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Box Fresh Zapatista Rip Off

18-08-2001 12:29

Box Fresh Zapatista Rip Off
Box Fresh (A trendy Covent Garden clothes shop) have decided for their latest ad campaign to attempt to brand the zapatista's with the box fresh logo. Making a mockery of the struggle.

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Bush Administration Crackdown on Travel to Cuba Challenged by...

18-08-2001 11:39

Art Heitzer is an attorney in Milwaukee and is the chairman of the Cuba subcommittee of the National Lawyers Guild. He spoke about what he feels the Bush administration's motive for its Cuba travel crackdown and what recipients should do if they receive a letter from the Office of Foreign Assets Control.

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G8 solidarity IMC film screening Bristol, Monday night

18-08-2001 10:44

G8 solidarity IMC film screening Bristol, Monday night
A screening of the IMC's Genoa flik - just smuggled in from Genoa - starts 8pm, Duke of Cambridge pub, Easton (address above) - as part of a solidarity night with Carlo G, everyone still banged up in Genoa , and all freedom fighters gunned down annually by capitalism's dogs. See ya there

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Stop terror trade(pic)

18-08-2001 01:29

Stop terror trade(pic)
Stop terror trade in Washington D.C

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Argentina Piqueteros Liberated!

18-08-2001 01:02


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Surveillance Camera Players on UK telly

18-08-2001 00:29

The Surveillance Camera Players will be on Channel 4, 8 pm, this Sunday 19 Auigust 2001

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EU: Demonstration in Brugge (Belgium) September 6th 2001

17-08-2001 21:25

A march for a different Europe and fair world trade in Brugge on Thursday evening September, 6th 2001 is the beginning of a series of actions and demonstrations during Belgium´s EU-presidency.

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Latest on Asbestos

17-08-2001 20:45

This article contains what I have written pertaining to asbestos in three articles over the past three weeks. Hopefully you will keep it online here for those who may have been subjected to this microscopic hazard.

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Global Resistance to the New World Order: Rethinking Tactics.

17-08-2001 20:26

With recent events in Genoa, the anti-globalization movement has reached a crossroads. To choose which path to take, we must understand what has been revealed from the relatively innocent days of Seattle to the overt fascism of Genoa. Crucially, we must recognize that we are in a war.

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300 see Injustice film

17-08-2001 20:24

300 see Injustice film
Justice campaign shows film that the cops don't want you to see.

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Indymedia Genova downlaodable film set for public release

17-08-2001 18:31

On Sat 18 or Sun 19 Aug Indymedia will be releasing a downloadable version of a film which documents much unseen footage from Genova. Stay tuned and get your hard disks ready!

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Healing UK

17-08-2001 16:38

new Healing UK group set up - all welcome

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Critical Mass @ DSEi

17-08-2001 15:52

Critical Mass @ DSEi
Critical Mass meets for DSEi Fiesta!!
10am @ the South Bank, outside NFT

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Exporting corporate control over opinion

17-08-2001 14:33

A Canadian gold company with ties to the Bush family tries to muzzle a muckraking journalist and newspaper in a British Court.

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SWP plan Seattle in reverse for Labour conference

17-08-2001 13:50

The Socialist Workers Party/Globalise Resistance have made it clear that they are against any attempt to disrupt or blockade next month’s Labour Party conference in Brighton.

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17-08-2001 12:14

With malice toward none; with charity for all; with firmness in the right, let us strive on to finish the work we are in; to bind up the nation's wounds; to care for him who shall have borne the battle -- to do all which may achieve and cherish a just, and a lasting peace, among ourselves, and with all nations.....
( [] ) ...............
Abraham Lincoln...............................

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'The protesters are winning' - says the Financial Crimes...

17-08-2001 12:02

'The protesters are winning. They are winning on the streets. Before too long they will be winning the argument. Globalisation is fast becoming a cause without credible champions.'

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MP in IMC night of Diaz School Raid - Who was it?

17-08-2001 10:42

Looking for info as to the identity of the Mp that was in the IMC building when it was raided, and subsequently refused access to the Diaz school

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17-08-2001 09:48

1. Thai Jewelry Workers Fight Sweatshop Conditions-union busting in Bangkok
factory producing for New York firm. On Aug, 8, one union leaders was
followed from the plant and beaten.
2. Action Requested-email or fax Michael Anthony Jewelers.
3. Sample Letter-cut, paste, and send to Michael Anthony Jewelers.
4. Background.

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Amnesty International Adopts Jailed Mexican Environmentalists as...

17-08-2001 09:37

Folabi Olagbaju, director of Amnesty International USA's Human Rights and Environmental Program. He discusses the circumstances surrounding the prosecution of Montiel and Cabrera and why Amnesty has adopted the men as prisoners of conscience.