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What a State

25-03-2005 00:10

Hard Core Anarchist Action at EDO Today.

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Seedy Sunday in Oxford

24-03-2005 23:13

Seedy Sunday resently happend at the new Action Resoure center in the East Oxford Communerty Center. The idea was originally imported from Vancouver Island, Canada where Sharon Rempel of Saltspring Seeds started the idea of a Seedy Saturday. But of course, seed swapping is nothing new and there are many good reasons why people have been doing it for centuries all over the world.

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new immigration bill in greece

24-03-2005 21:38

newspaper "Athens News" by Mrs. Tzilivakis

Provisions in Greece's new immigration bill may be out of step with a keyEuropean Union directive concerning the residence status of legal longterm immigrants

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24-03-2005 18:21

Funny billboards that Labour are putting up...

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Eastbourne's torture state investor in trouble with Greenpeace as well

24-03-2005 18:04

Lister Lutyens, the Eastbourne company engaged in timber imports and the manufacture of garden furniture, reveals that as well as drawing flak from the Burma Campaign UK by investing in the world's worst torture state, it is also under strong environmental pressure from Greenpeace.

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Global Week of Action 10-16 April

24-03-2005 17:16

Wake up the government

Sounds tempting, doesn’t it? Well, we now all have the chance to do it at the end of what promises to be a night to remember. In the run up to the national election, the attempt to instill a (seemingly long lost) sense of principle into the political elite and challenge the notion that our welfare is only advanced at the expense of others could not be more timely.

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Palestinian Political Prisoners Day Actions

24-03-2005 17:03


Call for demonstrations on April 18th at ICRC offices!
Demand that the ICRC take public action against
Israel’s treatment of Palestinian political prisoners!

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It's not racist to want to use spray paint

24-03-2005 16:55

It IS racist to impose limits to immigration. Limits and laws have a history of racism and this campaign is racist.

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Sack Goldsmith

24-03-2005 16:46

Isn't it time someone started a campaign to sack "Lord" Peter Goldsmith, the attorney general? The guy's obviously a spineless incompetent.

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The Jackal

24-03-2005 16:05

What stares you in the face is invisible! Who would suppose that Mr. “bouquet of flowers”, architect for the US world domination model, best friend of the Tel Aviv government, student of mass murderer Kissinger and neo-con extraordinaire, Paul Wolfowitz, would be allowed to run a drink-stand [erratum] vie that is for presidency of the World Bank. – what next, a Kissinger nomination for the Nobel Peace Price?

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Education for Asylum seekers

24-03-2005 16:01

Free education for all. Aslylum seekers to have priority.

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Basque Country and Democracy

24-03-2005 15:39

Basque Country elections whithout all options open

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Voices from the Bethlehem Ghetto

24-03-2005 14:53

New Website Features Voices from the Bethlehem Ghetto

From Oxford student Bex Tyrer

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Mayday 2001 Protest Detention Case Fails : Event pictures

24-03-2005 14:49

the High Court has rejected compensation claims that their "right to liberty" under the European Convention on Human Rights had been breached when they were held for over seven hours along with thousands of other people.
The concequences of all this, might be a bit grim !!

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AudioTrauma alt-media benefit @ rampART

24-03-2005 14:37

This friday night at the rampART (25th MArch)
Starts 9.30 pm till 2.30 am (or something like that)....

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Plunderers of Iraq

24-03-2005 13:44

Join the corporate pirates in a week of action

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24-03-2005 13:17


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Racist Tory Poster - How You Can Complain

24-03-2005 12:40

Link to the Advertising Standards Agency online complaint form

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A New Web Resource for Researchers

24-03-2005 12:17

A new web site describes the life and career of Prem Pal Singh Rawat, leader of the Elan Vital organization, and self described Inspirational Speaker and 'successful private investor'

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Genoa G8 Trials: Seizure And Punishment

24-03-2005 12:14

Fresh intimidation from prosecutors trying Genoa G8 protestors, as laptops belonging to defense lawyers are seized following unrelated libel claims