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FARHAT QUAEMMAQUAMI | 15.04.2005 21:32 | Analysis | Repression | Social Struggles | Cambridge | World

The the Corporate Media is heralding the American propaganda about the Oil for Food Program, as a smoke screen of deceit and duplicity.The occupation power,just in first year, pocketed 8 Billion dollar of Iraqi oil money.In addition there is no trace of billions of dollars of Iraqis oil revenue.Iraqis have got is bombs and dstruction.

OIL FOR BOMBS IN IRAQ: Why the U.S. War Crimes are not investigated

Farhat Quaemmaquami

UN has been chastised by the United States for allowing the legal government of Iraq from buying food for its starving population under the most brutal draconian sanction ever imposed in a country. According to the United Nations own research more than 1000000 Iraqi children died from mal-nutrition, contaminated water, lack of medicine, and medical help.

Now it has become clear that the United States was using sanctions, as an evil method not to bring down the regime but to destroy the whole fabric of Iraqi society , immobilize its national defenses in preparation for the American invasion. During this period many in the United Nations, including Kufi Annan’s son ,who were repulsed by the suffering of Iraqis under the sadistic system of sanctions, extended a helping hand so that Iraq may exchange oil for the goods that were vital for the survival and defense of their population.

Until now no evidence of Annan’s involvement has been uncovered. However, there exists a body of facts that prove the complicity of the Bush and Clinton administration in the Oil for Food Program. Naturally, all involved were paid a commission on the total amount 1.4 billion dollars that is claimed Iraq cheated the unjustified system of sanction during ten years of sanction. So what ? Commission is part of the international trade! You cannot compare a shoplifter with an armed rubbery and murder.

In comparison during the first year of occupation 8.8 billion dollars of Iraqi money disappeared,, under the Provisional Authority of Paul Bremer regime. In the first year of occupation, there is 7 billion dollars net difference in what has been stolen from Iraq’s oil revenues only. We have not seen any investigation of this great rubbery in the corporate media. In addition, there is no accounting of what happened to all Iraqi oil revenue since the occupation. All we know it has not been used neither for food and water nor providing for health, sanitation and welfare of Iraqis. Iraqi children are twice as malnourished as during the draconian sanction. Mortality rate has increased and Iraqis are dying by hundreds a day of curable simple deceases. All rivers of Iraq are badly polluted and the eco system o Iraq is being obliterated. Then what is the big fuss about Kofi Annan and the Oil for Food Program?

It is part of the pattern of the often ignored Death Squad Diplomacy that the United States is using to emasculate the United Nation. If Kofi Anan is chased into a corner he cannot attend the affair of the United Nations. Kofi Anan , as a gutless yes man was not good enough for this administration therefore he must be replaced by a Neo-Con mouthpiece.

At this historical moment ,when the Iraqi’s have received bombs and depleted Uranium for their oil the United States needs a secretary General who would advocate an Oil for Bomb Program and understands that every Barrel of Iraq’s oil would be exchanged for a variety bombs, bomb lets, cluster bombs and depleted Uranium shells to destroy not only the habitat of Iraqis but the totality of their ecosystem.

It seems that the United States is planning to impose this kind of Death Squad Diplomacy on the whole Middle East in order to guarantee its oil supplies. If bombs obliterate half of the population dead, handicapped or otherwise sick, hopeless and destitute maybe there won’t be insurgencies. People would be intimidated to submission when despair would conquer their heart . Anybody who doubts in this program must look how the republican applauded Bolton ,an anti-UN proponent of Death Squad Diplomacy, to be Americas Representative in the U.N. He would replace the former Death Squad Theoretician John Negroponte who was not tough enough!

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