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The astonishing hypocrisy of patriotism - A G20 protest

14-11-2001 21:08

Certain commentators have noted the unconcious hypocrisy in Bush's recent U.N.speech, in particular when we consider 'the global ambitions of America' ... As well Clare Short in Britain recently compared summit protestors to Bin Laden, mocked their new found 'silence' while the G-20 WB and IMF and short herself say, "do not touch the olive and the wine." Hypocrisy the theme of my G-20 protest page...

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The Cancer Racket Exposed

14-11-2001 19:18

New nonprofit website dedicated to informing people about the suppression of effective cancer treatments

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Corporate Patriotism. by Ralph Nader. Corporatism, terrorism war, drug war.

14-11-2001 18:37

"Fascism should more appropriately be called corporatism because it is a merger of state and corporate power."

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14-11-2001 17:56

Announced US policy shifts towards Latin America -and particularly towards Colombia and Venezuela- appear to have been diverted before they took off, probably victims of the turf wars between the agencies that compete to set Washington's line in foreign affairs.

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ISO(sister org of s.w.p.)'hijack student a\war coalition in u.s

14-11-2001 16:29

intersting post fron u.s thatneeds to be read, thought about, while noting there are some differences between
s.w.p and

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Superband Radiohead supports Video Activists

14-11-2001 16:25

Beyond TV festival in December

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World Bank has destroyed Mozambique's key industrial sector

14-11-2001 15:56

Mozambique mourns its cashew industry

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Bombing continues...

14-11-2001 15:34

Blair has just announced on Prime Minister's Questions that the bombing of Afganistan is ongoing, and that he does not support its immediate termination.

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ARLO predicted Taleban collapse

14-11-2001 15:04

Please excuse re-posting, but this is well worth re-reading in the light of the weeks' events. It's an interview from 4 October, by Farooq Tariq of the Labour Party Pakistan, with 'Adil', leader of the Afghanistan Labour Revolutionary Organisation, a small but surviving left-wing Afghan group:

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Aluminium Sulphate poisons water supply in UK

14-11-2001 14:50

Help get justice for those poisoned by ICI

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AFGHANISTAN: Focus on implications of Northern Alliance advance

14-11-2001 14:07

Report from United Nations Integrated Regional Information Network (IRIN)

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Ilisu dam in jeopardy as Balfour drops out

14-11-2001 13:41

Article from Guardian on Balfour Beatty pullout from Ilisu Dam.

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Destroying the roots of terrorism

14-11-2001 12:17

Its 2001. Time to fight smart

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180 attend Stop The War Meeting in Tower Hamlets last night- All out on Sunday!

14-11-2001 12:10

180 attended a Stop The War Coalition Meeting In Tower Hamlets York Hall addressed by among others Jeremy Corbyn MP

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The myth of Taliban's military prowess

14-11-2001 11:09

The quick collapse of the Taliban is clear evidence that the tyrannical regime had survived all these years with the overt and covert support of Pakistan, says Parsa Venkateshwar Rao Jr

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WTO Draft Declaration Called a Recipe for Disaster

14-11-2001 11:05

International Congress of Free Trade Unions (Brussels)
November 13, 2001

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WTO Declaration on TRIPS and Health "the fight is not over"

14-11-2001 11:03

Health GAP Coalition (Philadelphia)
November 13, 2001

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Pretoria Leads Discussions About Review of WTO Provisions

14-11-2001 10:28

Business Day (Johannesburg)
November 13, 2001

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14-11-2001 10:19

Here are four PDF files for you to print for BND Dublin. (article 1)

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Nuclear waste not welcome in the Wendland, Germany

14-11-2001 06:56

Nuclear waste not welcome in the Wendland, Germany
Thousands of farmers, local residents, environmental activists etc. blockaded roads and railtracks in the Wendland region, Northern Germany, as another shipment of nuclear waste was transported from La Hague to the repository at Gorleben.