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The Foiled UK Terror Plot and the "Pakistani Connection"

14-08-2006 23:44

The announcement by the British Home Office of a foiled terror plot to simultaneously blow up as many as ten airplanes on transatlantic flights, conveys the impression that it is the Western World rather than the Middle East which is under attack. 

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galloway (yes him) savages Sky reporter over Lebanon

14-08-2006 23:12

Ok you might not like everything he does, but this is a hoot.
serves the Sky "reporter" right I say.

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UK/ Victims want more community & restorative sentencing

14-08-2006 23:01

Focus on crime prevention
It found overwhelming support for schemes that focus on crime prevention with more than half (54%) saying they were in favour of making offenders work in the community on projects in schools, old people's homes or parks to stop them re-offending.

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remember - if the "small peaces" fall to pieces - try the "big" peace. . . .

14-08-2006 18:59

. . . . (if you've also checked in case a few jerks might have a criminal gravy-train or cover-ups or "news management" that needs wars + "clampdowns" for even the semblance of success - if so - you need to stop them, + perhaps the even "bigger" peace/change process - see "reopening tactful discussions" + later comments)
- this is about the "surface" practicals - thinking "big"-with realism, if out of "boxes"

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'Evil Cabal' Blog Closes...For Now

14-08-2006 17:08

A website containing allegations against senior council bosses has closed...for now.

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CBS 60" interview: Iranian Leader Opens Up

14-08-2006 16:29

CBS TV is a very important part of the US war machine. Les Moonves is the 'Project for a New American Century' (PNAC) as President and CEO of CBS News, and CBS is owned by the infamous US/Israeli propaganda giant VIACOM. The double nationality and multinational VIACOM is owned by Sumner Rothstein.

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Three Day Strike For Merseyside Ambulance Workers

14-08-2006 16:26

Merseyside ambulance workers are piling the pressure on their scheming bosses by announcing the longest strike yet in the six week dispute.

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US Aided Olmert Extremists In Long-Planned Aggression/Cease-Fire Charade

14-08-2006 16:17

Evidence now proves that the Olmert Extremists planned their attack on Lebanon at least a year ago, yet the bulk of the media still repeats the LIE that this was a response to acts carried out by Hezbollah.

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What the Hell Has Happened To The Israeli Army?

14-08-2006 16:15

What happened is that a relatively small group of Extremists used the military for its own nefarious purposes, the Ethnic Cleansing of S. Lebanon, planned at least a year in advance, but told the poor saps doing the fighting that this was designed to "destroy Hezbollah".

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Hizbullah, Zionism and the Ideology of late Imperial America

14-08-2006 16:14

Like so many other faltering "democracies" throughout the world right now, the only way for the Israeli People to live in peace is to take their country back from the Extremists who have hijacked it for their own aggrandizement.

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Nobody's Victory / Israeli 'Leaders' Fault Bush For Lebanon Failure

14-08-2006 16:12

Throughout the world, corrupt 'leaders' are finding it costly to align themselves with the world's greatest terrorists in the criminal Bush/PNAC Regime.

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WAR-mness of our nations guaranty profit cycle

14-08-2006 15:45

3 Copyleft materials to rexistance .

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Spain: Mercadona supermarket strike enters fifth month

14-08-2006 15:06

Send some cash if you can...

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14-08-2006 14:48


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Coalition of the Wet!

14-08-2006 14:44

Video In Da Hood!
Despite the soggy weather, this Saturday saw the third in a series of demos take place in Cambridge against the current military agression in Lebanon.

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Climate Camp Meeting Number 3

14-08-2006 14:39

There will be a third meeting Friday 18th August at The Occupied Social Centre in Sparkbrook at 7.00pm ( The Cottage of Content Occupied Social Centre, 147 Kyrwicks Lane, Sparkbrook, B11 1SS:[url],-1.881216&spn=0.003059,0.010729[/url]) for anyone interested in coming to climate camp from the West Midlands/Birmingham.

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G8 Summit, St Petersburg, Russia - On the ground 5

14-08-2006 13:44

I woke on 17 July to endless text messages and phone calls about Lebanon. I found a television and watched bombs falling on so-called Hizbullah strongholds that looked like poverty-stricken Lebanese housing estates.

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Glaneirw Hosts EF! Gathering

14-08-2006 13:33

Glaneirw's old Europeans should be informed

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Fight back for women's liberation - Feminist Fightback conference

14-08-2006 13:27

Feminist Fightback is a conference for feminist activists, sponsored by the Education Not for Sale Women's network, which will be held in London on Saturday 21 October (venue tbc).