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Weekend flights to double at Farnborough?

08-11-2005 16:22

TAG Aviation have applied to double the number of weekend and bank holiday flights at Farnborough Airport from 2,500 per annum to 5,000 per annum.

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Anti-Fascist Benefit in Leeds THIS FRIDAY

08-11-2005 16:08

An 80's tribute night and a benefit for militant anti-fascism in West Yorkshire.

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Against Hollywood and Globalization: UNESCO and Cultural Diversity

08-11-2005 14:56

The Convention on Protection of Cultural Diversity was passed at the UNESCO General assembly over the objection of the isolated US government.

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United Rugby Players Against Racism

08-11-2005 14:46

Rugby a 7 - First tournment
United Rugby Players Against Racism
15-16-17 Aprile 2006

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small WORLD interview with Vernor Vinge, science fiction writer

08-11-2005 14:12

Vernor Vinge
Interview with Vernor Vinge, science fiction writer

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Queen glorifies terrorism?

08-11-2005 14:06

Queen buys 'terrorist' land

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New Charity helps campaigners in their fight for social justice

08-11-2005 13:27

Arrival of new charity comes at a time when party politics popularity has plummeted. The Sheila McKechnie Foundation helps emerging campaigners be more effective in their fight for social justice, saying that individuals really can make a difference.

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Video Activist Workshops

08-11-2005 13:13

Want to ask about video activism but dunno where to start?

Look no further than our BEYONDTV Video Activist festival later this month!

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Anti-Fascist Benefit In Bradford

08-11-2005 12:39

November 18th 2005, Bradford 1in12 club, 7pm.

80's themed benefit night.

The best in quality 80's music. From Kraftwerk to Killing Joke. 80's Fancy dress, prize for the best outfit, raffle, cocktails and more.

Suggested donation 2 pounds.


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Prime Minister Guilty of Sedition

08-11-2005 12:07

Conspiring to overturn basic constitutional rights
Wanda Fish calls on constitutional and civil libertarian lawyers to mount a case against Federal and State Governments for conspiring to overturn basic constitutional rights with the Anti-Terrorism Bill 2005. These proposed laws break internationally recognised treaties on human rights, overturn the fundamental principle of presumption of innocence, and seriously threaten free speech and protest.

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Man shot by police in fishing raids

08-11-2005 11:46

Police investigate themselves
But there is no such thing as an independent investigation team in NSW because police investigate themselves and cannot be relied upon ever.

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ASIO fishing expedition makes arrests

08-11-2005 11:43

But trust us we know best?
Are you satisfied truthseeker? Well I'm not this is just another public relations exercise that no one can prove. But trust us we know best?

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Attack on Syria?

08-11-2005 11:00

attack on syria

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Defend George Galloway!

08-11-2005 10:43

Defend the reputation of George Galloway.

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Weir Group Plc under fire

08-11-2005 10:30

Weir Group Plc

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08-11-2005 09:54

United Rugby Players Against Racism
15-16-17 April 2006

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Is there an answer in France?

08-11-2005 09:52

I cannot condone the violence in France but I can understand it.

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90 Days?

08-11-2005 09:08

Would you buy a used 90 days from this man?

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GAY BISHOP - New Reading Local Radical Newsletter - Bumper 1st Edition!

08-11-2005 08:45

Welcome to Gay Bishop – Reading’s new radical local

Please forward, copy and distribute where relevent!

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The Venezualan Model

08-11-2005 08:07

What Venezuela is proposing is a system of democracy that involves the people, at every level, at the level of decision-making and co-ordination, not just at the ballot box.