004 12:45

Please circulate widely:
Were you searched in London by police during the
DSEI arms fair last September? Liberty needs
your search receipts ASAP for the second stage of
a High Court legal battle against the Metropolitan
Police. 0207 378 3653 www.liberty-humanrights.

Postal address: LDMG, C/o BM Haven, London WC1N 3XX

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07-06-2004 11:53

Report from the Sea Shepherd Conservation Ship R/V Farley Mowat
Academy Bay, Santa Cruz Island, Galapagos, Ecuador

Sea Shepherd Crew Released from Isabela Island

During the evening of June 5, six Sea Shepherd crewmembers stranded on Isabela Island were finally allowed to leave.

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Univ. security email (Re; SPEAK)

07-06-2004 11:12

copy of email circulated to the colleges

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07-06-2004 09:45

Over 7,000 political assassinations are carried out in Colombia every year as activists resist the privatisation of all aspects of life.
67% of the people live below the poverty line, and Uribe’s government is cracking down on all dissent. The US military intervention now threatens Venezuela and the whole Andean region.

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Anti-war protest at Rumsfeld's home

07-06-2004 09:03

Roughly 2,000 anti-war demonstrators have marched to the home of US Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld to call for an end to the American-led occupation of Iraq.

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Iraq coalition casualty count

07-06-2004 08:54

The coalition casualty count website has moved

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07-06-2004 06:33

To show that we don't want GATS, a GATS Free Zone logo is available.

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Central Intelligence Agency logo (by Latuff)

07-06-2004 04:22

CIA new logo
Copyright-free artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff.