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World lab day postponed

16-04-2005 16:50

World Day for Laboratory Animals has been postponed this year and the "The Real World Day". This will be held on Saturday 28th May 2005

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J.Straw on Arms Trade Treaty.

16-04-2005 16:39

Jack Straw's reply via Tory leader Micheal Howard on the Arms Trade Treaty proposal- in response to a letter from one of the latters constituents. (It includes a para on the DSEI situ)
Orginal letter was part of Amnesty Intl 'Control Arms Campaign' see their website for full info....

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16-04-2005 16:07

Due to overbooking or doublebooking at ramparts, CIRCA training has to move this week.

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G8 Faslane Trident Nuclear Submarine Base Blockade Audio Interview

16-04-2005 15:54

Interview with activist about the planned Trident Ploughshares G8 blockade of Faslane Submarine Base due to take place just prior to the G8 Summit in Scotland in July - as part of a week of protests and actions.

4 mins 48 secs MP3
4,507KB 128kbps 44khz

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Coca-Cola Machines Disabled

16-04-2005 15:13


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G8 Climate Counter Summit - Follow up event

16-04-2005 14:41

A follow up meeting to the G8 Climate Counter Summit has been called for this Monday, April 18th at Rampart Street.

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the saturday club kicks off with a free market

16-04-2005 14:14

the saturday club kicked off today with a free market in manchester city centre...

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Free Market in Manchester today

16-04-2005 14:13

the saturday club kicked off today with a free market in manchester city centre...

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New Labour New War Crimes posters here

16-04-2005 13:31

Need a poster for the general election campaign for either your website, or to print out? Then try this one:

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Massive Trade Justice Demo in London Attracts 25,000 Protestors

16-04-2005 11:10

wake up to trade justice
An all night 'trade justice' vigil complete with workshops, cinema, music and comedy was staged around Whitehall in London through the night of 15th April - culminating in a mass march past Downing Street at around 7am on Saturday 16th April.

Organisers said up to 25,000 people attended the events throughout the night, which were part of the build up towards the G8 Summit in Scotland in July.

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Australian Aboriginal elders lodge genocide case in High Court

16-04-2005 10:50

A group of Australian Aboriginal elders has vowed to disrupt next year's Commonwealth Games unless Prime Minister John Howard and others are charged with genocide.

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Facing Climate Change & Other Great Adventures

16-04-2005 07:37

A talk by Joanna Macy, 6-8.30pm Monday 9th May 2005. Wesley Memorial Church, New Inn Hall street, central Oxford. £2-£5 on the door.

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NO QUOTAS : LEGALIZATION !! Migrants take Action In Paris

16-04-2005 07:12

On Wednesday the 13th of April, close to one hundred sans-papiers from Droits Devant !! and support group activists, such as bishop Jacques Gaillot and Professor Albert Jacquard, occupied the headquarters of the Federation Francaise du Batiment (F.F.B -French Federation of Construction).

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Guantanamo play - 'In God We Trust'

15-04-2005 23:02

Set against a backdrop of "The War on Terror", In God We Trust is a hard hitting drama that has less to say about the cages and chains of Guantanamo Bay but more about two British Muslim captives.

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15-04-2005 22:39

Right to protest extended for another week. Gee thanks!

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15-04-2005 21:32

The the Corporate Media is heralding the American propaganda about the Oil for Food Program, as a smoke screen of deceit and duplicity.The occupation power,just in first year, pocketed 8 Billion dollar of Iraqi oil money.In addition there is no trace of billions of dollars of Iraqis oil revenue.Iraqis have got is bombs and dstruction.

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IWCA to take legal action over Labour dirty tricks

15-04-2005 21:12

The IWCA is set to bring a libel suit against the Oxford Labour Party over false and malicious allegations made in a recent Labour newsletter, the Boundary Brook News.

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Trade Unionists rally to Save Rover

15-04-2005 20:45

News Release

Trade Unionists rally to Save Rover

Birmingham trades unionists are taking to the streets today calling on the government to cough up the cash and save MG Rover.

A rally, called by the Birmingham TUC and backed by Longbridge car workers, is set to take place at 12.30 in Victoria Square, Birmingham city center, Saturday 16 April 2005.