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23-01-2005 11:54

Since long time ,they are people who have been forced
to flee their homes because of factors such as
starvation and dring poverty to another clement areas
as a solution to their misfortune.
This migratory phenomenon without neither geographical
nor temporal and judicial borders tends to be the main
problem of the new century.

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Tsunami Disaster Concert in aid of UNICEF

23-01-2005 11:17

Tsunami Disaster - a FREE concert presented by René Seren with Sheffield bands: Bhuna,Tarana & Duplex Blues and others to raise funds to give urgent help to the suffering children in our small world today.
UNICEF will accept donations.

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The 10 best Writers on the Net

23-01-2005 05:37

The Ten Best Writers
On The Internet
Always Read The Stories These People Write

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Taliban Country - extra showing@Rampart Social Centre this Wednesday

23-01-2005 03:24

*Extra Screening organised at the Rampart Social Centre this Wednesday*

What? Taliban Country - a documentary film made in 2004 by award-winning
Australian journalist Carmela Baranowska, offering disturbing
first-person accounts of the treatment being dealt Afghans by U.S.
marines in the war on terror. Taliban Country has led to three US
military inquiries and the controversial "firing" of the US Marine
operational commander in Central Afghanistan. Despite these results none
of the US military inquiries have been made public.

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Photos from Ramallah, West Bank and a short report.

23-01-2005 00:47

Apartheid wall.
Here are three photos from Palestine showing the Apartheid wall and the stopping nad searching of Palestinians by Israeli soldiers.

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Channel 4's "Cocaine"

23-01-2005 00:14

Channel 4 advertises a chatroom to interview producer, then ignores questions.

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Video - DIY Bio-diesel conversion

23-01-2005 00:13

Half-hour how-to video, Quicktime, 55 MB.

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Protests and Counter-Inauguration at Bush Coronation

22-01-2005 19:58

Heard about the protests at Bush’s inauguration this week? No? Little attention has been paid to the protests, but some ten thousand people gathered in Washington DC to register their opposition to the Texan tea-leaf, and smaller demonstrations occurred all over the US.

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New Labour, New War Crimes

22-01-2005 19:31

election day posters?

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The Revolution Will NOT Be Televised

22-01-2005 18:54

All regular readers about Venezuela will have heard of the excellent film by Irish Film Makers Kim Bartley & Donnacha O Briain, The Revolution will Not Be Televised ... and many would have viewed it ... its an absolutely must-see documentary.

However finding a copy might ne more difficult.

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inqlab - tsunami benefit clubnight

22-01-2005 18:23

inqlab - Saturday 5th Feb @ The Rainbow - Digbeth (B'ham)
A tsunami benefit club night of breakbeat/hip hop/world fusion/universal funk/roof raising drum n bass. All proceeds will be donated towards tsunami relief and rehabilitation efforts in South Asia.

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Photos from DIY Culture in Birmingham

22-01-2005 18:19

Kaye giving a session on practical renewable energy applications atop her truck
Photos from the DIY Culture weekend currently taking place in Birmingham,

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DIY Culture Weekend has begun in Birmingham

22-01-2005 17:38

DIY Culture has begun in Birmingham. Hosted by the Nursery Social Centre Collective, DIY Culture is a long weekend of events and workshops aiming to foster the technical skills and intellectual defenses necessary to confront capitalism and sow the seeds of a better world within the shell of the old.

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Now, the reckoning- The Guardian story of the Diaz Raid-Genoa 2001

22-01-2005 16:32

In the summer of 2001, Italian police launched a brutal raid on protesters at the G8 summit in Genoa after they had returned to their sleeping quarters. Among 62 injured were various Britons, some of whom have still not recovered. Finally, more than 60 officers are being called to account in court. Rachel Shabi and John Hooper report

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Voluntary groups fight back against council cuts

22-01-2005 15:06

VOLUNTARY groups in Liverpool have vowed to fight against a council move to cut their funding.

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Labour war crimes poster

22-01-2005 14:43

Just got this from Progressive Webgroup Alliance mailing list

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J20 Massive Banner Drop In Milwaukee, Wisc. eeuu

22-01-2005 12:48

Communiqué from the Kevin McCallister Collective

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(Oxford) Report: Lord Puttnam speaks on Parliament. the Press and the People

22-01-2005 11:21

View of Sheldonian
(eileen:Apologies for neither getting the name of the French woman from Article 19 who started the meeting, nor a good photo of her - not a case of inverted sexism or xenophobia on my part, just human frailty!!)

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Taliban Country - Film Detailing US Human Rights Abuses comes to UK

22-01-2005 11:16

From one devastating occupation to another, and one which has totally dropped off the political and media radar. This is essential for people to see.......