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Baghdad: Protester launched a couple of shoes at George W Bush

14-12-2008 21:15

A couple of shoes were launched at George W. Bush at a news conference in Baghdad.

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Solidarity with Revolt in Greece Demo - Photos

14-12-2008 20:25

At 2.30 about 80 odd people had assembled outside Dalston overground station but the police quickly tried to kettle the crowd out of the way of the public insisting we hadn't the right to assemble within given consent. I counted 5/6 full vans within sight of where we were and the police lines managed to pen in about 60 odd people curtailing any possibilities for further action, this included most of the Greeks who'd come out for the action.

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New Tactics in Greece: Rioters Use Lasers to Blind Police

14-12-2008 19:52

if the cops are cyborgs, we are aliens
Greek rioters blind police succesfully with lasers. watch the first parts of this vid:

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Direct Action in Iceland

14-12-2008 19:10

During one of the "regular" big demonstrations
Since early this winter, Iceland has been facing economic crisis. At the same time as "regular" mass demonstrations are taking place, more radical actions have been increasing. Anarchists, socialists, other radical leftists, and just average people have started taking direct action against the government and global capitalism. Here is a summary of what has been happening in Iceland for the last two and a half months.

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Central Athens - this demonstrations ftom Monday planed

14-12-2008 18:38

Central Athens - this demonstrations ftom Monday planed..

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Stop the new Leeds Opencast.

14-12-2008 18:13

Join us on Saturday 10th January 2009 to march around the proposed open cast coal mine site at Newton Lane, near Fairburn Ings nature reserve and Castleford.

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IMC Germany censors Greek teargas-story

14-12-2008 16:04

indymedia Deutschland censors:"German and Israeli tear gas supplies for Greece"

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Merry Cristmas from Athens

14-12-2008 15:57

the new card postal for Christmas - Athens 2008
Send it to your friends..

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Very urgent appeal London Solidarity Demonstration at Dalston station!

14-12-2008 15:28

3:30pm update. Get down to Dalston Station now if you can! Police have cordoned in a hundred protesters and are refusing to let anyone leave or join them. They are being very heavy handed having viciously attacked people trying to leave the cordon injuring several of them! URGENT HELP IS NEEDED NOW!

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3pm Update: London Solidarity Demonstration

14-12-2008 15:05

Around 100 or so people at Dalston Kingsland Station, heavy police presence, scuffles broke out with police, 2 people arrested. Police containment in operation.

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solidarity actıons ın berlın for greece

14-12-2008 14:47

solıdarıty means attack

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Radio station of Manicipality of Athens occupied ..

14-12-2008 12:50

Τhe radio station of Athens 9.84 FM belonging to the manicipality of Athens , occupied today at around 12:00am by demonstrators for around half an hour , broadcasting news for the activities happening and the forecoming actions..

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Birmingham solidarity action for murdered 15 year-old, Alex Grigoropoulos

14-12-2008 11:22

Outside the Greek Consulate in Birmingham
On Saturday December 6th, 15 year old Alex Grigoropoulos was shot dead in cold-blood by police in the Exarhia district of Athens following an altercation between police and local youths. He was taken to Evaggelismos hospital where he was pronounced dead.

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South Korean government looks to rein in the Net

14-12-2008 03:26

The South Korean government is pursuing a series of restrictions on Internet use to prevent what the embattled administration of President Lee Myung Bak calls the spread of false information that prompts social unrest.

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14-12-2008 02:32

For self employment including providing jobs to others, PMEGP is the best scheme introduced by the Govt. of India but the implementation is very slow said Abhishek Kadyan, a TV Journalist here in Delhi today, further he said that the central Govt. should review the formation of the District level task force committee & the scheme should be implemented as per pattern of the REGP in past.

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Day 7 of the revolt in Greece

14-12-2008 01:26

The Greek Intifada continues and the government is unable to impose its control in the country, spreading fears among the ruling classes all over the European Union.

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Sarva Shikha Abhiyan - Indiscriminate spending continues unabated

14-12-2008 01:04

It is very difficult to work honestly in the present system, as many as peoples involved in the Govt. purchase, worked with their hidden agenda's along with vested interests. If they purchased through approved source of supply then local official's of the Education Department feel free to approve sub standard materials, said Naresh Kadyan of PFA Haryana, further he said that deal should be transparent & with the manufactures to avoid any complications.

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live camera from athens

14-12-2008 01:00

two live cameras from athens

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The revenge of life

14-12-2008 00:38

Some thoughts on the events that are reshaping Greece these days

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Solidariy With The Madrid 7

13-12-2008 23:30

Info about the 7 Spanish fighters kept in prison after the protest in solidarity with the Greek uprising.