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Free Steven Topley Demonstration and Leafleting

25-04-2013 08:55

Friday 26, April 2013. 9.30-11.00 am

Family and supporters will protest against Steven Topley’s imprisonment outside Nottingham Crown Court 60 Canal St, Nottingham, NG1 7EL.

Contact details: Dave Perkins Tel; 07971 373479. Gina Topley Tel; 07952 976316.

A campaign has begun to free a man detained by police since 11th April for allegedly making a threatening comment during a DWP interview. Police were called to Steve Topley’s ESA interview by DWP staff who then escorted him to the QMC where he was kept late into the night and denied contact with his family, despite medical staff finding no reason to detain him. He was arrested by police later that night and charged with “threatening behaviour”.

Magistrates denied Steve bail, on two occasions, even under strict conditions, and he has since been remanded to Nottingham Prison. A demonstration has been called to highlight this injustice.

Steve has had no visits in Prison, not been offered an appropriate adult, and has been discharged from the QMC where there was deemed to be no reason to detain him under any section of the mental health act. Those prosecuting him continue to criminalise and pathologise him and present him as some kind of risk, insisting on closed hearings and secrecy. His health is suffering due to his treatment as he has a life threatening heart condition and requires constant monitoring and medication.

Steve’s sister Gina Topley will be available to answer specific questions relating to this case, and be interviewed, as well as concerned campaign supporters.

More background information is available at:

Contact: Dave Perkins


Mobile number: 07971 373479

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Anti-immigration protest in Spalding

25-04-2013 08:55

On Saturday, BNP and EDL supporter Dean Everitt wheeled out the sequel to his Boston anti-immigration protest. The anti-immigration protest in Spalding was timed to fall on the anniversary of Enoch Powell’s famous race-baiting “Rivers of Blood” speech, which is no surprise given the politics of those organising it. 150 people turned up to the call for “No more immigration” which was a disappointment for the organisers who had hoped to build on the larger number at the Boston event. Again, the main speakers were UK Independence Party candidates fishing for votes.

The provocative link that was made to Powell’s speech should give some idea of what motivates the organisers of these events. “Enoch Powell was right” has long been a rallying cry for the far right and the former Conservative MP has been lionised by white power advocates. At the time of the infamous speech The Times said that Powell had “appealed to racial hatred” and he was immediately sacked by Edward Heath for inflaming racial tensions. Powell’s speech was a reaction against the introduction of the Race Relations Act which made it a crime to refuse housing, employment or public services to a person on the grounds of their colour, race, ethnic or national origins. Powell was opposed to equality, suggesting that it would lead to a situation in which “the black man will have the whip hand over the white man” as opposed to the other way around which he found acceptable.

The organiser of the Spalding protest, Dean Everitt, has made similarly alarmist statements in the past saying “The British person is being discriminated against in their own country” and that “We are not racist…  but we are saying this place is now full and we should not have any more [migrants].” He is similarly scare-mongering and is merely afraid of losing his privileged status. Rather than see the problem as the capitalist system that only takes the cheapest workers and throws everyone else on the scrapheap, Everitt blames the hyper-exploited workers instead because they are an easier target for him to take his frustration out on.

Let’s hope this ugly movement is on the way out.

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EU to ban Heritage seed?

25-04-2013 08:55

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Further aggressions in San Marcos Aviles

24-04-2013 19:34

Caravan of human rights observation attacked and threatened. Human rights violations include: attacks against the autonomous families: seizure of land, robbery of crops and animals, sacking of coffee fields, death threats, false accusations, suspension of electric service and attacks with arms and rocks.

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Athens: Cops detained comrades during solidarity action with Athens IMC and 98FM

24-04-2013 19:23

In the morning of April 24th, as part of solidarity actions with counter-information media that were recently gagged by the Greek State with the aid of the rector of the National Technical University of Athens, Simos Simopoulos.

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1st May free festival Wolverhampton

24-04-2013 18:11

Workers of the West Midlands unite!
Wednesday 1st May doors open 7pm
Pegasus, Craddock Street, Whitmore Reans, Wolverhampton WV6 0QQ

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UG#631 - John Taylor Gatto, Genius (Extended Childhood and Western Spirituality)

24-04-2013 18:01

This week, exceptionally, we hear two pieces from a single speaker, John Taylor Gatto. After a period of neglect following a stroke in 2011, Gatto is steadily recovering. We reflect on his genius with two classic talks: "Bianca, You Animal, Shut Up!" and "The Neglected Genius of American Spirituality".

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Ding Dong! Thatcherism and sexism are alive

24-04-2013 17:10

Margaret Thatcher is part of a system, not an individual deus ex machina, no matter how personally ambitious.

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Brighton: Statement At Adjournment of Squat Trial

24-04-2013 16:24

A packed gallery sees two squatters freed and the case of the third adjourned..

Trial background -

Law background -

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Nottingham Activist helping to end illegal fishing

24-04-2013 14:55

A Nottingham Activist, Wietse, has spread his wings / fins further and is helping by tackling the problem head on: by getting in the way of pirate fishermen

BBC Radio 4 Costing the Earth

Programme looking at man's effect on the environment and how the environment reacts, questioning accepted truths, challenging those in charge and reporting on progress towards improving the world


Fish - The Next Fight

Duration: 30 minutes

First broadcast: Tuesday 23 April 2013

Tom Heap meets the activists hoping to bring an end to illegal fishing by tackling the problem head on: by getting in the way of pirate fishermen.

The Black Fish is a relatively new NGO (Non-Governmental Organisation) who aim to stop the fishing of juvenile Bluefin Tuna in the Mediterranean and prevent to use of illegal drift nets - by cutting them. Drift nets were banned by the United Nations in 1992 but they are still used illegally around the world.

The Black Fish are soon to launch unmanned reconnaissance aircraft in the Mediterranean to monitor illegal fishing and find out exactly who is doing it and where.

Tom also meets campaigners who believe that the only way for fish stocks to recover is for a ten year moratorium to be imposed, allowing species of fish to become plentiful once more.

Presenter: Tom Heap

Producer: Martin Poyntz-Roberts


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South London benefit gig for REEL NEWS Sunday April 28th

24-04-2013 14:28

e-flyer. SPREAD!!
This month we have a double headliner of two political folk legends at our usual venue in Sunny Stockwell.

Leon Rosselson has penned some of the best known radical ballads of the past few decades amongst those The World Turned Upside Down is one of the best known having been covered by artists like Billy Bragg and sung around literally millions of protest camp fires. Click below for his take on the last general election.

Robb Johnson has released hundreds of songs over many years and plays gigs up and down the country. With top tunes like Moron Land and We All Said Stop The War his reputation coninues to grow. Click below for his eulogy to Thatcher.

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Philippine climate activists expose risks of dirty coal.

24-04-2013 12:06

300-strong climate activists and anti-coal advocates stormed the Department of Energy to voice out their opposition to coal mines and coal-fired power plants promoted by the government and to launch the group’s Campaign Against Dirty Energy and for People’s Access to Safe, Renewable and Democratic Energy Alternatives.

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The Un-Beautiful Game

24-04-2013 10:24

The recent biting attack during a game of football extends the range of professional fouls which have now come to dominate the game. This article suggests the pressure on players to win are not entirely dis-connected to the current crisis of capitalism.

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Decade of Darfur Demo, London : Sunday 28 April

24-04-2013 09:30

* March to Remember, a Decade of Darfur *

Sunday 28 April 2013

Meet 12.30pm
@ Sudanese Embassy
3 Cleveland Row, London, SW1A 1DD

The march will move to Downing Street and end at Old Palace Yard opposite the Houses of Parliament.

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CURO Housing prepares to sell-off £100m plus of our charitable assetts.

24-04-2013 08:01

CURO Housing appoints senior management consultant to oversee the development and sale of the charitable assets of the registered social landlord Somer Community Housing Trust.(SCHT)

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Call out for action - UK and Germany calls for Brazil to halt Belo Monte dam

23-04-2013 21:20

Action for the Amazon is planning to hold a small fluffy demo out side the Brzillian embassy on Friday the 26th April. Please come and show your support for the Achaur tribe who's land will be flooded, and call the Brazillian government to halt the dam buiding.
We plan to take potted plants to the embassy to offer them somthing to re-plant with.

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Next Assembly/ Επόμενη συνάντηση

23-04-2013 20:55

Our next assembly is going to be held at the Teviot New Amphion (13 Bristo Square) on Tuesday 23rd April at 20.00. Join us for a discussion about the struggle of the residents of Ierissos in Chalkidiki, Greece against the company owning the mining rights and the utter police repression.

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Bristol Woman Reports From Afghanistan

23-04-2013 20:55