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LAST CHANCE to apply for a Campaign Award

12-12-2006 14:37

Daniel Beltra for Greenpeace, Rio de Janeiro
The deadline for applications for the Sheila McKechnie Awards for grassroots campaigners is the 18th of December. Make sure you have your application in!!
Go to to download an application form.

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Oaxaca and the 'Common Enemy'

12-12-2006 10:04

Film Night: 7:30pm on 20th December at the Basement Cafe, Lever Street

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Interview - Flavio Sosa member of the Collective Direction of the APPO

12-12-2006 08:32

Flavio Sosa
It is true that there are sends you of capture for the entire direction of the Appo?
It is true, seems that they are more than 300 sends you of capture. Lately, we have known that a new ready search warrant for Universidad Radio exists, to the search of crews and in order to arrest some managing. We limit ourselves not to go to the radio, in order not to supply pretests. The repression has been permanent, has talked nonsense against the main houses of the managing ones of the Appo, has made irruptions in several addresses. He is terrible, seems one black novel. Ulises Ruiz has made of the terror practical politics. It acts is through the police who using sicari.

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Tribute to 'Dark Alliance' and Journalist Gary Webb

12-12-2006 05:58

A decade after the "Dark Alliance" newspaper series in the U.S. sent shockwaves around the world with its investigation into crack cocaine/CIA/Contra connections, a tribute is presented to "Dark Alliance" and its investigator/author, journalist Gary Webb....and to the true spirit of journalism that he represented in his time.

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SOCPA - brian haw court case (day 1) - superintendent terry in the dock

12-12-2006 00:14

police 'imposing' conditions in may 2006
parliament square protestor, brian haw, was at marylebone magistrates court today facing criminal charges arising earlier in the year for alleged breach of conditions imposed on his demo. as an 'organiser' he could face a custodial sentence. the case is set to last three days and supporters are welcome - there is a public gallery.

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Labour Wrecks Education

11-12-2006 23:49

Why Capitalists fund New Labour

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House of Lords freedom to protest ruling (about Fairford Coaches)

11-12-2006 22:12

At 9.45am on Wednesday 13 December, the House of Lords will rule on the case of 120 anti-war protestors detained by police and prevented from attending a demonstration at RAF Fairford on 22 March 2003, just two days after coalition forces launched their attacks on Iraq.

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This Weeks SchNEWS - Market Forces

11-12-2006 22:12


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Speak Founders Facing Imprisonment

11-12-2006 22:09

Has free speech been outlawed in the UK? Well, if not, why are the activists in this article facing possible imprisonment for a web posting regarding the builders of the Oxford animal laboratory?

This story concerns not just animal rights activists, but everyone concerned with keeping the channels of free expression open.

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Dept of Health replies to camapign on New record system (Spine)

11-12-2006 22:07

Long letter to all those who sent in dissenting letters regarding the introducton of the centralised NHS Care Record System (starting in 2007) aka Spine.

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Solidarity with Harmondsworth detainees demo report

11-12-2006 21:51

On 5 December around 25 people assembled at Communications House Immigration Reporting Centre to show their solidarity with the Harmondsworth detainees whose protest the previous weekend showed up the horrific treatment that immigration prisoners are subjected to.

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Climate Change through the Lens of Youth

11-12-2006 20:13

“The strongest way to deliver an environmental message and to create an impact is certainly through film…”
(Nick Bonner, cartoonist, landscape artist, filmmaker and NUFF Global ambassador from Beijing, China)

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Friday 15th - ISM BENEFIT Does This Happen in the Middle East (west asia)?

11-12-2006 18:05

Solidarity Evening With The People of Palestine (Mandatory) in the form of a BENEFIT EVENT FOR THE ISM (International Solidarity Movement)
@ Rampart, 7.30pm - Midnight.

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Haidi Giuliani and Antiracists occupy Migrant Detention Centre of Crotone and bl

11-12-2006 17:08

Some 70 italian anti-racist groups of the south-west Italy, together with members of parliament Haidi Giuliani and Francesco Caruso of the Refounded Communist Party, occupied a migrant detention centre (CPT) while others blocked the road to airport in Crotone (Calabria, sout-west Italy) in the late afternoon on Saturday 9th of December. Haidi Giuliani is the mother of Carlos Guiliani, murdered by the state during the Anti-G8 protests in Genoa and Francesco Caruso is a former leading No Global activist.

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How New Labour is creating slave labour

11-12-2006 16:57

Whatever the merits of Tony Blair's recent retrospective apology for Britain's leading role in the slave trade it would be less hypocritical if his government was not developing a modern system of slavery and the reintroduction of sweated labour through the reshaping of immigration controls.

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Is It Really About Terrorism?

11-12-2006 16:37

For the second time this year, I arrived at Coventry airport on Friday evening to find Special Branch officers at my reception [see first time]. Again, I was the last passenger to leave the airport, having been searched and questioned for over 45 minutes under the Terrorism Act. But it was so obvious this time that it had nothing to do with 'terrorism', but more with my being an activist, or "an anarchist", as they put it.

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Emergency Vigil Outside Scottish Parliament Tues 12 Dec

11-12-2006 16:27

Valentina Montoya Martinez of Voces del Sur (photo by marc marnie)
Tuesday 12th December
Events in Edinburgh to commemorate the disappeared, murdered, tortured and exiled from Chile
Emergency Vigil Outside Scottish Parliament at 5.15pm
Presente! Ahora Y Siempre!! at 9.30pm

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Don't Feed the Corporate Beast!

11-12-2006 16:14

The holidays are upon us and the corporations want to milk them to the bone!

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Imagine Cabbies on 'Drive-Slow' at John Lennon Airport

11-12-2006 14:30

Liverpool cab drivers are taking part in a 'drive-slow' in Speke on Friday, in protest against £7 per day fees demanded by John Lennon Airport.