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Calais - cold weather shelter shut despite 4°c at night

13-03-2010 13:57

People sheltering from the cold on the steps of the BCMO, 0300 hrs
Update from Calais Migrant Solidarity

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University Bosses admit Zionist links

13-03-2010 12:24

Universities UK admit links to Board of Deputies

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Sea Shepherd Runs Rings Around Prison

13-03-2010 11:01

Please support Animal Rights Activist's Sponsored Walk.

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Turkey, Ankara: discovery of "munitions-laden truck"

13-03-2010 09:52

Ankara: TSK vehicle carrying explosives
Questions persist after discovery of munitions-laden truck in Ankara ... Stopping a truck in Ümitköy on Wednesday, Ankara police discovered that the truck was filled with munitions. ... A munitions-filled truck discovered in Ankara late on Wednesday turned out to be carrying weapons and hand grenades belonging to the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) to a military facility in the Turkish capital, but questions still linger over why the armed forces ordered the transfer of explosives in a civilian vehicle and without any security escort for protection. Late on Wednesday, Ankara police stopped a truck in Ümitköy upon receipt of an e-mail from an unidentified individual. A search of the vehicle showed that it was filled with weapons and hand grenades. The driver told the police he was taking the munitions to the Special Forces Command in Gölbasi. He also showed documentation indicating that the truck had been hired by the TSK. According to the driver, the explosives were being taken to the military facility in a civilian vehicle for security reasons. A noncommissioned officer and a corporal in civilian attire were also in the truck.

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tory mp with snout in trough denies the world's poorest people protection

13-03-2010 08:10

christopher chope, mp for christchurch who claimed claimed £136,992 in parliamentary expenses in 2007/2008, votes against bill to outlaw vulture funds

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Undercover police working at drugs projects and NHS counselling services.

13-03-2010 07:17

It might seem obvious to some people that it happens but there are some people who still believe that they can trust their GPs, nurses, drugs counsellors etc. Doctors are supposed to be bound by confidentiality but nevertheless discuss patients who are activists or other suspects with NETCU, the drugs squad etc. If you thought that your medical records are safe, confodential and private, think on.

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EU, Greece economic crisis and PM Papandreou (by Latuff)

13-03-2010 01:12

George Papandreou
Editorial cartoon published in Greek newspaper Dromos:

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Miliband: Middle East people respect us for having fulfilled our warning to Iraq

12-03-2010 23:13

UK Foreign Minister David Miliband before the Iraq Inquiry, 8 March 2010
In the absence of any meaningful dissent from the public, the two key figures of the British war establishment turned their “evidence” before the “Iraq Inquiry” into an opportunity to pave the ground for the next genocide.

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Kurds Remember Western Kurdistan Uprising

12-03-2010 22:30

Just over 30 Kurds demonstrated opposite the Syrian Embassy in Belgrave Square, London this afternoon, Friday 12 March 2010 on the sixth anniversary of the start of the Qamlishi Uprising in Northern Syria on 12 March 2004.

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Kurds Call for Release of Children from Turkish Jails

12-03-2010 22:03

Turkish Embassy Protest
Around a hundred people protested this afternoon (12 March) outside the Turkish Embassy in London against the 8 year sentence for 15 year old Berivan Sayaca for allegedly throwing stones at police vehicles during a demonstration. Photos (C) 2010 Peter Marshall, all rights reserved.

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Austrian global day of action report

12-03-2010 20:55

Solidarity is still a Weapon! An account of the Global Action Day on March 2nd 2010

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IWW supports public education

12-03-2010 20:46

IWW Education Workers campaigning in defence of public education
IWW supports the International Day of Action on March 4, 2010 to Defend Public Education and Fight Against Privatization.

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The U.S. is the Country of the Tonton Macoutes

12-03-2010 19:26

It was proven that those that had nothing could have less on Tuesday January 12th.The earthquake in Haiti devastated the little reconstruction that was done by the U.N. forces which are still controlled by the regional power with global intentions: Brazil.

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Social Centres in a Time of Crisis

12-03-2010 16:36


A weekend of workshops, discussions and socialising for everyone with an interest in radical autonomous social centres.

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Rossport Solidarity

12-03-2010 16:23

Merthyr to Mayo cycle ride in support of the Shell to Sea Campaign.

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Omar Degayhes to speak at Univ of Canterbury- 18 March

12-03-2010 15:55

Former Guantamamo Bay inmate Omar Deghayes is to speak at an event at University of Canterbury 5pm Thurs 18 March.

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West Bank administration bans ceremony for the Palestinian resistance fighter

12-03-2010 15:53

Dalal al-Mughrabi
The “Palestinian Authority”, which is the puppet administration in the West Bank, is now allowing Israel to dictate which Palestinians may or may not be honoured by the Palestinian people. Permissible: celebration of collaborator Mohammad Dahlan’s birthday. Not permissible: any Palestinian with dignity.

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Two demos in solidarity to the hunger strikers in detention and report on abuse

12-03-2010 15:11

Detainee Solidarity London is calling for a demo this Saturday at Harmondsworth in solidarity with the 55 detainees on hunger strike since last week.

Yarl's Wood Migrant Solidarity are calling a demonstration at 12pm on Sunday, 14 March in solidarity with the women on hunger strike in Yarl’s Wood Immigration Removal Centre.

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Prevent another Holocaust...BOMB IRAN! (by Latuff)

12-03-2010 13:07

Prevent another Holocaust...BOMB IRAN!
Copyleft artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff.

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National Demos - Easter Sat and Easter Monday at Noah's Ark Zoo Farm

12-03-2010 12:39